B&B Thursday Update 1/17/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/17/19


Written by Anthony

Liam thinks that it was nice of people to send cards. He hands Hope it but she doesn’t look. Liam asks I she wants water or tea. He knows it is hard to believe but it will get easier. Not a lot of time has passed yet though. Hope thinks a millennium could pass and it wouldn’t get easier. Hope doesn’t care about the medical explanation. She held their daughter in her arms. It feels unresolved. She sill feels like she is here even though she knows she is gone. Liam knows. Liam says that Wyatt called and he and Sally wanted to stop by. Liam thinks it might be good for them.

Emma cannot imagine what Hope is going through. Wyatt says that Hope had a miscarriage a few years ago when they were married. Sally thinks this is almost to cruel. Wyatt thinks it is. Wyatt is worried about Hope.

Bill tells Will that they should call Katie about getting him home. He does have an important question though. He wonders about his base. Will would have used green for money. Bill thinks he is just the best. Bill gets on his phone.

Katie tells Bill she was just about to call him. Bill can bring him over to her. Katie will see him soon. Katie tells Thorne that Bill is stepping up as a father and it is making her happy. Katie goes to check on dinner.

Will knows that Liam is sad because Hope lost their baby. He wants to know how he can help. He doesn’t want to make Liam feel worse. Bill is going to give him his best advice. He needs to keep being the same and caring brother he has always been. Liam and Hope are going through a hard time right now. They will get through things eventually though. Bill thinks this was easily the best part of this day.

Donna thanks Katie and Thorne for letting her stay with them. She wonders where Will is. Katie says that Will is with Bill. She wonders if she saw Hope when she was with Brooke. Donna explains that Hope is spending most of her time alone. Katie wished that there was something they could do to make things better.

Hop doesn’t think she is up for visitors. Liam understands. He can tell Wyatt and Sally not to come but he thinks they should allow the people who care about them to be supportive. Hope doesn’t think that all the support in the world will bring Beth back.

Wyatt tells Sally they should get going. Wyatt thanks Sally as well. He thinks her smile and warmth have helped. Sally thinks that he can count on her. Wyatt can drive them. Sally has an idea on how to deal with the pain. She will meet him at the cabin.

Donna is worried about Hope becoming withdrawn. Katie hopes she doesn’t go down that line again. Will and Bill show up. Will thinks that Bill gave him good advice. It is between the two of them. Katie tells him to go upstairs and get ready for dinner. Will wants him to stay for dinner.

Liam doesn’t think that they can stay in the cabin forever. Hope cannot act like Beth never existed. Liam needs her not to get so in despair that she cannot be helped. Wyatt knocks on the door. Sally will be here in a little bit. Wyatt understands if she wants to be alone but he wants her to know that she is not. Wyatt is here in any way that she needs. Hope thinks that all this pain seems pointless. Hope doesn’t think that there is anything that anyone can do to close the hole in her heart. Liam gets a text. Brooke wants her to come up to the main house and bring down some plates. Hope is not hungry. Liam reminds her she has to eat eventually. He leaves. Hope meant what she said. What he is trying to do is kind. Especially, after what they went through. Wyatt didn’t want to bring it up. Hope knows they lost a child too. Hope thinks all of a sudden she was in labor. She never thought she would lose her. She thought she would be born. Hope wonders what Beth did to deserve Beth without even a taste of light. Hope wonders why this sweet, innocent, life need to be taken away.

Bill doesn’t want to impose on them. Katie thinks they have casual food. Thorne is sure they can survive. Bill was going to have a nice steak but he would much rather stay and have dinner with his favorite guy. Thorne can tell that him and Will had a great time. Bill thanks for letting him join for dinner. Bill loves that kid more than anything. Katie has no doubt. Bill remembers what an incredible cook Katie is. Katie doesn’t do this very often but wonders if Will would like to say grace. Will thanks God for the food they are about to eat. For his family and having Bill for dinner. Will also asks for Beth to have an eye looked after her. Katie thought that was really sweet. Bill is really proud of him. Will is just so sad. Hope and Liam were going to have a baby. Beth is gone now. It makes him glad they are all here together. Bill kisses Will.

Sally shows up at the cabin. Sally has a dog. Wyatt wonders what she is doing with the dog. Sally used to volunteer at a shelter at the valley. She reached out. Wyatt doesn’t think this is a good idea. Hope is really raw. Sally thinks that this will cheer Hope in some way. She wonders if she is in her room. Sally is going to go. She thinks it will be ok.

Hope sits in her room. Sally walks in. She is so terribly sorry for her loss. She cannot even imagine how devastated she must be. She wanted to come by and do something to help. She brought him this little guy. Animals can help. He is so sweet and easy going. Hope asks what is happening. She got her a dog. Sally thinks a puppy to love on. Hope asks how she thinks a puppy can replace her little girl. Hope doesn’t think anything can replace her child being lost. Hope starts sobbing.

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