B&B Monday Update 4/1/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/1/19


Written by Anthony

Brooke asks what Taylor said. She wants to know what it has to do with Thomas and Douglas.

Hope promises to always be here for Douglas. Douglas wonders what happens if she goes away too. Hope is not going anywhere. She understands his pain. She misses Beth in the same way that he misses Caroline.

Katie thinks that Bill can admit that he is the one who set up this dinner. Bill didn’t. Katie wonders who is setting them up then. Bill doesn’t know. It is time to find out though. He tells Katie they need to go. Katie agrees and they leave.

Brooke doesn’t think he can bring this up and then not tell her. Ridge guesses that when she says left, Taylor says right. They don’t need friction. Ridge explains that Taylor thinks it might be a good thing for Taylor and Hope to spend time together. Brooke actually agrees with that.

Hope thinks they both get sad every now and then. They could help one another out. They could tell stories. She wants to play games and imagine Beth and Caroline in heaven together taking care of one another. Douglas knows that she is a good mommy and would do that. Hope is glad. They shake on the deal.

Justin and Donna continue to play cards together with Will. Will continues to play. Wyatt shows up and heard that Bill wanted him to meet him here. Donna says that he is not here but he can come in. Will hopes that Wyatt brought his wallet. Katie walks in and sees Will playing cards. Will claims he is bringing the money back. Bill tells them that they know one of them is playing matchmaker. Katie says that someone arranged for a caterer. He is not angry. They think enough is enough though. She knows that Donna has not been settle about pushing her towards Bill. Donna wouldn’t push him on a date. Justin knows better. He is glad they are spending time together but it isn’t him. Bill knows that leaves Wyatt.

Ridge thinks it is sweet how Douglas is leaning on Hope. Brooke asks what else Taylor said. Brooke assumes that she sees Hope as a mother figure. Brooke wonders if she wants Hope to be with Thomas. She asks if that is what this is about. This is what Taylor is thinking.

Hope gives Douglas some homemade cookies. Hope has more where they came from. She has plenty. Douglas wonders if that is a picture of Beth. Hope confirms that it is. He wonders if she has other pictures. Hope doesn’t but she has some pictures of his mom though. They had a lot of good times together. Her phone is in the other room. Thomas thinks that Hope can kick them out when she wants. Hope is actually having a good time. Hope thinks they are good for each other.

Brooke asks who Taylor thinks she is. She will not let Taylor do this. She wants to break up Hope and Liam.

Thomas thinks that Hope is giving Douglas a life line. Beth would have been lucky. Douglas doesn’t know what her beliefs are but he does know wherever Caroline is, she is pleased that Hope has stepped up. Hope really is sorry that things didn’t work out between them. Thomas was sad at first, but some things are not meant to be. Hope thinks that Douglas is an awesome child. Hope thinks they might have to scroll back a lot. Hope finds a picture of her and Caroline at a fashion show. Caroline designed the dress, He asks what her favorite design she ever made. Hope looks through a few more photos. It was so beautiful.

Bill knows that Wyatt hasn’t been shy about his love life. He thinks that he arranged a few chance things. Katie thinks there are only a few people who would actually attempt this. Will decides to go upstairs. Bill and Katie realize that William Spencer is the one who did this…

Brooke asks if Taylor really thinks she can make Hope and Thomas happen.

Thomas can see the picture in his head. Douglas wonders if angels can talk and laugh. They don’t need to have bodies. Douglas wonders how they see them. Hope thinks it is ok if they don’t understand that. She thinks that they can sense them. Anytime they want to get a message from Caroline or Beth, all they have to do is close their eyes and feel it. Douglas thinks she is here now. Hope agrees. She is probably happy they are together.

Bill and Katie come into Will’s bedroom. He asks if there is something wrong. They never both come into his room. Will likes it when. They do things together. He knows that some parents don’t like to be around each other. Bill says that him and Katie just had a beautiful room together. Will doesn’t think it cost that much. Bill knows he has been setting them up. Will wanted to help bringing the family together. He wants both his parents together. Katie doesn’t think they can’t have moments like this. They are still a family. Will knows that. He just wonders if he sees something they cannot. Katie thinks it is natural to want his parents together. Will wanted to do something nice for them. He wanted to be together. Bill thinks that they should never say never. They said they would never bring back the two dollar bill but they did. He is proud of him. He made a power move and Bill loves that. He is just a kid and he is making moves that most adults don’t have guts to make. Bill thinks that if they have a goal then they go after it. They have to make the impossible possible. Bill says that the credit card fraud will never happen again. Will asks what the chances of them getting back together are. Bill cannot answer that but he thinks that there are no promises in life. Anything is possible though.

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