B&B Tuesday Update 3/5/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/5/19


Written by Anthony

Flo didn’t mean to freak her out or anything. Flo is sorry. She just overheard what she was saying about her baby and she is sorry. Hope has to go. Flo needs to tell her something.

Ridge thinks that everything is the way it is supposed to be. Steffy thinks that Phoebe was supposed to be part of this family.

Liam shows Wyatt pictures of Phoebe. Liam thinks that Kelly was in the baby flopping around for like an hour. Liam wants to spend as much time with Kelly as possible. He knows that he is not technically related to Phoebe but he would like to be a father figure for her too. Wyatt knows she doesn’t have a father so of course he will be bounded to her. Liam knew he wanted to be part of her life. Wyatt thinks that he can count on him to be their funcle. The fun uncle. That is a thing. When Kelly and Phoebe are old enough he is going to spoil them so much. Liam thinks this is why Hope was pushing him to be with Steffy. Liam is grateful that Phoebe is Steffy’s, but he couldn’t imagine giving up a child.

Steffy thinks that Phoebe is all hers and is ready for bed. The moment she puts her down, Kelly will be wide awake. Ridge says goodnight to Phoebe. Ridge wishes she could have met the birth mother for bringing her into their family.

Flo is not just anyone. Zoe sees Flo. She thinks that there is something she doesn’t know about her. Zoe asks what she is doing.

Ridge tells Steffy that if she needs a babysitter, he the guy. Ridge assumes that Steffy doesn’t think he can do it. Steffy thinks that Taylor said that he was just trying to show off. Ridge wants to show off his grandchildren. He had three kids at the same time. He can do this. Steffy knows. They want him around but he doesn’t have to worry about her. Despite what happened to Beth, Liam is active. In her child’s life.

Wyatt thinks that Hope wants him to be with his children as well. Liam thinks that Hope believes he is keeping them from his family. Liam thinks that Hope wants Kelly and Phoebe to have a mother who are committed to one another. Wyatt thinks there is nothing wrong with that. Liam is not going to give up on their marriage,.

Zoe tells Hope that she met Flo through Danny. Zoe asks Flo is whatever she had to say can wait. Flo. Zoe thinks it is time that she know the truth. Zoe thinks it is not her place to say anything. It is hard for her to talk about. Zoe thinks what she is about to say will come as a shock but it is something she should have known a while ago. She knows who Phoebe’s bio mother is. Hope asks who she is.

Steffy is impressed he can fold laundry. Steffy thinks that Liam can as well though. Steffy tells Ridge that Liam is really committed to the girls. Ridge is glad he is stepping up. Kelly is lucky to have him as a father. She has to remind herself sometimes that he is not her dad.

Wyatt is always here for her. Liam congratulates him on everything that is happening with him and Sally. Wyatt cannot imagine what he is going through. The ups and downs he goes through. He and Hope are suffering a horrible loss and they will get through it. He will help her get through it and they will survive this.

Zoe knows the birth mother. Hope asks who she is. Zoe says it is Flo. This is the woman who gave birth to Phoebe. Hope asks if it is true. Zoe thinks it is ok for Hope to know the truth. Hope smiles. She thinks that Phoebe is a precious angel. She knows it must have been a hard choice to make. She just wants her to know how much of a gift she has been for her. Losing her baby would make her want anything to have a child and Phoebe brings her peace. She is a really special girl. There is a whole family there that is giving Phoebe an adoring life. She hopes that gives her comfort. Hope thinks it was really nice getting to talk with Flo. Hope leaves. Zoe thinks that Flo was about to tell her that Phoebe is actually Beth.

Steffy looks at the picture of her and Liam. She remembers what Hope told them about being with Liam again. She thought they could raise Phoebe and Kelly together as a family. Hope thought they could have been happy. She could have that life again.

Liam thought he heard Hope come in. He asks how her visit with Katie was. Hope thought it was fine. Liam asks if something is wrong. Hope met someone after Katie left. Hope met Phoebe’s birth mother.

Zoe needs to speak with Flo for a moment. Zoe cannot believe she was about to tell Hope. Zoe asks why she was talking with her in the first place. Flo didn’t think it took a genius what could have happened. Flo would never have done this if she knew what was going on. Zoe will not let her father go to jail. She needs to leave LA right now. Flo thinks that this will still haunt her in Vegas. Flo helped play a part in this. She feels so terrible about this. Flo is telling her she cannot be around here. She could go to prison for a very long time. Flo doesn’t know how Reese could do this. He did this to protect her. Flo thinks it is bound to come out. Steffy will realize that Hope is the mother of her child. She thinks that Reese deserves to be locked up for what he did to her alone. Zoe feels guilty but if she tells anyone let alone Hope they could all end up in serious trouble. Flo is called back. Zoe begs her to leave LA right now. Flo bumps into Wyatt and recognizes him as Wyatt Fuller.

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