B&B Tuesday Update 3/12/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/12/19


Written by Anthony

Flo tells Reese that he cannot stop her. Hope will know the truth about her baby tonight.

Hope asks who Liam is texting. Liam is texting Wyatt. Hope thought that it was an amazing coincidence to have Wyatt’s HS girlfriend here.

Wyatt gets a text but Sally doesn’t want it out for the rest of the night. Wyatt will sing the song she doesn’t like. Sally starts to cover her ears. Wyatt gets a text from Liam and he thanked them for having them over. Liam thinks she is a good hostess. Sally doesn’t think he said that. Wyatt is proud of her. She went with the flow. Sally hits him. Wyatt thought that was a good joke. Sally asks why he has all the bad puns. Sally assumes he torched Flo back in the day. Sally wonders if all his exes were as beautiful as Flo. Wyatt thinks she is the best of all the women he has dated.

Hope really likes Flo but there is more going on with her than what she is saying.

Flo knows he came all this way to keep her quiet but it is not happening.

Wyatt wants to talk about the future of Spencer. Sally assumes that he thinks that he is getting cold feet. Wyatt thinks that Bill will lose him if he goes back. On his promise. Sally knows that it won’t be called Spectra fashions but Spencer… Wyatt asks if she will be ok with that. Sally knows that her aunt wants her to do what she loves which is designing. She cannot believe that he gave up Forrester for her. Wyatt knows that she will make the best of the opportunity.

Liam thinks what amazes him about tonight is how Sally acted. She wasn’t jealous at all. Hope asks why Sally would be jealous. He thinks that there was clearly some potential for some awkwardness. Someone knocks on the door. He assumes it is her mom. Tiffany shows up. She has new designs for HFTF. Hope didn’t think she needed to go out of her way. Tiffany wanted to tell her how sorry she was for her little girl. She should go. She leaves. Liam asks if she is ok. Hope knows she meant well but it. Will always. Be a reminder.

Flo thought that Reese was a good guy but he isn’t. He stole an innocent baby from a mother. He did it for money. Reese needed the money to protect his daughter. Flo thinks he did this for himself. He sucked her into this as well. She is supposed to just move on and forget. She sees Hope every time she closes her eyes. Reese thinks this is killing him too. They both know who he is. He tells Zoe that he is a good man. He got caught up into something he couldn’t control. He loves Zoe. He is so sorry that he put her into this position but no one can know. This truth cannot get out.

Sally asks if Wyatt wants to heat up some food. Wyatt thinks that they did just work up an appetite. Sally wants to talk about everything he brought to her life. Wyatt thinks they are going to be a good couple for the next millennium. Sally thinks that everything changed when they got together. She owes this all to him. Sally says she wants chicken legs. She wants leftover chicken legs. The two kiss each other.

Reese wishes he. Could go back and change that night. The first mother came in and then Hope came in. Hope passed. Out and Liam came in and he did. The. Hardest thing he has ever done in his life. He put a dead baby in her arms. Flo asks if he realizes how awful that was. Reese had to do something. He is so sorry. He had to keep her safe. Reese thinks that Zoe can convince Liam and Hope to have another child. He is sorry for involving them. In this. He doesn’t want to see his daughter go to jail for. This. Reese. Doesn’t want any of them to go to jail. Reese knows she feels awful. She should go back to Vegas. He thinks. Zoe can go to Hope. Then they will never speak of this again. Zoe thinks that Reese is right. She. Will get through to Hope. She swears. They will still have their family but they can never tell anyone about this. No one can ever know. Reese loves them both. They agree that something horrible happened. If they open this up then she will go to prison. He believes in Zoe. She. Will talk with Hope and convince her to go on with her life. Reese needs Flo to go back to Vegas. Reese loves Zoe. He never wants her to doubt that. Reese leaves. Flo throws everything off a desk.

Liam asks if she wants to get ready for bed. It has been a long day. Hope thinks that she. Cannot sleep. Hope wants to get to know her. Better. Liam knows. They both suffered the same loss. It is not the same circumstance. Liam knows. She will always be Beth’s mom. She will love and cherish her for the rest of her life. It doesn’t run out of love though. She can love another child as well. Her heart. Was shattered but it was a really big heart. He promises that she is meant to be a mother. There is a child waiting to be loved by her. Waiting to have her as a mother.

Flo cannot believe her. They have heard Reese say this a thousand times. Zoe doesn’t want to go to prison. She will speak with Hope. She needs Flo to go back to. Vegas. Zoe begs her not to say. Anything. No one can know the truth.

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