B&B Wednesday Update 2/20/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/20/19


Written By Anthony

Wyatt kisses Sally in bed. He starts to kiss her neck. Sally thought when he wanted to stay in bed he wanted to go back to sleep. Wyatt asks if she really wanted to looking like this. Sally assumes he has a lot on his mind. Wyatt needs to talk with her about something. Bill asked him to come back to work at Spencer.

Justin wonders if Thorne really gave Katie divorce papers and fled to Paris. Bill assumes that it is in the Forrester blood since Ridge did the same thing with Brooke. Justin thinks it is not a bad thing. He can have a future with Katie and Will.

Katie tells Donna that she doesn’t have to stay home with her if she doesn’t want to. Donna thought she could use company. Katie thought that Thorne brought stability and yet now he is gone. Donna is so sorry. She wants to know how she is actually doing. Katie is just in shock. It never crossed her mind that Thorne would want to end their marriage. Donna thinks it is so sad that after all these years Thorne has not gotten over Darla and Aly. Katie doesn’t think that is all that drove Thorne away. Donna knows that he thinks that she still is in love with Bill. Donna wonders if she does.

Bill thinks that Katie and Will are always going to be important in his life. He is pulling his family back together. He begged Wyatt to come back. Justin wonders what he said.

Sally asks if Bill really wants to work with him again. Wyatt understands that she has issues with him. He literally turned Spectra into rubble. Wyatt has been thinking about it. Sally doesn’t want her issues with Bill to hurt his relationship. Wyatt does have an idea for Sally. Wyatt wants to show her something.

Justin knows that he wants Wyatt back. Bill wants his boys back into this company. This company is their legacy. Justin asks what he said. Bill explains he hasn’t given an answer yet. He thinks that Wyatt and him speak the same language. It is going to take longer to get Liam back. Justin thinks he is off to a good start. Bill is going to check on Will. He is going to see how he is doing. Justin points out Katie might not need company. Justin thinks that Katie might not want to hear about how he was right. Bill is not that guy again.

Sally thinks that if he wants to work for Bill again then he can just tell her. Wyatt finds something and explains that he knows that she wanted to revive Spectra. It was her dream. Sally knows that he blew it up. Sally knows he loves his job at Forrester. Wyatt could do a whole lot more at Spencer though. Wyatt thinks they could give Bill a chance.

Donna is not trying to put her on the spot. Katie is not. She thinks that after all she has been through with Bill is not helpful. Donna wants to know the truth. She asks if she still has feelings for him. Someone knocks on the door. It is Bill. Bill was just thinking about her and Will and thought he would check in. Bill thanks Donna for helping Will with his science project. She is going to let them talk. Bill heard about her and Thorne. Katie doesn’t want to hear about his opinion on Thorne. Bill could give a damn about him. He is only concerned about her and Will. That is all he cares about.

Wyatt would only consider going back if Bill can do right by her. He is going to have to resurrect Spectra after all he did to her. Sally is designing for Forrester now and is really happy. Wyatt thinks she could be lead designer and call all the shots. Wyatt thinks they could have a business arrangement. A chance to prove to him that he has really changed. Sally asks what exactly he is saying. Wyatt is not going back to Spencer unless she is a part of it.

Donna walks into Bill’s office where Justin is. He thinks she looks great. Donna guesses he enjoys arranging secret meetings in Bill’s office. Donna hopes that this is not about Marcus. She thought he was doing well. Justin thinks he is good. Donna knows that this is not the reason he wanted to see her. Justin wanted to ask her something involving Bill and Katie.

Bill asks if Will is handling this ok. Bill hopes that Will knows this is not his fault. Katie knows that Will is sad but he knows that Thorne loves them. His heart is just broken. Bill thinks that he might want to go with a sports injury analogy. He knows that if a basketball player gets injured he gets sad and pushes himself. Then he gets through and just prolongs the injury. It is sometimes best to just stay away from the game a while. Katie didn’t think about that for a while. Bill can tell Thorne about that. Bill is sorry. He is just worried about her and Will. He wants to be there for them.

Justin asks how Bill seemed. Justin never thought Bill happier than when he was with Will and Katie.

Katie knows that he warned her not to rush into marriage. Bill is only concerned about his family right now. Bill thinks that he might have had one of his most important conversations with Wyatt. Katie never got into some things with Will such as her feelings for Bill. Katie admits that Thorne left because he thought that she was still in love with him. Will walks in. He asks what he is doing here. Bill came to check on him and Katie. Will assumes he heard about Thorne. Bill is sorry about that. Bill wants him to hear something first. He is here for them always. They are family. Anything that he is feeling he wants him to tell him about it. He wants him to tell him. Will thanks him and hugs him.

Wyatt tells Sally that he wants her to work with him. Sally has never been happier as she has working with Forrester. Wyatt thinks that Bill went off the rails and he obsessed over Steffy. He turned his back on his family. He wants to reclaim his position at Spencer. She asked him if he wants to do this and he does. Sally knows he does. It is his birth right. She knows how important that is. Wyatt has never met someone with more passion than her. She built her way up in their ranks. He thinks that she could have accomplished so much. She needs to think about all she went through. He thinks it is her time to shine. Her future could be incredible. Sally thinks his love and support for her means more than any success. He has convinced her to stay and gave her the confidence to give it another shot. She has no doubt that her future will be everything that he says it will be. So, long as it is with him. Wyatt thinks always. Sally thinks he is crazy. She loves him so much. She kisses him.

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