B&B Tuesday Update 1/15/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/15/19


Written by Anthony

Taylor tells Reese that she is a beautiful child. Florence is not going to feel right until she knows her daughter has a real home. Taylor will talk with Steffy. Reese hopes to hear from him soon. Taylor asks Florence how she found Reese. Florence wanted to have her child adopted right away and she was put into contact with him. She didn’t want to put her in foster care. She was worried about how many times she would change hands. Florence asks what her daughter is like. She asks if she is kind and professional. Taylor says she is grounded and very independent. Florence thanks her for coming by. Taylor leaves. Florence asks how she went. Reese thinks she could have said yes. Reese owes Flo. He knew she could pull it off and she did. Flo thinks that she goes with the flow.

Xander is sure that Zoe is going to be called for a fitting. Xander thinks he will be called before her. The two end up kissing. Xander likes the new them. 2.0 and reconnecting. Zoe thinks that there was nothing wrong with the old them. Xander thinks he knows what went wrong in London a little better now. He thinks that he knows she has a fear of abandonment. Him knowing about her father explains a lot.

Flo is shocked that there is an app for getting diapers. Flo finds her phone. She is looking to see if work is adding her to the schedule. Flo thinks she just made up for all the tipping. Reese has some stuff he needs to square away. Flo wonders what is really going on. He can tell her.

Steffy was getting worried about Taylor. Taylor asks if she was busy. Taylor says something incredible happened today. She is giving up her child for adoption and thinks she might want to meet her too.

Xander is glad that Zoe and her dad are trying to reconnect. Zoe was thinking about getting a bigger place so he could stay with her. She tried to offer letting him come over for a movie last night. He said no. She knows he is still numb over Hope’s baby. She is hoping he is not in trouble.

Reese tells Flo he couldn’t do this without her. He thinks that Taylor and her daughter are good people. Flo thinks that Taylor looks at him more than just being a good person. Flo suggests they take a getaway together. Reese is never going to Catalina again. He had to take a tough choice and take a big gamble. This project he has taken on is not easy. No one is doing this for him. Flo wouldn’t do it for anyone else. Reese knows that there is money in this for her. He has always been able to trust her. He needs it now. Flo thinks that he needs to get the baby a birth certificate and social security number. Reese can get those. Flo asks if he is in trouble.

Steffy asks if a woman really came up to her and asked if she wanted a baby. Taylor says a while back she told a trusted friend that her daughter was thinking of adopting. She didn’t think it would go anywhere. Taylor says that this is a private adoption. She wants this to go fast so the baby can bond with her new family. She is so beautiful and a new born. Taylor says that this is the way for her to have the sister for Kelly that she wanted her to have so badly.

Reese asks what kind of trouble. Flo points out that he is in a city that isn’t his with a child that isn’t his. Flo doesn’t think there is much she wouldn’t do for her. She thinks it is time he gives the baby back. Reese is off because he is worried about his daughter. There are some realities that his daughter is not sure of. Reese gets a call. He tells the guy he cannot talk right now. The man is almost at Zoe’s front door. He just needs a few days. The man has his orders.

Steffy asks if the baby is healthy. Taylor says she is. Taylor is in shock as well. She thinks that things like this happen for a reason. Steffy admits it was only an idea before. Now that she is faced with an actual option she wonders if she can do this. Steffy knows she could. It’s just the timing. Liam was here earlier and he brought up adoption. He knows that this was a loss for all of them. Liam wouldn’t tell her what to do. She didn’t think to get a picture of the child. Taylor knows that she thinks that she thinks of a fairy tale ending but she could give Kelly the sister she wanted for her.

Zoe has a question. She wants to know how you go about asking your father if he needs to borrow money. Xander would ask. Zoe thinks he would be offended. Zoe knows what kind of investment it was. Xander was just reminded of something. That wise and generous girl he fell in love with in London. Xander is looking right at her and he is falling in love with her all over again.

Flo sings to the baby. Reese makes a call.

Taylor says that it is her friend calling. Steffy tells her to take it. Reese was checking to see if she got home safely. Taylor is talking with Steffy right now. Reese thinks this could be awkward because his daughter works for hers. Reese cannot promise time. Reese would never have his child in his apartment if this wasn’t short term. Reese had this strong feeling that the little girl belonged with her and her daughter. Steffy asks if the mom is looking at other adoptions. Taylor guesses maybe. Steffy knows that adoptions through the state take a long time. Steffy understands why she wants to do this. It all has to do with Phoebe. Steffy thinks a big part of it is because of Phoebe. She wants her to have a life long bond from the start. Taylor thinks it is beautiful. Steffy asks if the little girl has a name. Taylor didn’t hear it. Steffy thinks if she would adopt her then she has one picked out. Steffy cries. Taylor knows she shouldn’t say this but when she meets her she will fall in love with her. She is just, the minute she looked at her she was meant to be Kelly’s sister. Steffy laughs.

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