B&B Wednesday Update 1/16/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/16/19


Written By Anthony

Steffy tells Taylor that adoption is something that she wanted to explore. Now this baby needs her. Taylor knows she wanted a sister for Kelly close in age. Steffy could give Kelly her very own Phoebe.

Flo didn’t expect this baby to be the favor that he needed. She wonders what is up with the actual mother. Reese thinks she would have scared Taylor off.

Wyatt hopes that he is not interrupting. Liam says that Hope is at the main house with Brooke and Donna. Wyatt and Liam hug.

Bill is in his office and Will walks in. Bill asks what he is doing here. Will explains that Katie and Thorne are running errands. Will is working on paper folding. He made him one. Bill asks if he made this out a hundred dollar bill. Bill is thrilled he enjoys working with cash. Will folded a bunch for a school fund raiser. He sold them for three bucks each. It was a profit. Bill thinks fundraisers were fine but if he wants to make a profit for himself he needs to sell them for five.

Wyatt wasn’t sure what to bring Liam. He is sorry he came empty handed. Liam didn’t expect anything. Wyatt knows but he just lost his daughter. He wanted to do something for him. Liam thanks him for being here.

Reese looks at a picture of Zoe on his phone. Flo is not sure she buys him not being in trouble. Reese just doesn’t want to screw things up for his daughter. Flow assumes this has to do with the baby.

Steffy is wondering if this was meant to be. Taylor thinks it is a miracle for her and the memory of Phoebe. Taylor thinks she will be changing the lives of two little girls.

Will thinks he needs to wait to sell because they are making a profit. Bill thinks that Will has cheered him up. Will has a girl he liked but she called him moneybags. Bill thinks that is the ultimate compliment. Bill thinks that the man who dies with the most stuff wins. Bill thinks that it is all about the people in your life. The friends, the family, the moms, and dads, and the children. Most important the children.

Liam thinks that his daughter was thriving. He named her. They had no reason to think she wouldn’t make it. Liam wants to know why she isn’t around. He gets that things happen. He wants to know why though. He wants to know why them. He asks why Beth. Liam wonders if there is some lesson he is supposed to learn. He wants his daughter.

Flow thinks that Reese has always taken care of her. She wants to help him out. Reese just needs her to play mom. If she helps him pull this off then he can be very generous.

Taylor will call her friend to get a profile and what have you. It is easy to get caught up in this situation for Kelly. They need to make this choice. Steffy needs to talk with Liam. She needs to make sure he is ok. This could be insensitive after everything Liam has been through. She wants this for Kelly. She wants to provide a home for this child but it can wait. It would have to wait.

Will is happy for Katie. Thorne is a really nice guy. Nice guys do finish last though. Bill hopes he understands what a lot of what he says is a slight exaggeration. Bill thinks that family is more important. Will wonders if they will ever be a family again.

Flo is trying to not be jealous. She saw the way that he was looking at Taylor. She is very pretty. Reese couldn’t tell with her in the room. Flo thinks that Reese gets every woman to do what he wants. Reese didn’t have to sweet talk anyone. Reese has a baby that needs adopting. Reese is doing something good for Taylor and her daughter. Reese thinks this is a win-win.

Steffy thanks Liam for coming. Liam was just a little worried. Steffy understands. Steffy actually wanted to talk with him and understand his pain and loss. Steffy admits that something has come up but she doesn’t want to do it without his support. Liam knows she wants Kelly to have a sister. Steffy thought that the baby would be Beth. Steffy knows that losing Beth is not about her but she grieves for Kelly. She has no idea what she will miss unless she doesn’t have to. Liam asks if she means adoption. Steffy has an opportunity. Out of no where a baby needs a home and she thinks she should be the one to give it to her.

Bill thinks that they are still family. Will doesn’t think they spend time together the three of them. Will wonders if they will ever be like that again. Bill thinks that Will connects his mom and him. There is nothing fake about that. Will thinks that Bill has taught him a lot. Bill thinks he has taught him more.

Flo thought that babies were supposed to sleep a lot. Reese gets a call from Taylor. Taylor has spoken with Steffy. She is in shock. Reese asks if Steffy is interested. Taylor has some logistical questions. Reese thinks the only question that matters is what Steffy thinks after seeing her child for the first time.

Liam thinks that this is happening fast. Steffy didn’t think it would happen like this. Steffy thinks the closer in age the better for Kelly. Steffy is not trying to replace Beth. Liam asks if there is something about the girl. Steffy has not even met her yet. Taylor has a contact who knows the birth mother. She says she is beautiful. Steffy has a chance to give her child a mother. Liam thinks it is a little difficult. Liam knows that this is what she always wanted for Kelly. Liam thinks that Kelly should have that. Liam is ok with it. Steffy thanks Liam. Liam thinks only if it is a good match. Steffy still has to meet the birth mom and the baby. Steffy will be the one adopting the child alone but this does affect his daughter. She asks if he feels comfortable. Liam says he could do that. He would like to do that for her and Kelly. Steffy thanks him. Steffy says that Taylor thinks these girls were meant to be sisters. Steffy agrees.

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