B&B Wednesday Update 4/3/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/3/19


Written By Anthony

Sally tells Eric that they have details to. Make out. Ridge wonders what Bill said when she told them. Wyatt doesn’t think that he ever wanted to be in the fashion business. Sally thinks this music video will be a great launch. Sally promises to not let them down.

Liam asks if Hope is still as the office. Brooke says she stopped by the house to make sure that Douglas liked the cereal that she picked out. Liam thinks they are good to each other. Brooke wonders how Liam is doing. Brooke knows he has his other family. Liam doesn’t look at it that way. Brooke thinks that there is one person who doesn’t think that way.

Hope keeps looking for other people to be on her team right now. Zoe wonders if she would try to have another child again when she is ready.

Eric thinks that Forrester will add Sally Spectra’s athletic line. Eric wonders if Wyatt is going to come back. Wyatt thinks he will stick around Spencer for a while.

Zoe wonders if she overstepped. Hope thinks it is natural she might think. Zoe just thought she would like to be a parent. Zoe thinks if there is anyone who is meant to be a mother.

Brooke admits that Taylor still confides in Ridge. She thinks that he should be with Steffy and Hope should be with Thomas raising his son.

Quinn asks if Wyatt has to go off. She wanted to tell him about her lunch with Flo. She thinks she as sweet as ever. She always loved them as a couple. Wyatt knows she was never subtle about that. Quinn knows how different their lives have become. She knows she tried to find her father. She thinks she is scared of the unknown. Like most people. So, maybe they could help her.

Flo gets ready for the day at Bikini. Zoe explains she spent the morning with Hope. She needs to be a mother. Flo thinks she should be one. Zoe prays to God that Liam can change her mind. Flo wants to tell her the truth. Zoe says her daughter is in Europe. Zoe thinks it is time she go back to Vegas.

Liam explains that Hope and him are used to other people telling them how to live their lives. Brooke hates how Taylor gets an idea and expects everyone to fall in step. Liam points out she is in Europe. She wonders if Taylor has spoken with Hope. Liam doesn’t think any deep conversations. Brooke knows that Hope tried to give Liam back as stolen property. Liam loves Hope. He is her husband. She will not let her slip away. Hope wants him to keep telling her that. He needs to remind her how much he loves her. Hope walks in and asks if something happened.

Sally walks into the design office where Quinn is. She actually wasn’t looking for Wyatt. She wonders if they are ok to work together. Quinn doesn’t think that they will be considering jewelry doesn’t work with sports wear. She supports her husband. Sally knows she wants what is best for Wyatt. She loves Wyatt though and will do all she can to make him happy.

Flo is staying in town. Wyatt walks over. She asks if he would like a coffee. Zoe was just leaving. Zoe leaves. Wyatt thought that was weird. Wyatt asks how she knows Zoe and wonders what that was about.

Ridge says that the cereal that Hope got Douglas tastes good. He hopes she wasn’t talking about Taylor.

Liam tells Hope that Brooke loves her very much. Hope doesn’t want to feel like she is letting everyone down. She cannot pretend that she is the same as she was before Beth. Liam hugs her.

Quinn thinks this is unexpected. Quinn thinks she needs to not let her past get in the way of things. Wyatt has had many wonderful women come in and out of. His life. She appreciates that Sally likes the free spirit that he is.

Flo wonders how Hope is doing. Wyatt doesn’t really see her. He did see her number one fan in Quinn though. Quinn was really thinking about what was best for her. Wyatt thinks it might not have been his mother’s place to tell her to go looking. Wyatt thinks that knowing his name felt less like finding hidden treasure and more like something that connected him to the world. Wyatt wants her to know if she wants to find her father he would be happy to help.

Brooke thinks the idea of this is not a good thing. Hope says that Zoe made an innocent remark about a future maternity leave. She assumed she would want to try again. Liam admits he wanted to try again too. Liam is not ready to give up on that. Liam thinks that his brothers and sisters will know everything they need about her. Hope thinks that it is her purpose to not have children of her own. She knows that not every dream can come true. Liam tells her that she cannot think there is no happiness for her. Hope doesn’t think she can go through that again. Liam is going to stay her husband forever. Liam has faith. He is asking that she share that faith. She is the only mother that the child will need. He promises her that.

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