B&B Wednesday Update 3/6/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/6/19


Written By Anthony

Liam is shocked she met Phoebe’s birth mother. Hope thinks it was almost like she was supposed to meet her. Hope thinks that everything that touches Phoebe is fate.

Flo is shocked to see Wyatt. Wyatt thinks she looks amazing. He asks what she is doing here. He didn’t know she moved to LA. She knows they haven’t seen each other in years. Wyatt would like to explain.

Xander thinks this is amazing for Sally. They will miss the two of them around here. Sally wants him to say that again. Sally asks what happened to his accent. Xander wants to embrace where they live now.

Hope is shocked she ended up in the same place as Phoebe’s birth mother. Liam asks how she found out about Phoebe’s mother. Hope guesses that Zoe saw them talking and Zoe told her.

Tiffany has to make a run for Brooke, but she is rooting for her. Sally will let Xander explain things to Zoe so she can get going. Xander asks what is going on. Flo saw someone at bikini that she hopes she doesn’t have to see again.

Flo doesn’t think he has to say anything. They were high school sweethearts. Wyatt thought about her a lot after he left. He begs her to hear him out.

Liam wants to know how Zoe knows Phoebe’s birth mother. Hope is not sure. She works at Bikini. Hope thought there was some tension between them she thought. Liam thinks that makes sense to some degree. Hope thinks it makes sense to some degree. She just never saw Zoe that intense before.

Zoe thinks it will be sad to have Sally leave. Sally is better for her time here at. Forrester. She is prepared now. She thinks they have a bright future ahead of each other. They might be able to work together again someday. Xander asks Zoe what is so bad about Flo.

Flo never really understood why he left. Wyatt explains it had nothing to do with her. Wyatt admits that his mom and their jewelry business was going on at the time. They had to leave in the middle of the night. She asks if Quinn is a criminal. Wyatt says she is better now. Flo is glad to hear that. Wyatt sees that she is as beautiful as ever. Flo thinks he is still the best looking guy in the room. Wyatt explains that his father is alive and is working with him now. He met him and realized why she was trying to shield him. He likes to hide behind things. Wyatt changed his name. He took his last name. It is Wyatt Spencer now.

Liam asks. What Flo is like. Hope was a little put off by her but there is something to her. There is this sweetness to her. She really does like her though. Liam knows that Steffy did as well. He guesses he is the last person to meet Phoebe’s birth mother. He would like to meet the mother though.

Zoe would like to ask. She knows Bill was public enemy number one. Sally explains this is all because of Wyatt. Bill wanted his family reunited. Zoe reminds him they have plans tonight. Sally thinks their American accents have a long night ahead of them but if they want to come by they can. Sally cannot even begin to tell them how amazing Wyatt is.

Flo asks if Wyatt likes his father. Wyatt loves the guy but… He asks about Flo. She doesn’t have a ring. Wyatt wonders about kids. Flo says nothing. Flo has to get back to work but running into him is exactly what she needed. She lost hope. Flo always loved him and wanted to give him something. She kisses him.

Xander asks if it is a walk along the beach or dinner or if it involves other people. Zoe says no. Xander asks if they have to dress a certain way. Zoe thinks it is closing optional. Xander asks if these plans are taking place at his home or hers. Zoe says hers. She thinks they can let their imaginations go wild.

Flo needed the chance to kiss him. Wyatt is not going anywhere now. Flo might be going back to Vegas. She just wants to talk and laugh. She thinks that they should have dinner. She thinks that he has the best laugh. Wyatt thinks he has the best laugh ever. Flo has missed her so much. Wyatt explains that he is actually living with someone. Wyatt explains that his girlfriend and him are having a dinner party tonight. Flo thinks that Vegas is home. Wyatt thinks she could move here. She should come and see. He thinks she would be good friends with Sally. Flo asks if she makes him happy. Wyatt would be even happier if she came to dinner. Flo will come for one drink.

Liam thinks they should get ready for dinner with Wyatt and Sally. Hope thinks she will pass. She is not up for it. Liam needs. Her to build on moving on. Hope doesn’t think she can do it. Hope thinks moving on is not a good thing. Liam wants her to move on without being paralyzed. Hope imagines it was so difficult for Flo to let Phoebe go.

Wyatt gives Flo is address. Flo will see him.

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