B&B Wednesday Update 1/23/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/23/19


Written By Anthony

Steffy asks Taylor if she thinks there is a problem. She wonders if this was just an idea. She is already putting her and Kelly in matching outfits. Steffy thinks this might be premature. Steffy thinks that if she sees her she will know. Steffy will either think this is a cute baby or Kelly’s sister.

Flo asks if the bottle is warm enough. She will feed the baby. She thinks that he ripped her away from her family. Reese doesn’t think that she knows what they were going to do to his child. Flow guesses he thinks what he did to that family was any different.

Liam tells Hope it is dark in here. Hope wonders what Bill wanted. Liam was just talking with him about charity. Liam wonders if she wants something to eat. Hope says no. Liam wants to ask if she is sure that this photo is bringing her any comfort. He would be happy to put it away for now. It would be easier not to have a constant reminder. Hope thinks it is easier for him because he has another daughter. She does not. Wyatt walks in. He asks if Hope went to sleep. Liam says that she went on a walk. Brooke has gardens eve in the winter. She loves him too. She is angry. Not with him. Wyatt knows they are both hurting and that is understandable. Liam thinks the food and air that Beth breathed were for Hope. Liam knows that there is no sign anymore.

Flo feeds the baby. Reese asks if she has ever felt trapped. He made a bad choice because he had no good ones. He realizes that there is nothing that makes his daughter more important except the fact that she is his. Flo wonders where the mother who thinks her baby died gets. She is being punished for no reason. Reese wonders if Zoe had died that night would have been justice. Reese thinks the best that he can do for that mother is to find the baby a good home. Reese cannot do this without her. Flo says ok. Reese thanks her.

Steffy asks Taylor if it is the man. Taylor says yes. Reese wonders if they can come by this afternoon. Taylor says that can be arranged. Taylor thanks Amelia for coming to help them today. Taylor tells her that Amelia is here. Steffy wonders if she looks ok. Steffy says this might take some time. Amelia wonders if she needs to wish her luck. Taylor doesn’t think a little luck could hurt anyone.

Reese doesn’t want his name involved. Taylor has agreed to keep her mouth shut about this. Zoe’s safety and his… He has never trusted anyone like this. Flo wonders if he is going to fly off to London and leave her here. Reese cannot leave his daughter in danger.

Liam doesn’t think that Wyatt has to leave before Hope gets back. Wyatt can stay away if they need him to. Liam would rather he didn’t do that. Liam thinks the most important thing is not bringing up the other child. Liam thinks that Steffy was bringing up the idea of adopting a child. Steffy already has a baby she is interested in.

Flo opens the door and Steffy walks in with Taylor. Steffy assumes this is hard for her. She hopes she would have the same strength for her daughter. Flo thinks that love makes them do things they never thought they would.

Reese has lunch with Zoe. Zoe wonders if he is even going to have coffee. Reese might have a patient emergency. If he gets a text then he will have to leave. Reese can only go so long without seeing her though. He wonders what ever happened to her getting a German Shepard. Zoe is not home all day. Reese suggests she could take it to work. Reese thinks it is against the law for a daughter to be mad at her father. Reese never wants to live through what he did again.

Liam explains that Steffy wanted to have another child for a while. It was looking like Beth and Kelly wouldn’t have been close. Steffy says that is why adoption came up. Liam wonders when he will tell Hope. Wyatt thinks that will set her off.

Flo lives in Vegas because it is cheaper. She has work there as well. Steffy asks if that is where her baby’s father is. Flo is not sure. Steffy asks if she has any questions for her. Flo thinks that her mom said so much about her already. Steffy as an executive position and can work from home. She can show he a photo. Flo thinks she is beautiful. Steffy had a twin sister. They were really close. She wants her daughter to have that kind of closeness. Flo goes to get the baby.

Zoe asks if Reese has been seeing a therapist. She is worried about what could happen to him. Reese sees the guy from Vegas. Reese loves her so much. He wants her to know that.

Hope walks back into the cabin. Liam tells her that Wyatt was here. Hope is glad he has someone to talk with. She feels like she is failing at that. Hope is sorry. Liam says it is ok. Hope knows she said some terrible things. Liam knows she didn’t mean it. Liam reminds her that there is enough pain going around. Hope thinks that this is all because of him that she is being strong. Hope is not holding on to pain and hurt. Beth’s memory will not leave her. She wants to know why she did.

Taylor asks what Steffy thinks. Steffy is not sure what to say. Steffy is just surprised. Taylor asked her a lot of questions. There are no red flags in her opinion. They are not adopting Florence. Just the baby. Flo brings the baby out. Taylor said she was so beautiful. Steffy thinks she has a beautiful face. Flo asks if Steffy wants to hold her. Steffy would. Steffy starts to cry. She thinks she is a beautiful little girl. She has been waiting for her. She has been thinking about her. Now she is here.

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