B&B Tuesday Update 2/5/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/5/19


Written by Anthony

Hope tells Pam that she really didn’t have to do this for them. Pam wanted to make them brownies. Emma tells them that the whole team signed the card. Eric wants to make this as smooth as possible.

Taylor tells Ridge that he has been holding her since he walked through the door. Steffy tells Taylor they have enough grandchildren to grow around. Ridge asks Phoebe what she is telling him.

Dorian walks over to Xander and tells him that he really liked his photography. Xander thanks him again. Zoe walks over and just realized that she was supposed to make a list of all the things that they used to Quinn. Xander thinks she is upstairs with Hope and Liam. Zoe knows is not the same but she imagines that things are not well for Reese either. Zoe is going to find some answers and takes a pair of keys out. Zoe explains that they were going to send this back to him but she decided to pick them up for him instead. Zoe wants to find out what is going on with him.

Taylor promises that they can watch the girls for Steffy. Steffy thinks that every moment is a blessing with the girls after all that Hope and Liam have gone through.

Hope thinks that they are really all so kind. Emma thinks that everyone is so excited to see them. Eric thinks that Forrester should continue to be a place that they feel supported. Eric thinks that this is a place where Hope needs to continue to feel supported. He needs some of the hope she has provided to come back to her.

Xander thanks someone else for something. Zoe thinks that her dad was deeply affected but still. He has always cared about the patients that he has delivered but she does think it is strange that he left so quickly. The place is just there. Xander wonders why he would want to keep it. Zoe is going to go and check it out. He kept this place a secret. He is hiding something and she is going to find out what it is.

Steffy knew that Phoebe would be Kelly’s little sister. Steffy isn’t one to talk about fate or destiny but it really was. It was emotional for Hope but she thinks that it was good for Hope. Phoebe seemed to be really good for Hope. She thinks that Phoebe will be a good part of her family.

Eric explains that word has gotten around about Steffy’s adoption. Hope thinks it is alright. They can talk about it. Phoebe is a beautiful baby. Brooke explains that Hope has already met her. Hope thinks it is worth celebrating Phoebe. She deserves as much love as she can get. She will bring a lot of light around here just like their Beth would have. Eric wanted to commend her for coming back so soon. Liam thinks they are ready. Hope wants to get back to her line. Eric says that Ridge and him have been talking about Hope For The Future. It might not be right for timing but they want to bring back HFTF. It would benefit the whole company. Eric is going to increase the budget and put additional resources towards the line. Liam thinks it makes sense. Brooke thinks that Ridge loves her. Eric thinks that her line brings a spirit to the company. Hope doesn’t know what to say. Eric wants to help her move forward. They will give her as much work as she possibly needs. Brooke thinks they are all here for her to help her get through this difficult time.

Ridge admits he thought this was a little crazy. It just seemed a bit of a challenge. Taylor asks when they have ever seen Steffy shy away from a challenge. Steffy knew she wasn’t turning back with Phoebe. Steffy didn’t have a single doubt. She knew her angle was hers. She was already in the process of adopting. She will be forever grateful to Taylor and the birth mother.

Zoe walks into Reese’ apartment. She turns the light on. She wants to know what he is hiding. She finds a purse on the table and goes through it. There is makeup in it. Flo walks in and asks who she is. Flo wants to know who she is. She wants to know why she is in her apartment. Zoe says this is her father’s apartment. Flo assumes she is Zoe. Zoe guesses he has been living someone. Flo tells her that Reese went back to London. Zoe wants to know how she is involved with her father.

Ridge is not questioning the adoption. He is just curious about the birth mother. He wonders where their contact met this lady. He is not being judgmental. Taylor knows what he is thinking. She is feeling the same way. Taylor knows that Liam should be here. Steffy walks back in. Ridge thinks that she is doing a great job with Phoebe. Steffy wants her to feel safe and cared for. She might not be her bio mother but they are family. She wanted her so much. Nobody could love her more. It was one heart beat and that is all it took. She knew that phoebe belonged with her and Kelly.

Hope doesn’t know where to start. Liam thinks it is excited. Brooke thinks if she is not ready for this… Hope was planning her last getaway the last time she was in this office. Brooke knows they had their whole future ahead of them. Hope was carefree and happy. She has no idea when the sadness will go away. Liam thinks this could help turn down the volume. Brooke thinks if it is to much she will know. She just has to trust her instincts. Hope sat in her driveway for what felt like an eternity. Liam thinks that she was glad that she went in. Hope knew the instant that she saw Steffy hold Phoebe… Brooke wonders if she shouldn’t have suggested it. Hope is happy for Steffy and Kelly. It is a blessing. She just cannot forget that Beth was supposed to be Kelly’s little sister. Hope knows that they are not making plans for their child anymore. Phoebe is precious and sweet. She cannot help but think about how they lost their baby.

Steffy kisses Phoebe.

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