B&B Wednesday Update 1/30/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/30/19


Written By Anthony

Ridge shows up at Steffy’s house. He got a note to come see Taylor. He wonders what is wrong with Kelly. Taylor promises that she is fine. Taylor explains that Kelly is about to have a baby sister.

Carter has Flo sign a bunch of papers. They are filing paperwork to have Flo have no contact with the child. Flo says it is alright. She doesn’t really think of her as hers. She never really did.

Hope wonders what happens if the doctor asks questions. Liam assumes that they doctor already knows. Hope feels empty being here and not being pregnant. Liam understands. Lin walks in and says she is sorry. She explains that what happens is not rare but not common. What causes it is not understood but it can have issues with future pregnancies. She wants them both to understand that they didn’t do anything wrong.

Ridge knows that Steffy talked about adopting but he doesn’t think that she will go through with it. Taylor says that Steffy will be bringing home the baby today.

Steffy gives Flo different information. Steffy thinks that Flo is special just like her little girl. Steffy thinks she is doing the most unselfish thing that a woman can do. She swears to her that her child will be surrounded by love.

Reese is doing something on a computer at work. The man asks if he can tell them where the rest of the money is. Reese promises that he will have it by the end of the day. If he comes after him or his daughter again he will go to the police.

Liam asks if there is anything for them to be concerned about. The doctor says that there is no sign of any issues. She sees nothing that would prevent them from carrying a child to term. Reese walks in. He realizes he is in the wrong room.

Ridge would like to know why he is just hearing about this now. Taylor knows that Steffy is keeping up with the pace. She is sure that the birth mother wants to go back home. Ridge assumes she is running from something. Taylor wants to know why he always wants to think the worst of everyone. Ridge feels something doesn’t feel right. Taylor doesn’t think that he has seen the daughter. It is like she was meant to be Kelly’s sister.

Carter wonders if there is someone else she would like to call. Flo thinks this is good. Carter needs Flo to terminate her parental rights. Flo asks what happens once she signs. Carter says the court will rule to have it happen. The termination of parental rights is irreversible. They become hidden. Carter explains that the adoption records will be hidden. Flo guesses that is ok then. Flo is sorry. She seems so nice and she knows she will be a better mother than she would be but she needs to look out for herself a little bit.

Ridge thinks that this is what happens when you live with a Millennial. You area always on your phone. Ridge opens the suitcase and asks why there is so much money here. Taylor thinks it is none of his business. Taylor doesn’t need a financial advisor. She has good news for a change. She is going to name the baby Phoebe. Taylor thinks it is perfect.

Reese is so overbooked that he doesn’t know where he is supposed to be. Lin knows that he was the doctor that saw Hope. Reese cannot imagine what it has been like for Hope. Reese thinks sometimes life can be too much like a rigged game of chance. Hope still has a lot of things she doesn’t understand about that night. Reese cannot promise them any new answers. Liam just thinks that he is the only authority that they have on this. Hope wants to know why they lost their little girl.

Flo guesses that sometimes you have to take a leap. Flo guesses this is a good thing they are doing. Flo signs the paperwork. Steffy then signs it herself. Carter signs as well. Carter thinks that now that the paperwork is done then she will get the money together. Flo should get Phoebe’s things together. Steffy promises that her baby will have a good life with her. Steffy hugs her.

Reese wishes he could tell them more. Hope kept pushing because he told her to. Reese things she did nothing wrong. Hope feels like she slept through the most important thing in her life Hope wants to know what happened next. She felt her moving inside of her. Reese is sorry. Hope asks if there is really nothing. She thinks that if she hadn’t passed out their baby would be here. Reese has a patient he has to tend to. Reese is sorry. If she only knows how much. He leaves.

Carter gives everyone copies of their paperwork. Carter thanks Flo. He says goodbye to all of them. Steffy guesses now they wait. Flo doesn’t want to talk about money though. Flo has a bunch of stuff for her. It isn’t really needed for a week or so though. Steffy explains she had a twin who died in a car accident. Her name was phoebe. Flo hears Phoebe and brings her in for Steffy. Steffy could wait outside if she wants to say her goodbyes. Flo tells Phoebe this is her new mommy. Steffy says hi to Phoebe.

Hope knows that they all say it is not her fault. Liam suggests that maybe they have to accept that it will never make sense. Hope knows she has to let her go. Liam doesn’t think until she is ready. He hugs her. Hope knows that she will always love Beth.

Steffy promises Phoebe that she will always love her.

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