B&B Wednesday Update 3/13/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/13/19


Written By Anthony

Steffy picks up her phone and makes a phone call. Liam runs to get his phone and says hi. Steffy asks if they are busy. She wonders if Hope and him can come over. She thinks this is important. Liam will be right over to see them. Liam says that Steffy wants them to come over. Hope asks if the girls are ok. Liam says they are but she cannot figure out why they would want to talk.

Katie feels like she is so slammed. Donna noticed that Bill and Will have been spending a lot more time together. Donna thinks that is nice for Will. Donna notices that Katie looks extra glam today. Donna thanks her. She wonders if it has anything to do with seeing someone special today.

Bill tells Wyatt and Sally that they need to go through this as easy as possible. Wyatt reminds him that Sally did this before. Sally tells Bill if there is anything they need from her she is here. Justin says that there is legal stuff to discuss but they can get into that later. He is happy that Bill is spending most of his time with Katie and Will. He approves of it.

Katie cannot believe she is talking about Bill today. She notices she is wearing a new outfit. Katie. Says she has had this in her closet for forever. Donna thinks it is a coincidence she looks so glam the day that Bill stops by.

Bill doesn’t need them to know about his social life. Wyatt thinks that it is actually great that. He is spending time with them. Bill thinks he is a proud parent. Wyatt believes him a hundred percent.

Liam asks if there is something going on. Steffy has news that affects them both.

Donna has given her opinion. She thinks that she is still in love with Bill. Katie is thrilled that Bill has stepped. Up but that has not changed anything. Katie reminds her of everything she has been through with Bill. Donna knows she is used to pushing him away. He is not easy to get along with but it be the smartest thing.

Bill thinks that Katie and him have a mutual respect for one another. They can leave it at that. Wyatt thinks that Will would be happy. Justin thinks they can let this thing happen. Bill doesn’t. think that Katie wants that at all. Sally thinks he should tell Katie. Bill is feeling annoyed. Justin knows he is family oriented. He needs to take the next step and reunite his family with Katie and Will.

Steffy assumes they need to know why she is here. Steffy is heading to Europe. She has presentations to deal with. Steffy says this all happened really quickly. Steffy is taking the girls. Hope thinks it will be incredible. She knows it will be hard to not see the girls. She says it is not just a business trip. She also thinks that a little separation will help Hope get passed Beth a little.

Donna just thinks it be great if Bill and her found each other again. Katie doesn’t. think he life is a romance novel. Donna thinks it could be. Katie gets a reminder on her phone.

Bill appreciates the concern for his love life but that is not what this meeting is about. Wyatt thinks that family and friends are all that matters. They should. Give it another shot. Katie and Will are where. He believes. Bill has a meeting with the mayor to get to. He suggests they get some work done here while he is gone.

Hope doesn’t want her to take the girls away Liam because of her. Hope. Thinks. That. Steffy should be with the. Girls. Steffy. Thought they have been through this. Steffy will not go here. Again. She will take. The. Steffy promises the girls are fine. She needs to focus on her marriage to Liam.

Donna thought she would pop in and say hello. She thinks that Justin looks handsome today. Donna has good news. She just came from. Seeing. Katie and. She thinks that Bill. And her could reconcile. Sally asks if Katie said she would be into this. Donna thinks that Katie has a thing for Bill. Sally thinks it be nice for Will. Wyatt asks who else has the patient. Donna asks where Bill is. Wyatt says that Bill just went lunch. Donna knows that. Katie is on her way there too.

Bill sits at a table and Katie. Walks over. She asks if he has. Seen Brooke. Katie is supposed to meet her for lunch. She wonders if she made meetings for the wrong day. Bill doesn’t know where his guy. Is either. He suggests that join him in the meantime. Bill is not going to be to upset if this meeting doesn’t happen. Bill thinks. It means he gets to have lunch. With her.

Steffy is worried about Hope. Steffy wants to raise the girls the way she. Does right now. Liam’s place is with Hope. Liam agrees. Hope gets where they are coming. From. She. Still doesn’t understand this connection she has with their child. Steffy. And Liam go to check on the girls. They bring the girls out and Steffy lets Hope hold Phoebe. Hope says hi. Steffy says. This is the last time. They. Will have. This conversation. She needs to heal. She needs to try and start a family with. Liam. She never thought she could have another child and yet here she is. The. Mother of two little girls. She really hopes to hear that they have rebuilt. Steffy can see the instinct she has to hold. Her own child. There is no doubt the she isn’t supposed be a mother. Steffy hopes. That they will have a little girl of their own when she comes Back.

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