B&B Monday Update 3/18/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/18/19


Written by Anthony

Ridge tells Brooke on the phone that Douglas is hanging in there. He is not sure how much he actually understands. Ridge knows he told her not to hurry back but he could use a hug himself right now. He hangs up. Katie asks Ridge if Brooke was able to get an early flight. Ridge says she is hopeful but he is not sure. He is just realizing how much he misses his wife.

Wyatt thanks Sally for being here. Sally reminds him that his cousin died. She is glad that Thomas had the time with Caroline for Douglas’ sake.

Steffy asks if Douglas wants anything to eat. Douglas wants mac and cheese. Taylor is sure that they have mac and cheese somewhere in a box. Douglas thinks that Caroline makes it better than he does. Thomas knows she definitely does. He frowns. Steffy is not sure that Ridge has that type but they can go and check. Douglas thanks Steffy. Ridge walks over to Thomas. Thorne asked about him. His Aly was the same age as Douglas when Darla died. Thomas thanks them all for being here. Douglas and him are overwhelmed and lost. He didn’t know what they would be flying back to here in LA. He knew that they needed to be with all of them filled with the support. Taylor is here for him. Bill is as well. Bill can help with Karen and Dani. Thomas says the memorial will be out here. He thinks they could get the flowers and caterer done. Thomas never thought he would have to say goodbye. Taylor hugs him. Steffy thanks Amelia on the phone. Liam could go and relieve her if Steffy needs. Steffy thinks he is needed here. Liam suggests that Steffy needs to postpone her trip. Steffy needs to get the girls away from Hope for a bit.

Douglas tells Thomas that Hope thinks she can make mac and cheese like Caroline did. Hope will need him to help her make it though. Hope will take good care of him. She takes him into the kitchen. Sally tells Thomas that he is a pretty awesome kid. Thomas thinks she is being so supportive. Sally knows it was the best for both of them. He gave Douglas memories of his parents together. Sally knows he will remember the stories he tells and the pictures that he shows him. Sally promises that everyone here will make sure that he knows his mother. Liam thinks that there are hours of posts on Caroline for Douglas to read. Steffy thinks he should know every side of Caroline. She wasn’t afraid to let her online followers know how edgy she was. Thomas knows she was. He remembers the first day. Time stopped for him. She was that beautiful. Not just her looks but her spirit. He knew right then and there… He guesses that he didn’t know anything.

Thomas assumes they all have questions. He could try and answer them now. Liam asks if he was with her. Thomas says no. Bill asks if Douglas. Thomas says no. Thomas explains that it all happened so fast. He didn’t have time to help Karen and Dani. He had to be there for Douglas. He is afraid he is so alone. Taylor promises that they are all here. Steffy reminds him that he is a Spencer and Forrester. Thomas knows his Douglas is all alone. He is handling it but it just hasn’t sunk in yet. Quinn wonders how it could. He is so young. Thomas is just so worried about him. Thomas doesn’t know what to do.

Hope and Douglas make mac and cheese together. She thanks him for his help. Douglas tells her that Caroline thinks he is an excellent chef. Douglas wonders what she knows about heaven. Thomas says that is where Caroline is. Hope explains that you don’t know until you get there. Douglas knows that his mommy is coming back. She said that she would never leave him.

Taylor wonders if Steffy is ok. Steffy is just rescheduling. She wanted to leave in the morning but family sure does. Taylor thinks that their time here is short. Taylor thinks that Hope is grieving right now. Ridge knows that there will be plent of time to talk about Caroline and share storties but he hears about when he first met her. Ridge admits that he remembers that day as well. He remembers her. He thought that it would make sense for them to say what they remember. Taylor remembers her commitment to excellence. Sally knew her work. She thinks for that she admired and respected her. Quinn thought that her designs made her work so much easier. She always thought she would be back. Eric doesn’t think that the holidays will ever be the same. Katie knows she had a presence and not just online. Liam thinks she was their cousin. She always felt like a sister. Bill doesn’t even want to think about that. Thomas knew how much she cared about all of them. She would want him to say that. She would want them to know how important they were to him. Ridge is a designer today because of two people. Eric and Caroline. He was lost and she helped him find his way through his hands. Eric thinks they are all grateful for her. She was taken from all of them to young.

Douglas doesn’t know why Caroline had to go away but he knows she is coming back. Hope thinks this wasn’t her choice. She had an accident. Douglas has had accidents and he is still here. Hope thinks that his daddy is right and that is where she is. Hope doesn’t know what heaven is like but she knows the people there can watch them. Douglas asks if her daughter is an angel. Hope says she is. Douglas wonders if Caroline and Beth can be angels together. Hope would like that a lot. Taylor peaks in. Douglas wants her. Hope thinks that she wants him too. She wants to be with him so bad. She is always going to look over him from heaven. Douglas needs a mommy right here. Hope hugs Douglas.

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