B&B Tuesday Update 2/19/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/19/19


Written by Anthony

Steffy wonders what Zoe is trying to say. Zoe is just trying to point out the connection to Phoebe. She wonders how Hope wouldn’t see Beth.

Brooke thinks that seeing Phoebe could be a constant reminder of her own daughter. Hope only got to hold her own baby just once. Phoebe is here now though. She can only her and sing to her. For brief moments at a time she can feel what it would have been like with her and Beth.

Reese would just hope that she would take time to think things over. Flo doesn’t think that Zoe can tell anyone what they did.

Wyatt asks what Bill needs his help for. Bill thinks it has been a long time since they felt like a family. He wants to prove his loyalty to him.

Flo asks if they are supposed to wait for the cops to show up. Reese promises that Hope will get better. His daughter is safe because of this arrangement. He prays that Zoe realizes this is for the best.

Steffy thinks that Hope does see her own daughter when she sees Phoebe. Zoe thinks that there is something she should know. Steffy hears Phoebe. She will be right back. Xander asks what is going on. He wants to know what she needs to know. Steffy walks back in with Phoebe. She introduces her beautiful daughter.

Bill knows he liked working here. Wyatt did but he is doing really well over at Forrester right now. Bill knows all he does is post on social media. Wyatt does more than that. Bill thinks this is where he belongs. Wyatt remembers a different conversation all together. Wyatt knows he said he had no guts. Bill thinks he has guts. He had enough guts to say what he needed when he wouldn’t. He kicked him out. Bill doesn’t know what was happening to him back then. He thought he didn’t need him and he was wrong. He will do whatever he can to fix things. Wyatt reminds him that he was trying to seduce his sons pregnant wife. He asks who does that. Bill admits he did that. He did it. Bill screwed up big time. He will do whatever he has to, to repair it. He used to preach family first until he turned his back on everyone. He thinks they can have that back. He already proved it. Bill is going to be the kind of man that he needs him to be. Bill begs him to come back to Spencer. This is where he belongs.

Reese knows he brought her into this. Flo knows he said that the girls name is Hope. She knows that they caused this Hope her pain. She doesn’t know this girl and yet she feels this horrible guilt about what they did to her.

Brooke is trying to understand. Hope understands if she doesn’t. She thinks that something inside of her feels right. She feels complete with Phoebe. She knows it might sound a bit weird but she really does feel like Phoebe is here for a reason. She thinks that every part of her feels that Phoebe is here for her too.

Steffy knows that Phoebe is hungry. She needs to fill her up before Kelly wakes up. Steffy wouldn’t have things any other way in terms of caring for the girls. She has to remind herself that she didn’t carry Phoebe. It is how quickly they connected. She is just as much her daughter as Kelly. Steffy knows there was something that she needed to tell her. Zoe knows. Zoe looks at Phoebe. She is just happy for Steffy. Steffy asks what this has to do with Hope. Zoe thinks that they just want to be there for the both of them. She wants to help with the loss but also the exciting new chapter for Steffy.

Hope hasn’t even admitted this to herself. She thinks there is another layer with Phoebe. She is trying to figure it out with her. She feels almost like guilt. She looks at her and thinks about the home that Phoebe and Kelly could have if Liam was there.

Reese had to do what was best for his own child. The baby has a good home. Zoe shows up. Ze didn’t say anything. She should have but she couldn’t. Reese thanks her. Zoe needs to speak with her father alone. Flo says of course She goes into the next room. Zoe just made a horrible mistake.

Bill thinks this company is his legacy. Wyatt is working for really good people right now. One in particular. Sally. He asks what it says to Sally if he comes back here. Bill tells Wyatt to bring Sally over here. Wyatt doesn’t think that Sally would make sense here. Bill thinks they could find a place for her. He will do anything. He will do anything to get their family back on track. Wyatt has a lot to think about. Bill doesn’t want to be alone. He wants to be the kind of father he didn’t have. He wants to be the kind of father his children want to be around. He can be that father for them.

Brooke thinks she has nothing to be guilty of. Hope knows her family isn’t happening. Liam still has a family with Steffy though. Liam might need those girls more than her. Brooke thinks she always thinks of other people first. She needs to think about herself though. Hope thinks they could have a full-time father. It be different if they still had a child to raise. Brooke thinks the core of the family is her and Liam. She needs to be there for Liam and to stop pushing him away. Brooke thinks that she always thinks about other people first. His relationship with Liam takes nothing away from this girls. Hope thinks that it would still be something if she had Beth. Brooke tells her to stop pushing Liam away. There is no buts. It is her husband and she needs to make the relationship work. Hope wants to know why she had to lose her child. It changed everything. Brooke gets up and hugs her.

Reese thought she was headed straight to Hope. Zoe went to Steffy instead. She didn’t know what to say to her. Zoe just had a feeling. She couldn’t even believe that he would do something so horrible. Reese would do anything to keep her safe. Reese knows she cannot forgive what he has done. He does love her though. He would do anything to protect her. She thinks the right thing for her to do is to go to Steffy, Liam and the police. She knows that is right thing but he is her father. That baby is in good hands and Steffy adores her. She is Phoebe’s mother in every sense of the word. To take her away now seems cruel. Zoe hates what she did every bit of it. Zoe thinks she was put into a terrible position. She is not sure if she can forgive him. She guesses that time will tell. She knows she loves him and that will never change. She doesn’t want him to go to prison so she will not say anything and she just can keep his ugly secret to herself. Reese thanks her. They hug one another. Reese thinks thanks to her, Steffy will keep her daughter and Hope will never know that baby is actually hers.

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