B&B Thursday Update 3/28/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/28/19


Written by Anthony

Eric was just shocked that Ridge would ask Sally to stay. Brooke thinks he just gave Sally a great reason to stay.

Wyatt thinks that Sally needs to stay. They are in a. committed relationship. Flo thinks they have a lovely home and thanks them again for inviting her over. Wyatt would love to have. Her. Over again. He was just trying to not make things awkward. Quinn is sorry if she didn’t understand what she said. Quinn is just excited to see Flo. She thinks the only person making this awkward right now is Wyatt. Sally just needed to talk with Wyatt for a minute. Flo thinks they can head out. She does hope she can see them again. Wyatt thanks them for a fun day. Sally guesses she knows who Quinn’s favorite is. Wyatt tries to assure her that Quinn wasn’t trying to hurt her feelings. Sally just cares if him and his ex were that perfect back in the day. Wyatt thinks it shocked her. Wyatt thinks it is no reflection on how he feels about her. Sally thinks no woman is going to ever be perfect for Wyatt.

Quinn tells Flo she cannot believe this. She thought about her so much over the years and here she is. Flo thinks this is the best thing to happen since she got here. Quinn knows her son better than anyone and she can see that he is thrilled to see her too. Flo thinks it has been good to catch up with Wyatt and Sally as well. They have been so generous. Quinn knows he was never sweeter than when he was with her. She knows she said that she was good. She wonders if she is still in marketing. Quinn knows they were so busy. They were trying to support their family’s. She thinks it is crazy how things turned out. Flo thinks that it is amazing that Wyatt is Wyatt Spencer now. Quinn knows it was a real turning point when he met his father. Meeting Bill changed his life.

Ridge had to make an offer. Eric thinks that she would be standing here right now if it wasn’t for Wyatt. Sally wants to be with him. Ridge thinks there is nothing better than getting to work with the woman you love. Eric doesn’t think he will let her say no. Ridge wants her to take it.

Sally doesn’t think there is much room for Quinn in her mind right now. Sally needed to talk to him about that right now. Sally says she has some big changes that could happen in their future. She is so grateful for his love and support. Having him in her corner has changed what she is capable of. Creating a future was exciting for her. She is reconsidering coming to Spencer publications.

Quinn never wanted Wyatt to know his father. Especially, when he was young. Wyatt’s well being was the most important thing for her. Wyatt has grown up. Quinn knows neither of them knew their father’s. She didn’t mean to bring up a touchy subject. Quinn wonders if she really isn’t curious. She never thought to find out who he is.

Ridge knows that Sally has no help and Wyatt and Bill don’t know how to do that. This is Bill’s company and he is an ego maniac. He is a designer and knows what he is talking about. Bill just wants a good bottom line. Bill dresses like an unemployed pirate. Brooke reminds him that Bill sells one of the most respected fashion magazines. Ridge points out he doesn’t write it. The best thing for Sally is to be here with them. Wyatt is confused. He said he was excited to work with her. She never knew this would happen. She was leaving when Xander and Tiffany barged in. The most incredible thing happened. Sally shows him the post. Wyatt asks if that is… Sally says it is and she wants to shoot a music video with her designs in it. She loved them and she asked Xander and Tiffany who designed them. Ridge thought it was incredible and asked her to stay. He made her an incredible offer. It is like he said. It is a big risk and at Forrester, they are already a known brand. This could be a really good thing. She needs him to say something. Wyatt thought they had a plan. They would rebuild the Spectra legacy and this has all changed. Wyatt asks about their future together. Flo just never thinks about her father. He was never in her life. Flo is happy for Wyatt but it is very rare that your long lost father turns out to be a billionaire. Quinn thinks that there are other reasons. Flo doesn’t think for her. Quinn didn’t want Bill to be a part of his life. She did make the right choice but Wyatt has changed so much and a lot of the better. She cannot help but think about how her life could change. She needs to imagine the impact.

Ridge thinks that Sally will take his offer.

Wyatt risked his future for her. Sally still wants to revive her design house. Wyatt doesn’t think Ridge likes Bill at all. Sally isn’t either though. Wyatt wanted to get passed all that. Sally thinks that Spencer is a media company. He never knew anything about it. Sally knows what it takes. There are still people to hire and finding suppliers. Wyatt would have helped her. Sally thinks that Wyatt would have given her everything with Bill. Sally thinks Ridge is going to give her this incredible opportunity and wants to sweeten the deal. Sally thinks it is a legit offer. Wyatt asks what she said. Sally had to talk with him first. She loves him. The idea of building a future is tempting. She doesn’t think she can give up the idea of building something with Spectra. Wyatt had plans for them. Wyatt wanted their future together to be something. He wanted to be a part of their passions and dreams. Sally thinks no one can do more for him than he can. Wyatt cannot tell her not to do it. Spencer is his family company so this will change things for them. They will not be able to work together. He will root for her now more than ever. He wants everything that she has ever wanted to accomplish. He just believes in her. Ridge knows that too. He understands when he would want to keep her. He will never let her go. She hugs him. She asks how she got so lucky. This who thing felt like winning the lottery. Nothing prepares for how she feels about him. She thanks him for his support and understanding. She didn’t think he could do something like this. She loves him so much. She will never let him forget that. They kiss one another.

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