B&B Monday Update 1/21/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/21/19


Written by Anthony

Sally tells Wyatt she made things worse. She doesn’t think you can replace a baby with a puppy. Wyatt knows that. He tells her to stop.

Hope knows that Sally was trying to do something sweet. Liam thinks everyone wants to help but they don’t know what to do. Liam thinks it was sweet. Hope knows she shouldn’t have reacted. It was like it was ripping her a part. Liam knows this was the hardest thing they have ever had to face. Hope is not sure if she will be able to get passed this. Hope wonders if this is just who they are now.

Katie and Thorne kiss passionately. Katie thinks they have the night all to themselves. Katie knows he is upset that Will wants to spend the night with Bill. Thorne thinks it is fine. Katie knows that Bill coming back into their lives has not been easy for him. Thorne thinks that what matters is that Will is getting Bill’s full attention. Katie knows it hasn’t been that way for a while. Katie knows that Will wants to spend time with Thorne and they will make it happen. Thorne knows she likes the new and improved version of Spencer as well.

Sally should have listened to Wyatt. Wyatt knows that Liam and Hope are animal people. Wyatt will not let her beat herself up over this. Hope and Liam will understand this.

Hope knows that she had this pain. Liam knows it will not always be this way. People survive like this every day. Just like they will. Hope would like to believe that. Liam tells her it is one step at a time. She took a big step by letting Wyatt and Sally over. Hope suggests that she might not have. Liam wants to let people in even if they do the wrong thing. They cannot block out the rest of the world.

Katie tells Thorne that they can all agree they like new Bill over old Bill. Katie thinks that he wants to change but if it will last that is anyone’s guess. Thorne knows how difficult it was to be at odd’s with Bill. Thorne thinks that this could be good for everyone. Thorne knows when they got married, he promised he would be there for them and that is never going to change.

Wyatt knows she followed her gut. Sally doesn’t think that is a good thing. Wyatt tells her she followed her gut when it came to him. Sally should have done what he said. Wyatt tells her that she is proud of her. She takes chances and follows her instincts. He loves her creative impulses. Wyatt kisses Sally passionately. He picks her up and puts her on the bed. He gets on top of her.

Hope looks at the fireplace. Liam wants to make a deal. She can lean on him as much as she needs and he will never pretend to know what she is going through. Hope knows that Beth was his baby too. Liam didn’t feel every kick and hiccup. She knew Beth in a way that he never will. In a way that he is not supposed to. The whole in her heart he feels too. It might never be filled. They might go through the rest of their lives feeling like something is missing but maybe that is not a bad thing. He is not saying they will never be happy again but Beth has changed them. That is scary. It’s also beautiful though and she will be in everything that they experience. She will remind them that there is nothing they can’t do when they are together.

Sally thinks that Wyatt makes her feel so happy that she feels guilty. Wyatt says that this entire house is a guilt free zone. Especially, the kitchen. Sally thinks that explains the empty ice cream cup in the freezer. Wyatt did that because it was his favorite flavor. Wyatt loves seeing her smile.

Hope knows that Liam can find beauty in anything. Hope can see he is trying to be so strong for her. Liam meant what he said. Hope believes him and loves him for it. She knows he is hurting too. He doesn’t have to hide the pain. Liam promises the pain will not overwhelm them. Beth wouldn’t let them do that.

Katie imagines that Thorne is trying to figure out how this will work. Thorne is just happy that they are all getting along. Katie knows it is easy to say those words. Katie knows it is difficult for him. Thorne thinks he might be feeling the loss of his daughter but things like this can be dangerous. He knows that opening your heart to someone can be a risk. He doesn’t regret doing so with her and Will and being a part of her beautiful family.

Wyatt wants Sally laughing and smiling every minute. Sally is reminded how blessed she is. She doesn’t want them to forget to tell each other. Sally wants them to remind each other going forward. Wyatt falls more in love with her every day. The two kiss passionately.

Katie asks what Thorne is thinking. Thorne is thinking how much he loves her. Katie was thinking the same thing. Thorne will never take what they have for granted. Thorne lost his wife and daughter. He thought they would watch their little girl grow up. All the promises in the world couldn’t stop what happened. He finally found another woman he wants a future with. He doesn’t… Katie tells him he is not going to lose her.

Hope thinks they have to share all of this. Even the pain. He doesn’t have to keep being strong for her. Liam knows but there is more coming for them. Their little girl is gone, but they still have each other and are still building a future. It is not what they imagined but there will be joy and happy moments. There will be wonderful surprises. Maybe a child but not now. Hope cannot hear that right now. Beth is not a memory. She knows he is trying to be supportive and that they have things to look forward to but she cannot do that. It feels like he is asking her to let her go. She is not ready. Liam knows it will take time. Hope still feels her here. She is her mother and she knows what happened. She said goodbye but when she comes home she just wants to see her sleeping peacefully but their precious baby is gone. She will never be able to see her again. Liam hopes Hope who is sobbing again.

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