B&B Friday Update 3/1/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/1/19


Written by Anthony

Hope doesn’t want Liam to be deprived of hid daughter’s. Phoebe deserves to have a father. Liam needs to be in her life. This is wrong and she has to fix it.

Liam needs to get back home to Hope. Hope thinks that he should be spending more time with Kelly and Phoebe though. Steffy thinks that would be nice. Kelly loves her daddy. He has to be there for Hope. Liam keeps thinking that things will get better. Steffy doesn’t want to say this but it seems like she is getting worse. Liam thinks that she is transferring her feelings on to Beth.

Bill asks if Wyatt really wants him to revive Spectra. Wyatt thought he said that Sally could come along. If he wants him to come back then this is his one condition. Wyatt thinks he will be all his if he does this.

Bill tells Justin that he can tell him what he would like. Bill tells him that Wyatt had one condition to come back to Spencer and that was to bring Sally back. He is not bringing back any lengths for her. He is doing this for Wyatt. He doesn’t mind helping Sally though. Wyatt and Sally walk in. Bill thinks this is an amazing day. Bill welcomes Sally.

Hope packs up baby clothes. Liam brings her a cup of tea. Hope thanks him. Hope postponed her work meeting. She had every intention. These clothes were for Beth but she wants Phoebe to have them. She hopes that is ok. She really doesn’t want to part with them but she needs to move forward. She asks how she does that. She only can think about Beth.

Flo is starting to work at Bikini. Her boss thinks she is doing great. Flo say that there is someone trying to. Get her attention. Zoe walks over. She asks if she is out of her mind. Flo is working. Flo goes on her break. Zoe didn’t know that her and Danny knew each other. Zoe doesn’t think she can work here. She shouldn’t be in LA at all.

Bill asks how they reacted at Forrester when they jumped ship. Sally says that Eric was kind. She will always be grateful for what they did. Sally has a lot to be grateful. Bill knows this will be a learning curve for them. He is always up for a challenge. Justin loves challenges. Justin was considering a design career himself. Bill tells him he has work to get down in his office. Wyatt is excited about this new adventure. Sally is still a little bit in disbelief. Sally never thought she would be standing here again.

Liam knows she is making an effort. She is dealing with a lot right now. Hope knows she is making things worse. Liam doesn’t want this ring to ever come off her finger again. Liam wants her promise him.

Bill is not the same man. His priorities have shifted. The days of him doing anything to get what he wants are over. He is sorry. Sally doesn’t need that. She just needs to know she can trust him. She can be stubborn she promises that will not take things out on Skye like she did before. Bill thinks that is good to know. Sally admits she is guarded. She knows they have things to work out. She thinks that Wyatt is the reason this is possible. She does have to ask if he is really prepared for this. Bill says that this is not happening.

Zoe found her things still there. Zoe heard that she had a new job. Zoe thinks it is foolish for her to stay in LA. Flo likes it here. She knows there is risk. Zoe thinks this is risk. She needs to go home now. Flo has nothing to do in vegas. She wants to start over. Zoe wants her to do that somewhere else. Flo is never going to forget what happened. she was dragged into something she never wanted. This guilt is haunting her and she knows it haunts her too.

Hope knows that Katie wants to meet her at Bikini. Liam thinks that could do wonders for her. Liam says that she needs to promise him something. She tried to take off her wedding ring. He knows it is coming from a place of love. Hope feels guilty and it makes her feel selfish. Losing Beth was hard enough. Hope doesn’t feel right still.

Bill wants them to calm down. Bill is not changing anything. He is just clarifying. Bill will not fund Sally’s fashion line unless it is called Spencer Fashions. This is his money. This is his only requirement. He doesn’t think it is unreasonable.

Zoe thinks that her dad could go to jail and even Flo and herself. Flo doesn’t think she should have to get in trouble for what he did. Zoe thinks that Phoebe will have a good life. Flo is living with this guilt the rest of her life. This Hope is out there without her child.

Hope wanted to be a mother more than anything. To give her child the life that every little girl deserves and that didn’t happen. She will never be here. Hope knows he thinks her heart is in the right place. Liam promises the girls will be fine. Hope doesn’t think those are her girls and they will be fine. Their daughter is gone. Her mind knows that but she still feels like a mother. She feels like she cannot move on because she still feels like Beth is here.

Bill says she will have her full financial backing behind her and it. Wyatt asks what she thinks. Sally thinks it would be crazy to get upset over this. She would prefer it have her family name but she knows it is a business opportunity. They are in. Sally thanks her. This will have the Spectra passion. She will not let Bill down.

Danny needs Flo back behind bar. Zoe is sorry about this. She still loves Reese no matter what he has done. Flo thinks that this poor Hope is still out there.

Hope had so many hopes and dreams for their family. She never wants to forget Beth. Liam promises she is out there forever. Hope knows. She is trying her best to move forward. Being with Kelly and Phoebe helps. Liam is glad. It doesn’t mean she gets to give up though on everything. Kelly and Phoebe they will love and be there for them. Liam might have a child with her one day. Hope cannot do that. She will not lose another baby. She is not meant to be a mother. Liam knows she is Beth’s mother. That is not going to change. It is forever. She can do it again. Liam thinks they can have a baby of their own some day. When he made his vows to her, he meant them. He is not going to let her push him away. Never ever.

Sally sits in the CEO office at Forrester. Eric walks in. He asks what she is doing here. Sally was just looking for a quite place. Sally thinks that working here has been an honor. Eric thinks they have been happy to have her here. Sally heard that Thorne was going back to International. Eric thinks they will be short handed. Sally wonders if she could be considered for lead designer on HFTF. Eric knows that there is a void. Sally assumes he hasn’t had time to even think about this. Eric will definitely keep her in mind.

Wyatt feels that Sally deserves this. Wyatt wants her to be able to run her own company again. Bill doesn’t think that this is a fashion house. Wyatt thinks that this could be under the Spencer umbrella. Bill asks if he really will not come back unless Spectra is back. Wyatt says yes.

Hope has been eating away at this. She could be ruining the lives of two little girls. She has to be realistic. They say when you love someone you have to let them free. Brooke asks if she plans to set Liam free.

Eric is happy with Sally’s work here. Sally thinks it means the most coming from him. Eric has been designing for fifty years. It is not easy. He thinks you always have to be unpredictable. Eric knows she is an out of the box person just like her aunt. Sally knows that not everyone sees that as a good thing. Eric does. He thinks that she is good for the company and for Wyatt. Sally thinks he is amazing. Eric thinks it is to bad that he has Bill for a father.

Wyatt thinks that Sally has learned a ton. She was working for HFTF and now lingerie. He thinks that Sally could do more. Bill wants him to be real. Owning publications and making fashion are two different things. Wyatt thinks that Bill manipulated Sally so much for no reason. Wyatt begs him. This could be good for all of them. He truly believes this could work. Wyatt really believes in her. Sally and him are trying to build a future together. He begs him to let Spencer be a part of this.

Brooke wanted to talk with Steffy. She is concerned about Hope. She knows that Liam was just here. Steffy thinks it is sweet of him to want to be there for the girls. She hears that Hope feels the same way.

Hope tells Liam. He should have spent the rest of the day with the girls. Liam was worried about her. Hope appreciates the time they have together. Hope feels guilty all the time. She wants to know what he is even doing here. Hope thinks those children are the ones who need him.

Eric thinks it is to bad that Bill has ruined his relationship with his sons. Sally thinks they are getting closer again. She hopes so at least.

Bill is shocked that Sally and Wyatt are so close. Wyatt thinks he would know that if he was around them more. Bill hates how he has alienated his family. Bill doesn’t want to turn out like his father. He thinks that he never showed any affection. He only cared about his money and company. Which was how he proved himself. There was no. other way. He guesses he inherited that way of thinking. He is on top but alone like him. He doesn’t want to have that kind of life. He will not do this. If it means him coming back… Wyatt asks if he is bringing back Spectra. Bill needs to make sure that he is sure that he feels this way about Sally. Wyatt is in love with her.

Steffy guesses that Hope wants Liam here with the girls as much as possible. Brooke thinks that Liam will be here for Kelly but he isn’t Phoebe’s dad. Hope is overwhelmed with grief. She has taken on a misplaced sense of guilt. Steffy knows this is a tough situation. She feels bad for both of them. Brooke thinks that picture of her and Liam takes her back in time. She thinks that was a moment in time. Steffy knows. Brooke just expects her to be there for them. Liam and Hope are married. She needs to support the relationship as much as possible. Steffy does care about Hope. Her heart breaks for Hope and Liam. She would never do anything to hurt their marriage.

Liam will be there for Kelly and Phoebe. She is not going to feel this way forever. She needs to let him help her through it. Hope thinks she already has a family. He needs to be with Steffy. He needs to be with his children.

Bill thinks that Wyatt is in love with Sally. He wants him to be happy. He wants him back here at his legacy where he belongs. Wyatt asks what he is saying. Bill will do this. Wyatt asks if he will really bring back Spectra. Bill knows it is the least he can do. Bill wants to make one thing clear. If he refers to him as a dress maker this is over. Bill guesses they are in the fashion business. Wyatt thinks this is good. He wants the family to be the best they can be. He is sorry about all the trouble he caused for him and Liam. Bill thinks that Spencer will be a place of honor and respect. Bill is going to do things right this time.

Steffy thinks about all the moments she spent with Liam throughout their relationship.

Liam needs to stay with Hope. She cannot push her away. Hope thinks those children need a father and she is keeping them away from that. Hope is standing in the way of his family. She didn’t get her daddy and he is a good father. Liam doesn’t think this is her time to be a hero. Liam wants her to do what is right for them. Hope knows he loves her. Steffy is the mother of his child not her. He needs to make a life with his children. Hope can still be their aunt and be part of the family. His life is with Steffy and those girls.

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