B&B Tuesday Update 3/26/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/26/19


Written by Anthony

Brooke thinks she has come into her home and kissed her husband. Caroline is gone but it doesn’t mean she can come into her home and attack her family. Taylor is not going to leave the home where her son and grandson are staying. Brooke is sorry that her grandson lost his mother. Brooke knows that Taylor wants to see Hope with anyone else other than Liam.

Douglas suggests they check out the staircase. Douglas asks if Hope doesn’t want to. Hope says she can come along. Douglas doesn’t mean that. He wants her to be his mother.

Liam asks if Wyatt thinks they were better off not having Bill raise them. He loves Kelly so much but he doesn’t know what kind of father he will be. He guesses the real question is how he will be the best father he can be with a wife who is afraid to be a mother. Hope is afraid right now. No one is more maternal than she is. Liam thinks it is to soon for him to bring something up. Wyatt asks if it is really ever too soon to start living again.

Thomas points out that Hope is already family. He is just scared because he thought he saw his mother. Douglas is not scared. Thomas knows that is the wrong word. Hope thinks that some people never really leave them. Caroline is still watching and loving him. She will try her best to be there for him.

Taylor thinks that Steffy and Liam deserve to raise their child together. Brooke asks if she really believes this is how things should go. Brooke is warning Taylor if she goes spewing this insanity to Hope she will have to come for her first.

Liam wonders what he will find at home. Wyatt asks if he is afraid. Liam says no. He thinks he is failing Hope. Liam thinks that the only thing that can help. Hope is another child.

Hope sees that Douglas’ shoe is untied. Douglas thinks it takes too long to tie. Hope tries to tie it herself. She thinks it takes a lot of practice but they can do it. Douglas thanks Hope. Hope thanks him. Thomas suggests they go get a snack. Douglas wonders if Hope is going away. Hope will be right here. Hope is sorry. She knows she was just standing here. Thomas thinks she was perfect.

Taylor asks if she is threatening her. Brooke is defending herself and family. She has been circling around waiting for her daughter’s marriage to fall a part. Hope and Liam need to be support. She acts so innocent all the time. She needs Taylor to count her blessings. She has two amazing children and three grandchildren. She needs to stop this nonsense. Brooke knows she has been through a dark time. She knows she picked up a gun and shot Bill. She thinks that she will not allow that craziness around her daughter. Ridge walks in and asks if they are really doing this on this day. Taylor says his wife is standing here telling her that she is crazy. She will take Douglas and Thomas with her if Ridge is ok with this. Brooke will not defend herself in her own home. Ridge is glad she is home. Brooke is sorry about Caroline. Ridge is as well,. He asks when she got. Here. Brooke says just before he left. Ridge didn’t see her. Brooke saw him and saw her say how much he loved her. Brooke was not spying. She just couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Thomas walks in. She hugs Brooke. She is sorry. She tried to get here earlier. Thomas knows she wanted to be here. Brooke sees Douglas and wonders when he starts college. Thomas will fix him something to eat. Brooke thinks he has something in the kitchen. Taylor will go with him. Brooke asks if she knows where everything is. Taylor doesn’t but she knows how she thinks,. Brooke tells Ridge she is not mad at him. She just wonders how he could ever live with that woman. Brooke has heard this all before. She asks how she could think that Taylor thinks that is what her daughter deserves. Ridge doesn’t think so.

Liam asks Hope what she. Is doing. Hope just brought this in from the other room. Hope doesn’t want to. Return the. Baby. Stuff but they could bring. It to a charity. Liam suggests that there could be another pregnancy. Hope was thinking that Douglas could want some of this. She thinks that Douglas might like the stuffed animal or the blanket. Liam thinks that some stuff of his own might be what he needs. Hope explains that he asked her to be his mommy.

Ridge asks Brooke how her meetings went. Brooke thinks alright. She asks how things went. Brooke is glad that they went alright. Brooke hopes that Ridge can spend time with Thomas and Douglas. Not if Taylor is here playing mortal combat. She shouldn’t let her get under her skin. She thinks once. Taylor gets her practice running again things will be fine. Ridge knows. She has a rough life. Brooke. Feels petty and will try rising above it. Brooke hopes that Taylor doesn’t try ruining her daughter’s marriage.

Hope explains that Douglas thought that he saw Caroline. He is so sweet. Hope knows that there are so many things that he still wants. She keeps thinking about Douglas calling her mommy. Liam is sorry he wasn’t at the memorial. She knows that it did help her. It helped take her out of her own pain and open her heart up to this sweet little boy who is in need. Liam hugs her.

Douglas asks where the dishwasher is. Taylor can put it in there for him. Thomas. Needs to talk with Taylor for a minute. Thomas says that Steffy. Messaged him from the plane. Thomas is insisting that he go to Europe. She is stressing out a lot right now and she needs her more. He needs to go with her. Taylor hopes they can video chat when she is gone. Thomas asks. What is going on with her and Brooke. Taylor says it. Started before he was born. Thomas guesses the usual. Taylor thinks that Douglas seemed better. Thomas says that it because of Hope. He couldn’t get through to him but Hope did. It was pretty incredible. Douglas asked her to be his mother. She handled things beautifully. Taylor smiles.

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