B&B Tuesday Update 1/22/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/22/19


Written by Anthony

Taylor tells Steffy that Kelly is such a blessing. Steffy knows she is lucky, especially with what Hope and Liam are going through. Taylor knows that there is no replacing Beth but Kelly does have a chance to adopt that beautiful little girl. Steffy can only think about that. Taylor wonders if that little girl can be a sister to Kelly.

Brooke put the soup back in the fridge if Hope wants some in a little while. Hope thinks that Liam can have some. Brooke needs her to eat as well. Brooke suggests taking a break from looking at the picture. Brooke suggests she go into the office. Hope doesn’t think she can go back to work. Brooke thinks that life needs to go on. Hope wants to know why.

Flo ask Reese if he has a fake birth certificate for this girl. Flo has a feeling she can get into a lot of trouble for pretending to be the baby’s mother. Brooke knows that she loves her clothing line and the message she puts out there with it. Hope thinks that her message seems so foreign to her right now. Brooke knows. She still thinks that she will be able to come back soon. Hope doesn’t think any of it means anything anymore. She couldn’t even save her own daughter.

Steffy doesn’t want to do anything until she knows all the details. Taylor gave her all the details. Steffy wants to know what she looks like. Taylor gets a call from Reese. Reese tells her that he is going to need an answer. Taylor says that Steffy is still interested. Reese can arrange a meeting. Taylor thinks they can meet today. Reese will give her a call back later.

Flo asks if they are going to come to meet her. Flo needs the entire story about the baby. She needs to know now.

Taylor asks if she is really prepared to have two children so close in age. She needs to think about everything before her friend comes back. Taylor asks if she is prepared to commit to being a mother to this child too. Steffy wants this for Kelly.

Hope cannot imagine going back to work. She doesn’t believe in optimism or humanity anymore. Hope has lost two baby’s. She cannot go through this again. She failed Beth. She wonders what would have happened had she stayed awake. Things would be different.

Flo thinks that Reese has a thing for that Taylor woman. Reese wants that with Flo. He kisses her. Flo is done doing this. Flo knows he needs this to work. Flo needs to know how he ended up with that baby. Reese thinks it is not a good thing to know.

Taylor knows that Phoebe was her best friend. Steffy wants Kelly to have that experience. Taylor knows she will keep Beth’s memory alive. Steffy knows that Liam is going through a lot. Steffy is not sure how Hope will feel.

Hope will never be the same. Brooke knows she will be stronger and patient and loving with herself. Hope thinks this is all too much. She feels like she is drowning.

Reese thinks it is better she doesn’t know all this. He needs her right now though. Flo thinks he better start telling the truth now then. Reese says that he got threatened to take away his daughter. Flo assumes he means Zoe. Reese put her in danger. There was a young mother in labor. She was alone and he did everything that he could but the baby was still born. He did everything he could. There was no staff or papers or official documents. Then after the mother left… Flo asks what happened. Flo asks what that night has to do with the baby sleeping in that room.

Taylor thinks that she wants the baby. Steffy knows she will fall madly in love. Taylor thinks she is beautiful. Steffy thinks that Hope will need to know. She doesn’t know how Hope will react. Taylor knows it will take Hope a long time to heal. Steffy fears this could be a constant reminder of Beth.

Hope hates feeling this way. Brooke knows she will have a child. She will get what she deserves. Hope doesn’t need a pep talk. She just wants to be alone.

Reese is used to having the best care of him. He had no support. He already lost one baby that night. Flo knows he said there were two patients. Reese hates what he did and this is not him. The other patient was in active labor too. The power went out and she kept pushing and she passed out. He was thinking about his daughter. They threatened to hurt her. Flo asks about the baby. Reese says the mother was still passed out, he cleaned off the child and he checked her vitals. As he looked at the child, Taylor and her daughter. Reese says that when the wife woke up he told her the terrible news. She cried for her child and he got the baby that was still born from earlier that night and put her in her arms. Flo cannot believe he switched the baby’s. Flo needs to know the name of the mother of the baby. Reese says that the mother’s name is Hope. Reese says that Hope will never know that her child is alive.

Hope continues to look at the picture. Hope tells her that mommy loves her and will always love her.

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