B&B Monday Update 2/4/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/4/19


Written by Anthony

Ridge tells Brooke that he hopes that seeing Steffy’s daughter will be hard on Hope. Brooke thinks that Hope had a lot of questions. Ridge appreciates Hope trying to be excited for Steffy. Hope does too. She is being very brave about this adoption. It is amazing how fast it is happening Brooke thinks it is wonder that Steffy is allowing another little girl into the family. She still is worried about Hope.

Hope welcomes Phoebe into the family. She thinks she will have the best life and be so loved.

Charlie asks Zoe and Tiffany what he has told them about riding those scooters down the hallway. Tiffany thinks that he should try using a scooter. Reese shows up. Zoe is so glad he is here. She was so worried about him. Reese is glad she doesn’t have to worry about her either. Zoe asks what he is talking about. Charlie promises that Reese doesn’t need to worry about anything involving Zoe or Tiffany. Reese tells Zoe that he is leaving LA. He is headed back to London.

Ridge knows this will be difficult and bring up a lot of issues for Hope. Brooke is glad that she understands. Taylor walks in. She wanted to talk with Brooke about Phoebe. Brooke congratulates her. Taylor needs to talk to her about how this will affect Hope. Taylor wonders how Hope reacted. Brooke knows she is excited for Steffy and meeting her with Liam.

Hope thinks she is so tiny and innocent. Hope knows that she will be a good little sister for Kelly. Hope thinks that Kelly will be a great big sister. Hope thinks she feels like family.

Brooke wonders if Taylor thought it was a mistake. Taylor doesn’t think it was wise right now. Ridge thinks that Hope knew it was an important thing for Steffy. Taylor guesses it seems like Hope is handling the adoption well so far. Taylor thinks it must be painful for Hope to deal with this. Brooke asks how the baby came so quickly. Taylor says that a baby is a gift. She really believes that this baby was always meant to be a part of their family.

Zoe asks when Reese plans on leaving. Reese says today. Zoe wonders if something happened. Reese decided to transfer back. He wants to focus on his research. He thinks this is best for both of them. He knows that him being here stresses her out. Zoe actually likes having him here. Reese loves their time together but he has his work. Zoe knows he has his job but he doesn’t need to go back to England. He can build his practice here. Reese wishes it was that simple. He loves her more than anything. He is so proud of her modeling. Zoe doesn’t think he has to leave. Reese will come back and visit. It doesn’t matter where he is. He will always be her dad. He will always come running. Reese tells her to keep up with her paining. He doesn’t want this city to change her. Reese loves her more than anything. She means the world to him. Zoe loves him too.

Hope cannot stop looking at Phoebe. Steffy thinks she is already falling in love with her aunt Hope. Hope is so happy she found her family. Steffy is glad she got to meet her. Liam wonders if it is time for a bottle. Steffy thinks she will let them know. Hope cradles her in her arms. She starts t wake up a little.

Ridge thinks that went as well as expected. Brooke is a little bothered by this but she is happy too. She thinks it will take some time for her to heal. Ridge thinks that they are family if she allows them to be here. Hope just cannot believe that Hope doesn’t have a child. She wonders if Hope will ever hold her own child. She will be so sad if she doesn’t ever get to hold her own child. Ridge promises they will get her through this. Phoebe will be great for everyone including Hope. Kids heal things. Brooke thinks that he is right. They will love Phoebe and welcome her into the family. Eventually, Hope will do that too. She kisses Ridge.

Reese packs things up at the hospital. Taylor asks Reese if he really is leaving. Taylor is glad that she caught him before he left. She is so grateful for what he has done for her and Steffy.

Steffy hears Kelly in the other room. She goes to check on her. Hope and Liam have a moment alone. Steffy walks back out with Kelly. Hope swears she just saw Phoebe smile. Hope thinks they will be the best of friends. Hope thinks this was how it was supposed to be with Beth. Steffy will need help. She understands if this is difficult for her but she wants Hope to be part of her life. Hope likes that too. Liam kisses Phoebe.

Taylor is sad to see him go. She didn’t think he would go back so soon. Reese accomplished what he had to. Taylor will miss him. The way he came into their life. He helped them find that beautiful little girl. Steffy has suffered so much in her life. She lost her twin, Liam, a baby of her own before Kelly. She puts up a strong front but this gift has given her a lot of Hope.

Liam imagines it couldn’t have been easy for Hope to meet Phoebe. Hope wanted to. Liam is proud of her. Hope thinks that Phoebe will be a part of their lives for a long time. Hope thinks that when she held her there was an energy. Liam knows that Hope is dealing with so much. Hope thinks with that little girl it was surreal to hold her. It was like she wanted to close her eyes and pretend it was her child. She knows their baby died but for the moment she wanted to imagine what it be like to be a mom. Hope cannot imagine what it be like to hold a child in her arms. Liam hugs Hope.

Steffy tells Phoebe mommy is here.

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