B&B Monday Update 1/14/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/14/19


Written by Anthony

Reese holds the baby. Taylor wants to know where the baby came from. Reese couldn’t explain this to her on the phone. Taylor doesn’t want her to be alarmed. Taylor needs to know where this child came from.

Hope looks at her ultrasound. She feels like she is being crushed by the weight on her heart. Brooke knows that Beth was a part of her and always will be. Hope doesn’t understand how this could happen. She wants to know how she could lose her baby.

Someone knocks on the door at Steffy’s and she thinks it is Taylor. Liam is there and asks to come in. She wonders if something happened. Liam thinks it is a hard day and he is trying to keep it together. Liam wonders if he can see Kelly. Liam knows he cannot just be showing up here all the time but he would love to see Kelly. Liam guesses he should have called first. Steffy thinks it is alright. Hope wanted him to get out of the house but he didn’t want to leave her alone. Steffy is glad he is here. She wonders if he wants anything. Liam just needs to see his daughter.

Brooke thinks that Hope shouldn’t be alone right now. Hope knows he will be back soon. Brooke doesn’t think that Hope can isolate herself. She needs to lean on people. More than just Liam. Brooke was thinking that a support group wouldn’t be a bad idea. Hope understands what she is trying to say but right now all she wants to do is hold her little girl.

Taylor asks what he is doing with a baby. A woman walks out. She didn’t want to interrupt. She is Florence. She is holding her baby.

Liam is happy to wait here alone. Steffy won’t push him to talk if he doesn’t want to. Liam hardly feels anything. It is like being alone under water. He keeps thinking if he holds Kelly he will be able to breathe again. Liam wonders what Hope can do. Liam is trying to be strong for Hope but he doesn’t know what to do. Hope got hold her daughter in her arms for one moment. It was crippling. There isn’t a thing that anyone can do to take the pain away.

Hope went for a walk after the memorial. Hope thinks it is strange. The sun was shining. She heard birds in the trees and cars on the road. It was a normal day to everyone else. Brooke thinks she needs to give herself time. Hope thought if she paid attention that things would go over well. Hope thought she could find peace. Brooke thinks that could be comforting. Brooke knows that Beth is looking down on her. She is letting her know that she is ok. Hope didn’t feel anything like that. She didn’t feel Beth looking down on her at all.

Florence wonders if Reese didn’t tell her about her. She is not from LA. She lives in Vegas where she is a big dealer at a Casino. She contacted him through an agency. There are a lot of great people who want to help find homes for their baby’s. She wants to help find the right home for her child.

Liam knows that Steffy wanted Kelly and Beth to be close. Liam knows the Taylor thing was a problem but they could have worked through it. Steffy thinks him and Hope would have been amazing parents to Beth. Liam knows she wanted Kelly to have a sister but adoption is the only way now. Steffy wants to have the conversation another time. Liam wonders if that was just a fantasy. Steffy admits that she was seriously considering it. Adoption takes time though. After everything he focus is on Liam, Kelly, Hope, and Taylor. Steffy is not sure she will adopt. She thinks it will be a wonderful idea for Kelly but she has no idea when it will happen.

Brooke thinks what she is feeling is normal. Brooke thinks that everyone feels something in their own way. Brooke thinks that Hope will find Beth in her heart and dreams. Hope thinks that is different. She was a part of her for almost nine months. They shared everything. All she wants to know is that her little girl is alright. She wants to feel a connection to her again. Brooke hugs her.

Florence doesn’t know what she would do without Reese. Florence thought her boyfriend would have stuck around. He doesn’t want anything to do with the baby. Florence doesn’t have anyone to help. She thought that adoption made the most sense for her. She hates to admit it but she needs the money. Florence thinks that things are finally coming into place. She has a little bit of hope. Reese didn’t have the time to bring it up after the conversation about Steffy. Taylor asks if he is saying that Steffy could adopt this baby.

Liam says hi to Kelly. He thinks she is so beautiful. Liam loves her so much. He wants to hold and protect her from everything in the world Liam thinks she has her entire life ahead of her. She never got a chance to meet her sister but she is watching over all of them. Liam thinks that she would want them to be grateful and happy. Liam loves her. Steffy cries.

Hope doesn’t think it is supposed to be like this. Hope is glad she is here but she is supposed to be holding her baby not her mother holding her. Hope is here for her as long as she needs to be. Hope would have kept her daughter safe. Brooke knows she will get through this. She just needs to be gentle with herself and this pain will move on. Brooke knows that somehow and in someway she will always know she loves her.

Reese knows that Taylor mentioned adoption. Taylor thought he could recommend an agency. Reese thought he would help Florence and Steffy. Taylor asks if Steffy could really adopt her. Florence thinks she deserves a better life. Reese thinks that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Taylor thinks this is the last thing she expected when he asked her to come over. Taylor will talk with her. She thinks this has come out of the blue though. Reese thinks it is best to leave his name out though. Taylor understands. Taylor doesn’t know Florence but she thinks it is a brave choice she has made. It takes a lot of strength to do that. Taylor is not sure how she finds the courage. Reese thinks she is healthy. She will thrive under Steffy. Taylor will talk with her as soon as she can.

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