B&B Thursday Update 1/31/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/31/19


Written by Anthony

Brooke tells Hope and Liam that it was a strange coincidence to run into Reese at her appointment. Hope is annoyed that no one could answer her questions. Ridge walks in. He has news about Steffy and the adoption.

Steffy tells Phoebe they are going home soon. Steffy could give Flo time with the baby. Flo thinks it looks good to see her with Phoebe. Flo signed the papers because she was confident.

Taylor tells Reese from the minute they filed the papers things were fine. Taylor cannot thank him enough for facilitating this. Taylor thinks that thanks to Reese she is getting an adorable grandchild. Reese thinks that there is nothing more important than family in this world. Taylor knows that the money is all here that they agreed to. Reese knows that it seems like a lot. Reese is going to let Flo know that Steffy can take home the child. Taylor knows that he will not be in LA much longer but she also wants to get back to the house before Steffy. Reese understands She thanks him. It is a miracle.

Brooke knows that they all know that Steffy is thinking about adoption. Liam explains that Steffy couldn’t say no about the adoption idea. Ridge explains that Phoebe is coming home today.

Steffy asks Flo if everything is ok. Steffy guesses it is it then. Steffy cannot imagine what she is going through. This must be hard. She promises to love Phoebe. She will be safe with Kelly and her. She doesn’t have to worry. She will give her everything she ever wanted. Flo only wants her to be alright. Steffy gives her, her word. She will never have to worry if she is doing the right thing.

Reese sits at the restaurant. The person harassing him named Thicke shows up. He hopes he is not wasting his time. If he doesn’t have what he wants then they will have to go somewhere less public to check. Reese shows them the money. Reese meant his obligations. He doesn’t want to see him or his thugs near him or his daughter.

Hope guesses that Kelly has a sister. Liam doesn’t think that Steffy realized that it would happen this quickly. Ridge wanted her to hear this from family. Hope thinks that two girls is going to be hard to do. Ridge only knows that Taylor is happy that she could do this for Steffy. She is waiting at the house to welcome their granddaughter.

Steffy walks in and the house is decorated for Phoebe’s arrival. Taylor walks in and sees the baby. She wonders if she remembers her. Steffy says that this is her grandmother. Steffy never thought she would feel this kind of a connection. Steffy is glad she has Taylor to help her. Steffy cannot believe that Phoebe is really here.

Thicke had to motivate him. He collects on his loans. She is safe now. It was a pleasure doing business with him. Reese is done gambling. He has done himself deep. He is done. It is over. Thicke thinks that is what they all say.

Taylor still cannot get over her. Taylor imagines it must have been hard for Flo to say goodbye. Steffy knows that she knows that Phoebe will have a good mother. Steffy is still blown away. She wanted a sister for Kelly but this all happened so fast. After what happened to Beth. She didn’t think it would happen. Steffy had no idea how Liam and Hope would react. Their little girl was supposed to be Kelly’s sister.

Liam asks if Hope is ok. Hope knew that this would happen. Steffy knows they wanted their daughters to feel like sisters but this this something to celebrate. She is going to have a sister and carrying grandparents and an incredible father figure. Hope tells Liam that he should go over there and help out. Ridge says that Taylor is there. Hope thinks he should be there to make sure that Kelly feels at home. Hope thinks that they are his family too.

Reese asks for the check. He takes out money. He thinks about Hope asking if Beth could still be with them if she had not passed out.

Hope knows that Ridge was not her father but he still helped raise her. She wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone. She will not begrudge Steffy anything. She can find peace in knowing that this child has found peace in being a loving mother

Steffy loves that they are going to grow up together sharing a room. Steffy feels like she has been given a gift. Liam walks in. He knows it is nap time. Ridge told him that she signed the adoption papers. He cannot believe she did it. Liam thinks that Kelly and Phoebe will have an incredible life together. Liam asks how it feels. Steffy thinks overwhelming. Taylor has done so much for her. She wanted to give Kelly a sister from the moment she was born. Liam can see the way that she loves her. Liam thinks that Kelly and Phoebe are lucky to have a chance to bond. It is the first of many. They have such an adventure ahead. She asks if he wants to hold her. Liam would. Steffy explains she is her baby but he does have a place here. They are family. He is Phoebe’s father too.

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