B&B Thursday Update 3/14/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/14/19


Written by Anthony

Taylor asks if Steffy is sure that she has to go on this business trip. Steffy has a lot of stuff she has to do in Europe. Taylor knows that Rick is over there. Steffy is CEO, she has to meet with buyers. Steffy promises that she is fine. She hopes that Taylor will join. Taylor will. She asks if Liam knows about the trip. Steffy told them both that she was leaving.

Ridge noticed that Hope is not home. He asks how Liam is doing. Liam is fine. He is just waiting to get back to some form of normal. Hope is still not Hope after Beth. Ridge wonders what happens as he waits. Liam guesses he just screams in private. Ridge is here if he needs him. Liam asks if he has spoken to Steffy about Europe. Ridge asks how he feels about that.

Katie is starting to wonder about her plans with Brooke. Katie sees that Brooke texted her that she is out of town on business. Bill gets a message that his meeting was for next month. Katie asks what is going on. They come to the same conclusion.

Donna guesses that Katie and Bill are going to be at lunch at the same time. Justin wonders if the mayor will be there. Donna thinks that Brooke is on business. She wonders if Bill and Katie will be inspired to have lunch instead.

Bill would normally be annoyed if someone was playing with his calendar but in this case he doesn’t mind at all.

Ridge assumes that Liam was shocked that Steffy was taking the kids out of the country. Liam knows why she is doing it. She has to make appearances in Europe. The kids have to be with her. There is also the Hope issue.

Taylor asks why she felt the need to report to Hope. Steffy has a lot of work to do in Europe but she thinks the separation is needed. She needs to get the idea out of her head that they will reunite Taylor asks why she would do such a thing.

Sally doesn’t want to throw a damper but Bill did tell them to stop talking about his love life. Donna thinks they are just speculating on what could be. Wyatt would love to bring the family back together. Sally asks if they have a take on where Katie stands. Donna thinks she would love the opportunity. Donna would put her money on it.

The waitress says that their lunch has been pre-ordered. They notice that it is all their favorites. Bill hopes that this is not a Spencer employee that is doing this. Katie knows that Donna has been dropping hints lately. Bill guesses whoever it is has very good taste in wines. They toast together. Katie and Bill laugh at the taste.

Liam knows that Hope has been struggling and she has been blaming herself. Liam thinks the only thing that makes her feel better is time with the girls. Liam is concerned about the level of attachment. Ridge heard about Hope wanting them to get back together. He assumes that is not happening. Liam doesn’t love being separated but he knows that Steffy needs to be in Europe. Liam thinks it is a reminder of what a good person Steffy is.

Steffy thinks that Hope needs consideration. Taylor thinks the girls needs consideration. They need a father in their home growing up with them. Taylor thinks she should be encouraging Liam to live with them. Taylor thinks she is denying how much she loves Liam. Taylor tells her to fight for her family.

Donna guesses that Wyatt must really trust his father again. Wyatt thinks that Bill has changed a little bit. It might sound crazy but he has shifted his time back to family. He has been there for Liam and him lately. He will give him more credit for hit attempts. Justin thinks that he is coming around. Sally doesn’t think that Bill needs to come around for her. Donna thinks that Bill and Will are adorable together and that makes Katie happy. Donna is not sure what could happen over an accidental lunch date.

Katie cannot believe this. She sees he could do magic. She never thought she would see him doing magic. Katie thinks it is great he would learn something new for his boy. Bill is not mad at whoever set this up. Bill thinks that it feels good to be with her. Bill knows that Thorne is still. Dealing with loss but he would have to be a fool to walk away from what he had.

Ridge just wants Liam to remember what a remarkable woman Steffy is. Liam always will. Steffy knows that Liam is married to Hope and she will not fight her him. Taylor thinks that Hope and Brooke are responsible for all the losses they have gone through. She knows that Hope saw her marriage issues as an opportunity and took it.

Bill thinks this brings back memories. Sitting down to dinner and comparing notes. He thinks she is calm and steady. Bill thinks that Will is the love of his life. Katie is going to freshen up. She will let him get going. Bill is happy to wait for him. Bill starts to think about his first wedding to Katie. He thinks about all the times they spent together as a couple.

Ridge knows he loved Hope. He does wonder what life would have been like had Bill not taken advantage of Steffy. Liam is not defending his father but Steffy never has either. Phoebe is his family and there is nothing more important than that. Liam agrees on that.

Steffy will not bash Hope. Taylor wants her to take advantage of Hope telling her to take her husband. Steffy will not do that. She goes to check on Phoebe.

Katie asks if Bill is ok. Bill just got horrible news but it is not about Will. Katie asks what is wrong.

Taylor is sobbing. Steffy asks what is wrong. Steffy asks what happened.

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