B&B Thursday Update 2/14/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/14/19


Written by Anthony

Sally kind of likes having a Valentine. She thinks about where she was last year this time and she feels so much better now. Wyatt does too. Sally doesn’t mind the fact that he is sweet talking her.

Hope knows that everyone was being really sweet. She thought that work would be a better distraction than it was. Hope holds an outfit that was given to them at their shower for Beth. Hope knows she needs to move on. Liam wants her to give herself time and be patient. Hope thinks that time was the one thing she was looking forward to. All the years that they could have had with their daughter.

Zoe wants to know how her father got his hands on a baby. Flo guesses that Reese switched the baby’s.

Reese stands in a room and thinks about delivering Hope’s baby and claiming that Beth died.

Katie cannot believe that Thorne would give annulment papers on Valentine’s day. She doesn’t think he means this. They made commitments. Thorne is doing this out of love for her and Will.

Wyatt asks what is wrong. Sally was just thinking. She wonders if she overstepped. Wyatt thinks they were just on their way. Sally means with Hope. Sally doesn’t care if she uses them. She just wanted Hope to be able to focus on work. Wyatt thought it was very sweet.

Liam wants to do something for Valentine’s day. Hope thinks the flowers are enough. Liam wants to get her mind off things. Hope cannot stop this feeling.

Zoe doesn’t think that Reese would ever do that. Flo explains that Reese did this to protect Zoe.

Thorne already made the choice. He hopes they can come to an understanding. Katie didn’t even realize they were having problems. Thorne wanted to have a family but he realized he was not ready. Katie wants to help him deal with these things. Thorne thinks this is about him. He has unresolved issues about Aly and Darla. Thorne thinks if he is being honest he doesn’t want to get hurt. Katie asks why he would say that. Thorne sees the way she is with Bill and now with Will. He thinks that deep down she would rather be with Bill.

Wyatt asks if she is sure that there is no where else she would rather be right now. He could take her to an escape room. Sally has no where she would rather be than right here on this bed. Wyatt kisses her.

Hope would rather just be alone wit him here. Hope would not be much fun. She knows no one wants to blame her. She is trying to believe that it is not in their control that they lost their baby but she cannot explain what happened. There was so much darkness and she failed. She wasn’t awake when their child was born.

Flo says that Reese was desperate to keep Zoe safe. Zoe asks why he would do something like this. He needed money for a bookie. Zoe asks if he got a hold of a baby and sold it to Taylor and Steffy.

Katie has been divorced from Bill for years. She married him. Thorne doesn’t regret anything. Katie doesn’t want to regret anything. They are just starting their lives together. Thorne knows that they were a family. Thorne thinks that Bill is really stepping things up. Katie thinks that Bill is finally reaching out but that is as far as it goes. Katie is telling him that he is wrong. She doesn’t know where he is coming up with this. He is saying goodbye. Will walks in. he made them Valentine’s cards. Will made one for Bill too. Will asks if they are ok. Thorne has to go away for a while.

Sally doesn’t think that Wyatt disappoints. Wyatt thinks they have plenty of time. Sally thinks that Wyatt can go out and surf if he wants. Wyatt is not taking her up on her present. Sally wishes him a happy Valentine’s day.

Hope asks why she couldn’t stay awake. She has been prepping for so long. This is so important. Liam thinks that she has experienced a traumatic experience. Hope failed in her mind. Liam thinks she passed out. Hope thinks that something happened while she was passed out. If she stayed awake then Beth would be alive.

Zoe thinks the papers are fake then. Flo doesn’t know anything else. Zoe will go to the cops. Flo needs to be kept out of this. Zoe thinks she is involved already. Zoe asks who the mother is. Flo only knows that the mother’s name is Hope.

Will asks if Thorne is leaving on a trip. He asks how long he will be gone. Thorne is not sure. He will be gone for a while. Will thinks his home is here with them. Thorne knows this is confusing. He wants him to remember that he is proud of him. Thorne asks if he remembers his daughter and wife. Will thinks it is sad that they died. Thorne never dealt with losing them. He is strong enough now. He is going to deal with it. Will asks if he will be able to text. Thorne promises he will text right back. Thorne thinks that he has his parents and he can see how much Bill loves him. Will is going to miss him. Thorne will too. Katie is really sad but she will be ok. They will all be ok.

Hope looks at her ultrasound. Liam looks at her.

Zoe asks if Hope is the birth mother’s name. Flo doesn’t know the last name Zoe doesn’t think that can be because Hope lost her child. Flo thinks this was all Reese. Flo is begging Zoe not to call the cops. Zoe calls Reese. Zoe is with Flo. She told her everything. Steffy thinks the adoption is illegal. He made this up. He got Phoebe to pay off gambling debts. She knows that he switched babies. She told her that the birth mother’s name is Hope. He was with her when she lost her child. Reese thinks it was tragic. Zoe wants to know what he is doing. Reese is going to hop on the first plane out of London. Zoe needs to know what is going on. Reese will explain things tomorrow. Zoe is afraid that she already knew what she did. Zoe needs to know she is wrong. Reese begs her not to say anything to Steffy or Hope. Zoe hangs up.

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