B&B Tuesday Update 2/12/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/12/19


Written by Anthony

Hope realizes what she is saying probably doesn’t make a lot of sense. She knows that she has a sense of relief right now. She will think about Beth for every moment of every day. Looking at Phoebe’s face, being with that little girl it brings her peace.

Zoe asks if the adoption papers are real. Flo already told her everything. Zoe asks why she cannot ask Steffy about this. Flo answered all her questions and wants to know what else she could say. Zoe wants to know why this has all been such a big secret. That is what she wants to know.

Brooke thanks Ridge for coming down here for her. She is really touched that Ridge has been there for Hope. Ridge wants her to get back to normal. He is sure that you never get passed losing a kid but eventually you learn to live. Brooke wants to put more joy and beauty back into Hope’s life.

Hope loved putting Phoebe in her crib. She thought she would do that with Beth. She wanted that more than anything. She will never get the chance to do that but it doesn’t feel painful. Hope doesn’t think this hurts. This sense of loss is not there. Steffy hears the girls in the next room and will be right back. Hope thinks that Liam should go. She thinks the girls need him. This is his family too. Liam wonders if she is sure. Hope nods.

Flo explains this was Reese’ choice. Taylor is the only other one who knows about this. Flo wants to get dressed. Flo wants the key back because she wants privacy. Zoe will be keeping the key. If she needs to then she will come back. Flo would like to get changed and get on with her day. Flo has nothing else to tell Zoe.

Zoe kisses Xander. She thinks she should leave the office more often. Xander is serious. He has been worried about her. Flo was still there. She caught her coming out of the bath. She tried acting all high and mighty. She was acting like she was intruding like it was her place.

Brooke thinks that Phoebe is a beautiful baby. It is amazing how connected you can feel to a new baby. Brooke thinks the adoption has been a blessing for Phoebe, Kelly, and Steffy. Hope is getting involved with her line. She even welcomed Phoebe into the family. All they can do for Hope is be there and honor her loss. Brooke doesn’t want to take Phoebe’s arrival as the memory of Beth.

Liam and Steffy walk back out with Kelly. Liam says she needed a quick change. Liam finds a stuffed rabbit. Liam asks if Kelly had a good time last night. Hope’s ride is here. Liam doesn’t think she needs a ride. He will take her home. Liam thinks they can go together. Hope wants him to spend time with her daughter. He can pick up food on his wife home. Hope wants him to have fun with Kelly. Hope thanks Steffy for welcoming her and allowing her to spend time with her daughter’s. She thinks that Phoebe is so special.

Xander asks if Zoe found something. Zoe thinks that something else is going on. She doesn’t know if she believes this. She thought she was the only one at the flat. She found adoption papers. She doesn’t have any proof but supposedly she had a baby she gave up for adoption

Brooke wonders what she was thinking bringing these flowers down here. Brooke thinks this is going to take a little while. Hope walks in. She wonders what is going on. Brooke wants to bring joy and beauty back into her life. Hope could certainly use it. She is trying to make things easier. She thought she could live with it. She appreciates what they are trying to do but there has only been one thing so far that makes her feel better. That’s Phoebe.

Liam asks if it is ever to much for her. Steffy has a lot of people helping her. She appreciates Liam being here for the girls. He needs to be there for Hope though. She is her priority. Steffy is up for the challenge of raising two girls. She likes having the support, especially from him.

Xander asks if this is Reese’ baby. Zoe thinks she is telling the truth about some things but hiding other things. Zoe thinks this will found crazy but she saw all this legal stuff and then when she was trying to figure it out she saw a signature at the bottom of the page. She still doesn’t think it makes sense. The baby is Phoebe. Somehow Flo, is Phoebe’s biological mother.

Hope thinks that Phoebe makes her feel better. Liam wanted to see the baby’s and she tagged along. She wanted to see Phoebe. Brooke asks if it was a smart idea if she felt like she was slipping. Hope can so clearly see how her life was supposed to be, being a mom. She feels all that when she looks into Phoebe’s eyes.

Steffy guesses that things are still intense. Liam thinks that Hope will be alright. Steffy thinks that Hope almost said Beth. Liam knows but she caught herself. Liam thought that going back to work would have helped her but it apparently was not that simple. It wasn’t until today that she seemed stronger. Steffy wants her to be a part of Phoebe and Kelly’s lives but it might be soon. Liam thinks once she calmed down things were aright. He does wonder if Hope is coping or if she is transferring her feelings on to Phoebe. It isn’t like she actually thinks she is Phoebe’s mother but there are complex things going on. Steffy wants to help. Liam thinks she has been. Steffy doesn’t think this attachment is good long term. She cannot use Phoebe as a replacement for Beth. Liam thinks right now it is helping her cope. He thanks her. Phoebe and Kelly are lucky to have Steffy in her life. Her life will be so different because she has her for a mother.

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