B&B Friday Update 2/15/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/15/19


Written by Anthony

Hope shows up at Steffy’s. She hopes that it is not to easy. She is here to help.

Zoe tells Flo that Reese is supposed to be here. Zoe asks what she means by switching baby’s. She asks what baby was switched. She assumes there was a second mother.

Wyatt asks if Katie is busy. He knows she has been handling the press inquires but he doesn’t think that Hope’s personal life should be in the social media. Katie thinks that is great. Wyatt thinks that Thorne could help. Katie guesses he will have to ask Thorne. Katie explains he is not coming in today. He left.

Bill holds in his hand the jumbo coin. He asks Justin to blow on his wallet. Justin will not blow on it. Bill asks where the coin went. Justin assumes in his pocket along with all the other money he steals from old ladies and orphans. Bill finds the coin behind Justin’s ear. Bill needs to get Will back in his life because is the one to make him go away. Justin reminds that Wyatt and Liam are still there. Bill asks how long he has to be on good behavior before his sons stop resenting him. He asks why he would build all this if his sons are working for the dress farms.

Wyatt is shocked that Thorne left. Katie explains that they ended their marriage.

Hope can fold laundry. Steffy says it is usually not this bad. Steffy asks if Liam told her she needed help. Hope wants to know if she meant what she said about her coming over anytime. Steffy reminds her that Taylor and her don’t get along. Hope thinks that was before she became the reason she lost her baby.

Flo thinks that when someone you care about asks for help, you normally drop everything and say yes. Reese walks in. He sees that everyone is home. Zoe guesses everyone but a certain child stolen from her mother.

Justin wouldn’t offer the boys their jobs back so out of the blue. Bill wants to put the family back together. Justin thinks the biggest part of their history is missing with him. He has the chance to create a lifetime commitment with Will.

Katie has been divorced from Bill for years. She divorced him twice. She doesn’t get it. Wyatt asks if she didn’t realize that Thorne wanted Bill’s life completely. Katie just wanted Bill to realize what he wanted. Katie thinks that he understands. Wyatt thinks that Bill understands. Wyatt thinks he has had a change of heart lately. Katie has an alert set when Thorne texts her. Wyatt suggests he might have a change of heart. Katie shows him the annulment papers. He filed them.

Hope knows that she doesn’t need the help but she does. She doesn’t need her to be sad. She just cannot stand it. Steffy knows this must be hard on her. Hope doesn’t want to sit alone in the dark anymore. Steffy is aware that Phoebe is about the same age. Hope doesn’t think about Phoebe in the same way.

Zoe asks what she has to say for herself. Zoe needs to know why she sold a baby to pay off a gambling debt. Flo has been more loyal than he deserves. Reese wanted to keep her safe. Reese thinks they were going to hurt Zoe. Zoe thinks that is because of him. She wants to know how he could do this.

Katie liked having a father figure for her son. Bill has actually reclaimed his place in Will’s life. Wyatt knows that she has married Bill before.

Bill thanks Justin for reminding him that he has a relationship with Will and Katie. Justin leaves.

Hope assumes she is being pulled in different directions. She suggests her taking a nap. Steffy likes the adult company. Hope can hear Phoebe. Steffy is shocked she can tell the difference between the girls.

Flo doesn’t know the loan sharks but they do come back. Reese is glad that no one died. Flo suggests they talk this out themselves. Zoe doesn’t understand why she is not furious with him. Flo thinks that Zoe is important to Reese even if she hates him for it. Reese is sorry. Flo is more sorry for getting involved with what he did. Reese thinks they would hurt her. He couldn’t raise the money they wanted. They wanted two hundred thousand dollars. Zoe wants to know why he wouldn’t stop when the money runs out. Reese doesn’t think she knows what it is like to be desperate all day. Zoe wants to know how he did this and why.

Katie doesn’t get married for a living like Brooke. Katie knows she created this crisis by demanding that Bill grow up. She never realized that Bill would actually do what she asked.

Bill continues to practice magic.

Hope made the bottle. Hope could hold her. Steffy says sure. Steffy gives her the baby. Hope holds her and Phoebe cries. Steffy asks if she wants to do the honors. Hope feeds her.

Zoe knows the little girl is Hope’s. Reese had no plan. He had no clue who she was until she said it. She was at Forrester. It was horrible. The people after her sent a photo of her arriving at Forrester He remembed that Steffy wanted to adopt and money was no issue. It wasn’t an easy delivery. The contractions were coming hard and fast. Then she pushed the baby right into his hands. She passed out. The baby was fine. There was one other OB patient who drove herself to the clinic. She was to late and the child was still born. He cleaned her up as best as he could. She didn’t want to see her lost little girl. He put the baby in Hope’s arms. Zoe cannot believe he sold Hope’s child. Reese saw Hope. She is struggling. Zoe thinks that she is horrible. It is what they do now that matters. Zoe thinks these are people who trust her. She needs to say something. Hope has to be told that Phoebe is her child. If he doesn’t do it then she will.

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