B&B Friday Update 3/29/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/29/19


Written by Anthony

Thomas watches Douglas color. Brooke and Ridge walk in. She asks how he is doing. Douglas says some days are better than others. Brooke thinks he needs to spend time with his family. Ridge says hi to Douglas. He wonders if it is a good book. Douglas misses Caroline so much.

Liam tells Hope he is proud of her for taking the steps to move on with her life. Hope knows on those days, he will be here for her loving and supporting her no matter what.

Justin asks if Bill was with Wyatt and Sally. Bill says that Sally decided to stay at Forrester. Wyatt is going to be at Spencer though. Katie is glad that Wyatt is back where he belongs. Bill wonders what brings Katie by. Katie says that he texted her. Bill wonders if Justin is matchmaking. Justin has to be somewhere but he thinks it is always good to see Katie. Bill is always glad to spend a moment with her. Katie just wondered how he was doing.

Ridge says that him and Thomas are both designers. They could whip something up for Halloween. Brooke would love to have a little boy running around the house again. Douglas thinks that she is nice. Hope is nice too. He hopes she never loses her like he lost Caroline.

Hope says that everyone at work kept asking about Thomas and Douglas. Hope thinks they are here to reach out for Douglas. Liam feels bad for Karen and Dani. Hope thinks that he really likes being back here. She wonders if he has seen them around on the grounds. Liam thinks she is still thinking of the other day when Douglas wanted her to be his mom.

Ridge asks if he wants something to eat. Douglas says that Hope made him mac and cheese the other day. He isn’t hungry. He wants to see Hope. Douglas likes Hope. Thomas knows that Hope likes Douglas a lot. Hope tried to reassure that Caroline is still here for him. She wanted to try her best to be there for him. She just looks into his eyes. It is kind of like they understand each other. He lost his mother and they lost Beth. They share a connection. It is hard to put into words but it is there.

Donna and Will play cards together. Donna wonders if he is sure that his parents let him play with real money. Justin walks in. He points out that Bill has never lost a came of cards. Will counted the money. Donna asks about the text from Justin. Justin was headed on his way home and thought it be nice to tell her in person. Katie and Bill are having a meeting. He asks if she is the secret matchmaker.

Bill will always miss Caroline but she is the first to have said that life is for the living and to get on with it. An assistant walks in with a chef who has dinner for two. Katie thinks this is their mysterious suiter. Bill decides to leave it. The tip has already been included. Katie thinks whoever this person is, probably will be booking them a room in the honeymoon suite soon if they aren’t careful.

Douglas does want to see Hope. Brooke calls Hope. Douglas wants to know if she is around. Hope is at the cabin with Liam. Brooke wonders if she would mind having a little visitor. Hope would love one. Brooke says that Hope would love to see him. Thomas takes him down. Brooke asks Ridge what is wrong. Ridge explains that Taylor said something about Hope and Thomas and Douglas. Brooke asks why he is concerned. Brooke wonders what she said.

Justin asks if Donna was playing matchmaker again. Justin thinks it is her.

The chef says that if they need anything else they can call her. Katie thanks her so much. Bill guesses they can have champagne. Bill thinks this is incredibly expensive. This better not be on his tab. Katie knows that Mister William Spencer is paying. Bill guesses it is time for a toast. To surprises, very nice albeit expensive. She asks if he is sure he is not behind this. Katie is not. She doesn’t want him to answer that. Katie thinks they need a whiteboard for this. She is an organized person. Bill thinks they need to find out who this is. Katie knows they know his favorite dish and taste in champagne. Katie remind him of a wedding present they got that exploded. Bill does admit that this is nice after Caroline. There has not been a lot to smile about. Bill wants to get to the bottom of this but they will wait for now. They can just enjoy each other’s company. They can concentrate on the two of them. Katie will drink to that.

Brooke wants to know what Taylor said to him and wants to know what it has to do with Thomas and Douglas.

Liam is on the phone and Hope tells him he can go. Liam will be in, in a minute. Liam asks if he could pick up dinner. They can invite Thomas and Douglas. Hope will ask. Liam is worried about Hope though. Hope thinks this is about a boy in need. Liam knows but he is Thomas’s boy and they have their own future to think about. Hope doesn’t want to go there now. Liam tells her to go. Liam has to get going back to work. He will be back. Douglas asks who Hope’s favorite superhero is. Hope thinks it is Douglas. Douglas missed Hope. He misses Caroline too. He wonders why she had to go. Hope thinks that it is sad to lose someone you love. It is hard for them to leave and go so soon. She doesn’t think there is a good answer but she knows a mother’s love never goes away. Their love will live on forever and ever. When you love someone you always carry a part of them with you. Hope will always be here for him. She hugs Douglas.

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