B&B Thursday Update 3/7/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/7/19


Written by Anthony

Sally asks Wyatt if there is anything that she doesn’t eat. Wyatt thinks that there is no one more picky that Liam. Sally doesn’t think that he asked her. Wyatt thinks that Flo will be happy with this. He is sorry again for inviting her. Sally wants to know more about her past. Sally doesn’t want him to answer the phone so Hope and Liam don’t back out.

Liam notices that Hope is not dressed. Hope thinks that this was as far as she got. Liam thinks they need to start living their lives again.

Taylor bought Steffy a baby food maker. Steffy thinks it is cool. Taylor thinks that her practice is going to make her busy again. Steffy is glad she is going to start her practice again. Taylor is excited abut the future again.

Xander thinks that dinner smells amazing. Zoe made pot roast to go with their new personas. It has been a long week for her. Xander asks how he can help. Zoe wants him to be her boy toy. Zoe hopes he is hungry. Xander wonders if he has ever not been. Xander can tell that something is weighing on her. He wonders if it is her father. Zoe hasn’t heard from her father and she doesn’t want to.

Taylor cuts something and accidently cuts herself. Steffy gives her a paper towel. Taylor hasn’t had a reason to be domestic for a while. Steffy knows what she means about domestic life. Steffy asks if she has any regrets about the adoption. Steffy doesn’t think that Kelly was meant to be an only child.

Flo shows up at Wyatt’s house. She feels like she is in a Cinderella fairytale right now. Wyatt has to warn her that his brother and wife are very likable.

Liam thinks that Hope survived something devastating. If they decide to leave early everyone will understand. She will never find an easier way to reenter the social world than this one. Hope knows he is right and she has to try. Liam kisses her.

Xander thinks this is insanely delicious. Zoe explains this was always one of her fathers favorites. Zoe wants to turn back the dial to five minutes ago. Xander asks what happened to make her lose patience with him. Zoe thinks that he always lets her down. He gambles away his money and principles. It horrifies her to think about it.

Flo loves to see how well he has done for himself. Wyatt did well as Wyatt Fuller but he thinks that she should consider moving here. Flo is not sure. She didn’t think she would ever run into anyone she knew. Wyatt knows that there were two people here. Flo says nothing good came of that. Wyatt thinks her being here tonight helped. Sally shows up. She is glad that Flo could join them. Flo thinks it is nice to meet her. She wonders if there is anything she can help with. Sally wants to hear about what Wyatt was like in HS. Flo remembers Wyatt’s mohawk in ninth grade. Flo used to be open but now she has a few things she would rather not deal with. Someone knocks on the door. Liam and Hope are at the door. Flo sees Hope and Liam. Sally asks if they met. Hope says that this is Phoebe’s birth mother.

Xander asked what happened between her and Reese. Zoe would rather not discuss it. He left. She is sitting across the table from a different man. A man who works hard and is honest. She loves the man enough to build a future with him. Xander thinks that he is never going to be the man he was in the past. Xander promises he won’t be leaving the country again. Zoe doesn’t need to bet on anything right now. Zoe needs a good reason as to why she should believe him. Xander kisses her.

Steffy eats some of the baby food. She thinks it is good. They are going to eat what Kelly eats. Taylor loves to see her happy. Steffy just feels like she stole something from someone who deserved it more. Steffy asks what if Flo is having second rights. Taylor knows she tried to reach her. It might take shutting down certain feelings.

Hope doesn’t understand. Flo is shocked. Liam asks how she knows her brother. Flo says they dated. Wyatt didn’t even know she was in town. Wyatt had no idea that she had connection with people in LA. Flo doesn’t want to talk about this. Sally thinks they should just let their guest have breathing room. Hope is sorry. Wyatt asks if she thought she couldn’t tell her. Wyatt asks why she said she never had any kids.

Xander looks at a picture of their cat Harry. Xander asks if they should get another cat. Zoe doesn’t think they can tell someone they can just replace a child. Zoe thinks he should take something off. Xander would take his hat off but he is not wearing one. Zoe kisses his chest and kisses up his neck. Xander thinks he has a bite up here and kisses her.

Taylor looks at pictures of the girls on her phone. Steffy doesn’t want to miss anything. Taylor doesn’t either. Taylor is glad that she hasn’t heard from Flo. Motherhood was not what she wanted and they all need to move on. Steffy just thought that Phoebe would want to know her and she would want to know Phoebe. Steffy realizes she has been with Phoebe longer than Flo. She has been a mother longer.

Flo thinks she should go. Hope doesn’t want her to go. If she doesn’t have children then she doesn’t have to talk about it. Hope knows it can be discussed. Flo doesn’t think that Phoebe is her own. Sally thinks they are a little rusty about not being in anyone’s business. Hope asks if she wants to sit with her for a while Sally wants them to all remember she is allowed to be her own person. Hope tells Flo that Phoebe is a special girl. She understands not wanting to talk about it though. Liam imagined that Wyatt told her that they lost a child. He thinks it is like his daughter has a sister with Phoebe. Flo is so sorry for their loss. Hope explains their was a wind storm that night. She thought the delivery was going well but she passed out when she was giving birth to Beth. Hope is so sorry. She didn’t mean to make her sad. Flo wished she had known. Certain things she regrets. The questions you don’t ask or raise. Flo doesn’t want her to hate her. Flo doesn’t deserve gratitude. Wyatt thinks no one is judging her. Flo explains this is about Phoebe.

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