B&B Tuesday Update 4/2/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/2/19


Written by Anthony

Will asks if Bill is mad. Bill assumes for him charging expensive meals on his credit card. Will means trying to put them together. Bill is impressed with his determination. Bill thinks he has to admire his dreams. You have to admire the power of family.

Ridge walks downstairs at Brooke’s house. Ridge asks if Brooke ordered dinner. Brooke did. She ordered him salmon. Brooke cannot stop thinking about Taylor. The neve of her. Brooke thinks that Hope is married to Liam. She wants to know why she keeps bringing up Hope and Thomas. Ridge put a stop to it right away. Brooke asks if she really thinks that Hope and Thomas could be a family. It is crazy.

Douglas wonders if Hope knows how to skateboard. Hope hasn’t in years but she did when she was younger. Thomas explains that Douglas is just learning. Hope will have to take him down to the board walk. Douglas wants to go right now. Thomas thinks it is time to go to bed. Douglas wants to spend time with Hope. Hope promises they will go sometime soon. Douglas has another question. Hope wonders what it is.

Donna asks if Wyatt really thought it was Will. Justin thinks it was Will. Bill confirms it was.

Ridge needs Brooke to not make a big deal out of this. Taylor is concerned about her grandson. Brooke thinks that Taylor wants Liam Steffy back together. Ridge doesn’t think that she would use Douglas to make that happen. Brooke thinks that Hope and Douglas will be good for one another but Hope and Thomas are never going to happen.

Douglas wants to watch movies down here. It is a cool place. He thinks that him and Caroline used to watch a lot of movies. Hope knows that he misses his mother. She is here for him if he ever needs a friend. She hopes that sounds good.

Donna knew that her nephew was a smart cookie but this was amazing. Bill knew that his son was brilliant. Wyatt guesses that Will worked magic. Bill thinks that he learned from the master. Donna thinks he will make a great boyfriend for someone day,. Wyatt has one question though.

Thomas thanks Ridge for letting him. Stay here. He doesn’t think he could do this on his own. Ridge wonders if he is ok. Thomas can only think of Douglas and how to ease his pain. He is a kid without a mother. He knows that he doesn’t even know who Caroline is. Ridge thinks he has to keep her memory alive. Thomas doesn’t know how to be there for him in the same way that Caroline was. Ridge knows that mother’s and sons have something very special. Thomas thinks it is has been hard trying to connect with him. There is one person who he likes right now.

Brooke sees that Liam is not home. She wonders how things were with Thomas and Douglas. Hope thinks it was good considering… She thinks she just committed herself to going skateboarding. Brooke suggests that her and Liam could do it with Douglas together. Hope thinks he is craving female energy. He asked her the other day if she could be his mommy.

Ridge thinks it is good for Hope to be around kids right now. Ridge thinks this is healing for her. Thomas respects Hope so much. She put all her heartbreak aside. It says a lot about who she is. Ridge wishes that there was something he could do. Thomas thinks they are lucky to have her so close by. Ridge reminds him that she is married to Liam.

Brooke is shocked that Douglas asked her to be his mother. Hope thought it was heartbreaking. Douglas was really upset. Brooke wonders how she handled it. Hope says neither of them knew what to say. After just losing Beth, it was hard having a child ask her to call her mommy. Brooke says she is not his mother. Hope said she would be here for him. Hope asks what is wrong. Brooke says it is nothing. She just wants her to take care of herself. She wants her to focus on her future with Liam. When she is ready of course.

Wyatt wants to know how Will figured out their passwords. Bill and Katie both used his birthday’s. Bill thinks they were meant to be hacked by their own son. Bill says that he thought that there was something that he could see that Katie and him couldn’t. Katie thinks they are getting way to caught up on this. Bill thinks they can get back to their regular lives. Justin will not let them drop this. Katie. Says. The show is over and it is time to go. Bill tells Justin to take Donna to dinner and have Wyatt leave with them,. Wyatt guesses they can go to dinner, they will get a really expensive bottle of champagne. Katie asks if they can believe them. Bill wonders about their son. Katie thinks he is just like his father.

Hope doesn’t want to talk about having another baby. Hope cannot talk about going through that again. Hope thinks he lost a mother at such a young age. Hope wants to help in anyway she can. Brooke thinks she is a sweet, kind, and loving woman. She needs to think about herself and her recovery from Beth. She needs to not let anything get in the way of that.

Thomas tells him that his sole focus right now is Douglas. There is nothing to worry about.

Katie is concerned about how smart Will is. Someone rings the doorbell. He has a delivery for William Spencer. They scream for Will to get down here. Katie wants them to explain who this is. Will forgot to tell them that he got dessert. Katie opens the box and there are cookies with dollar signs. Bill thinks he outdid himself. Katie thinks they are proud of him. They all have cookies together. Katie thinks they are the best cookies. They all play together on the couch.

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