B&B Tuesday Update 3/19/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/19/19


Written by Anthony

Taylor tells Thomas it was a beautiful service. Eric thinks she was an extraordinary woman. Thomas cannot help but think about how much she would have wanted to be here. Eric wished that Karen and Daniel could have stayed a little longer. Hope thought they were so strong. Douglas was as well. Pam wants to make them all something to eat. Taylor can do that herself. Quinn heard that Steffy was going to Paris. Taylor says that she is but she waited because of Thomas. Ridge asks Taylor how she is doing. Taylor wants to know how Brooke cannot be here. Ridge thinks this is about Thomas and his child.

Wyatt asks if Liam is going to get back to Hope. Liam thinks that she wanted to spend time with the family first. Katie thinks that what they all said was very nice. She knows that Thomas said that she did forgive him. Justin knows that Caroline was a Spencer through and through. Sally feels bad for them. Liam knows that Karen and Dani just wanted to say how special she was. Bill is going to miss her more than anything. Bill promised to look after Douglas.

Thomas wanted to thank them all. He wanted to thank them for their support with him and Douglas. It is all overwhelming for them. Being here in LA. This is where. He and Caroline met. This is where Douglas was born. This is home for him. He knows they will all make this fell right. Eric knows that he and Douglas will all have good things here. He knows that losing Caroline must have been so important. Their lives have changed but they promise to help him find happiness again.

Liam thinks that Caroline had a way of making things about her. Sally knows she could be intimidating. She was a genius of getting her own way. Liam knows she crossed the line a few times. Katie thinks they have to admire her. Sally thinks she was an inspiration. Bill knows that Douglas meant everything to her.

Thomas says that there are cookies in the kitchen if he wants some. Douglas doesn’t. Eric thinks they should give Thomas some time with his parents. Pam can help with the kitchen. Ridge has it. Maya would love for Douglas and Lizzie to be friends. Caroline and her had issues but she will never forget her beautiful heartfelt sorry that came with it. Pam is so sorry. She is there for them. Quinn thinks it was a beautiful service. Eric thinks it was everything that Caroline would have wanted. Eric promises that Douglas can come over whenever he wants and draw with him. Hope is going to go to the cabin. She asks if Douglas wants to come. She says that she lives in a log cabin if he wants to see it. Douglas does. Thomas wonders if it will always be this hard. Ridge promises it will be alright. They will take care of each other.

Wyatt knows when he became a Spencer he got a father, brother, and cousin with Caroline. He appreciated that there was always something on her mind. She had zero filter. Liam knows she was completely real. Justin knows she had a Spencer temper. Wyatt could see the steam coming out of her ears. Liam knows their cousin was fierce. Caroline wouldn’t let anything keep her down. Through every disappointment and challenge. He cannot believe she is gone. Liam knows she wasn’t perfect but she was an inspiration. She wouldn’t want them being sad remembering her.

Taylor hopes this day wasn’t to much for him. Thomas liked knowing that so many people cared and being with family. He needs to find a way to deal with this. Taylor could help him find a grief counselor. He knows this feels so far from normal. Ridge knows he lost the woman he loved. Thomas did love Caroline but they were not a couple. Thomas explains it didn’t work between them. They were great co-parents. It doesn’t make her passing any less painful. She was his best friend and his sons mother. They were a family. Ridge says they still are. He wants him to move in with him and Brooke. Thomas and Douglas would be alone at the Cliff house. Taylor is here for Thomas. He is so precious to her. So, was Caroline. She gave her a wonderful gift in her grandson. She wishes she could take away his pain. She asks what they can do.

Bill explains that Caroline was the daughter that he never had. It was his job to look out for her. Liam thinks she did a good job by herself. Bill is going to make sure that Douglas never forgets that. He will do what is best for her son. Starting, by keeping her memory alive. Bill thinks they suffered a terrible loss. He knows they will. They will come off stronger than ever.

Hope asks if Douglas has a ten. Douglas says no. Hope guesses she isn’t as good at this game as she thought. Hope asks if he wants to play best two out of three. Hope is having fun with him too.

Ridge thinks it will be ok. They will take care of Thomas. Taylor knows but she still worries. She has been so busy trying to get her life together. Ridge knows that they lived together. It doesn’t change the way that they felt about their child. He asks what is going on. Taylor is just thinking about something. She saw something the other day and didn’t know what to think about it until now. She asks if he remembers when she went into the kitchen and Hope was there with Douglas. She stepped in and she saw Hope with Douglas. Ridge asks what that shocked her. Taylor found it emotional. She thinks there was a strong connection between them. Like she was witnessing two people bonding through a crisis. She was comforting herself. She thought it was healing. Ridge asks what she is saying. Taylor thinks that Douglas and Hope need each other. A little boy who need a mother and a mother who needs a child.

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