B&B Wednesday Update 2/6/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/6/19


Written By Anthony

Raine tells Hope that they are all there for her. Hope thanks her for stopping by. It means a lot. Raine says of course. Brooke thinks that was very nice of her. People do care about her. Hope gets a package. Brooke thinks it is nice that she is jumping back into work. Hope knows she does need to meet with her team now that Ridge is supporting the line again. She asks if Brooke asked Ridge to do this for her. Brooke thinks that Hope needs to go by how she feels. She has always loved HFTF. She thinks it is good for her to get involved in her line. Hope thinks that it doesn’t change what she is thinking about.

Steffy thinks Phoebe another song. She thinks that her namesake she was the real singer in the family. One day when she is old enough, she will tell her all about her. It is nap time right now. Kelly is already in dream land. She should be too. Steffy loves her so much.

Flo wants to know how Zoe got in here. Zoe says that she has a key. She wants to know what her name is. Flo introduces herself. Zoe asks if she is friends with her dad. Flo thinks she asks a lot of questions. She wants to know what this is all about. Zoe asks if there is a reason she shouldn’t ask questions. Flo met Reese in Vegas. Zoe assumes she is a show girl. Flo is a croupier. She runs a craps table. Reese would come to her table a lot. He is a really great man. Zoe doesn’t mean to get to personal but she wonders if there is more. Flo wonders why she is here Zoe is looking for clues.

Wyatt tells Hope if she needs more time. Emma assumes they don’t know. Hope explains that HFTF is getting a new infusion of cash and support. It also means she will have to put herself back out there. It means addressing the loss of her daughter publicly.

Steffy walks out of her bedroom. Someone knocks on the door. Brooke knows she should have called first but she wanted to congratulate her in person and meet the newest member of her family.

Katie thinks whatever she needs her to do they will all pitch in. Emma asks if she knows how she wants to handle things. Katie is not sure that there is a best way to do this but they will make sure that they do the best for her. Sally thinks it will be hard on everyone. Katie asks if she is sure she wants this.

Brooke has heard so many wonderful things about Phoebe. Steffy asks if Hope is alright. Brooke says she is back at the office. She is not sure if it is the right time but she supports her however it feels. Steffy thinks she lost her granddaughter. Brooke knows she did and she will never be able to see that wonderful girl. It has not been easy. Steffy knows it has been hard knowing she has a healthy baby. Brooke is very happy for her. Brooke is still grieving her daughter’s loss. Brooke says they are still a family. She just is not sure it was the idea time for an adoption. She asks if it was Taylor’s connection who found the baby.

Zoe thinks that Flo knows her dad as well as anyone. Zoe asks who asked who to move in. Zoe wonders if she is moving back to Vegas. She assumes hers have been stacking up since she was gone. Flo might try to get a jo at a local casino or find a producer and be a big star. She is going to stay here for a while. Zoe wants to know what her arrangement was with her father. Flo thinks this is going on a little to far. Zoe thinks that if anyone noticed a change in her father, Flo would know. She asks if she ever asked what was going on. Zoe thinks she knows more about her father than she is letting on.

Flo thinks she certainly doesn’t let up. Zoe loves her dad. For him to leave LA doesn’t make any sense. He got a new job that he was really excited about. Flo assumes that her dad didn’t tell her his plans. Zoe thinks that whatever they were didn’t last long. She noticed something happened that really affected her father. She asks if Reese mentioned the still-born that Reese delivered. Flo thinks she should talk with her father about this. Zoe did but she didn’t get very far. If there is anything at all she can tell her. Flo is sorry. Zoe is going to keep looking around. Flo is just going to clean up a little bit. She takes a thing of diapers in another room.

Hope has so much she wanted to say in a statement but she needs to get through this as soon as possible.

Steffy spoke to Liam about pursuing this adoption. She wanted to handle this as sensitively as possible. Brooke hears the baby is beautiful. Steffy thinks that the moment she put Phoebe in her arms will stay always. Steffy hears Phoebe and will be right back. She introduces Phoebe to Brooke. Brooke holds Phoebe.

Katie wouldn’t change a single word. Wyatt thinks they could go a couple of ways with the reboot. Hope wants to show what the line represents. She wants to care for their future generation. She thinks that mothers have such high hopes and they want to give them the world. Sometimes things happen and they are not able to. She remembers giving birth and it starts to affect her. Hope thinks this line has been about empowering women. She has found a lot of inspiration in how strong her mother and aunts are. It was when she needed her own strength the most. The doctor said there was nothing she could have done. Hope couldn’t eve stay awake when her daughter needed her the most. Her daughter might have been here but she is not. Katie hugs her.

Brooke holds Phoebe and thinks she is such a sweet angel. Steffy thinks she is holding her granddaughter.

Katie hugs Hope.

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