B&B Wednesday Update 3/27/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/27/19


Written By Anthony

Brooke tells Eric that she found a new designer that she wanted to include. Ridge is also looking at a few collections. Quinn wants to bring back the rose gold collection they had a few years ago. Quinn has a lunch with Wyatt. Sally walks in. She just wanted to thank them all for the opportunity they gave her here.

Wyatt is working in his office and the phone will not stop ringing. He tries to get ahold of his assistant. He cannot remember the name of her. He picks up the phone and someone calls. Wyatt says that he is not here at the moment. He claims to be a temp. Someone else calls. Flo walks in and asks what he needs help with.

Sally thinks this is bitter sweet. Brooke knows the universe has other plans for her. Eric doesn’t think that she should have lost her fashion house to begin with. Quinn is still shocked that Bill is making it right. She thinks it is good for him though if he is. Sally just thinks that she needed to be here. Xander and Tiffany run in and Sally asks where they got those clothes they are wearing. Xander admits that he and Zoe saw them in the design room. Sally says they are concepts for her new athletic line. They are prototypes Xander explains the most amazing thing just happened.

Wyatt asks if she happened to see a temp on her way in here. Flo wonders what a temp looks like. Wyatt has no clue anymore. She wonders how he is doing. Wyatt is not so good actually. His cousin died. She had a sudden blood clot. Flo is so sorry He thought she was so young and talented. She left a little boy without a mother now. Flo wonders if there is anything that she can do. Wyatt hopes that she is not going to say goodbye. Flo actually likes LA. Flo came here because there is something she needs to tell him. Wyatt thinks she can tell him anything. He asks what is going on. He needs to know how. Flo explains that it has been wonderful to get to hang out with him again. She couldn’t be happier for this life he found. If leaving her meant getting it then she can make peace with it. She knows if he hadn’t left Vegas he never would have met his father. It blows her away that he had all this success. She thinks it is crazy. Wyatt says that he just sort of walked into this. It is hard to wrap into his life sometimes. He is sorry≥ he didn’t mean to be insensitive. He didn’t forget that she knows nothing about her own father. Flo still doesn’t but it is fine. Wyatt admits that they still don’t see things eye to eye with Bill but he does feel good about the future. He likes having Sally on board. He thinks she is an amazing woman and incredible designer.

Xander explains that Zoe, Tiffany, and him were having lunch at Melrose. Sally looks at a picture and it is a famous person. Xander explains that she loved the designs. She is about to shoot a huge music video. She wants to feature athletic wear in her music video. Brooke thinks this is huge. Xander says the clothes were not in production yet. She wants her to reach out to her stylist. Xander has to get to a fitting. Sally asks if that really just happened. Ridge thinks that is a great opportunity for them. He doesn’t want her to leave or go to Spencer.

Flo thinks it is refreshing to see Wyatt with a good girl. Wyatt thinks that Sally is pretty amazing and not so bad on the eyes. Wyatt is just living in the moment with Sally. He doesn’t have any plans for the future. Flo thinks it must be a great relationship if that is the case. Wyatt is not taking for granted what he has with Sally. Wyatt knows that Sally will take full-advantage of things.

Eric and Ridge try to get her to stay. Sally explains her reasoning for leaving was because she wanted to run her own fashion house. Ridge knows and gets that. Ridge thinks she will have much success. Ridge is in the middle of pitching things right now. Starting a fashion house is not easy. Ridge thinks she comes with the Spectra name but Bill will not let her use it. The industry will not care. She is going to be waiting years before it makes a dent. This is an iconic brand. Sally is flattered. Ridge will let her have her own name and accolades. Sally didn’t expect things when she came to say goodbye. Ridge wants her to stay. Brooke thinks she brings something edgy and urban. They would hate to lose that. Sally has to check this with Wyatt.

Flo asks if Wyatt had an assistant. Wyatt used to but Allison moved on to better opportunities. He wants her to promise to try and make a life in LA. Quinn walks in and asks where Allison is. She sees Flo and hugs her. She asks why he didn’t tell her that Flo was in town.

Ridge tells Eric that Bill doesn’t know what he is doing. Eric knows that hearts are involved here. Sally and Wyatt could get angry at one another. Wyatt is expecting here there. Wyatt and Sally are good together. He doesn’t want anything to happen.

Quinn thinks that him and Flo have kept a secret. Flo is just visiting now. She just recently ran into one another. Quinn thinks she is a full-grown woman. She is as beautiful as ever. Quinn hopes she can stay permanently. Sally thinks that Flo has always had a special place in her heart. She hopes her and Wyatt understand why they had to leave Vegas. He hated it. He froze her out for months. He loved her. She thinks they know it was true. They were perfect as a couple had she not gotten involved. After all these years, there has never been anyone more suited than Flo. Sally walks in. Flo thinks she should leave. Wyatt tells Quinn that he has been seeing Sally for months now. He wants her to be supportive of his relationship. It is disrespectful as to what he said about his relationship. He needs her to say something now.

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