B&B Tuesday Update 1/8/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/8/19


Written by Anthony

Taylor walks into the kitchen at Steffy’s. Taylor wonders if it happened or not. Steffy is not sure. She wonders if Hope is one of those mother’s who have contractions start and stop. Taylor feels that a child can heal anything.

Brooke walks into the cabin with Hope and Liam. She thinks it is just as they left it. Brooke suggests taking some of the gifts and things up to the house. Hope thinks it is alright. It would be wrong to get rid of some of the excitement before things changed.

Zoe tells Reese that there was nothing he could do. Reese is a doctor and he heals people. Zoe thinks that if Hope’s baby was not meant to live. Reese thinks they are all meant to live. He thinks every time he closes his eyes he relives the worst night of his life. Zoe asks what he thinks he did wrong. Reese thinks there is such a thing about confidentiality. She thinks his staff abandoned him. Reese gave them the go head to make it home safe. He hopes that they did. He had no idea that the next shift wouldn’t make it in. Reese is glad that the backup generator made it on. Zoe wonders what he thinks he could have done.

Taylor asks Ridge if he is alright. Ridge wonders where Steffy is. He wonders if Kelly is alright. Steffy thinks that they need to talk with a doctor. Steffy wonders if he spoke with Liam. Ridge did. Hope was alone for most of the labor. He thinks she will be alright eventually. Ridge says the babies name was Beth. She didn’t make it. Steffy starts to cry.

Hope looks at a pink outfit. Liam suggests some breakfast. Brooke thinks that is a wonderful idea. Hope will later. Brooke will make coffee. Liam suggests lying down. Brooke thinks it is an even better idea Hope knows they both have things to do. Hope looks at the picture of Beth from her doctors appointment.

Zoe knows he is not saying anything. Reese thinks if he knew what to do he would have done it. Zoe thinks if he couldn’t have done it then no one could. Zoe wonders if someone is threatening him. She wonders if he is concerned about a lawsuit. Reese thinks that is not the issue. Reese asks if she and Xander have moved in together. Reese suggests that they do move in together. He doesn’t want her living alone. Zoe suggests he get something to help him sleep. She hasn’t ever seen him like this.

Steffy wonders if Hope would like to see her. Ridge thinks that she would love to see her but not today. Brooke is giving her all she needs right now. Steffy knows the planned a future for the child.

Hope looks at the frame that Emma gave her. She was so excited that she was having a baby girl. Her Beth. Brooke and Liam try to get her to calm down. Hope tells them not to tell her not to say her name. Liam isn’t going to do that. Liam suggests taking some of these things. Hope remembers picking some of these things out. She had such a clear image of what she would look like. Beth was almost exactly how she imagined she would look.

Reese never should have come. He knows she is working and he needs to go home and shower. He hugs Zoe. He just wanted to hold her and see how much he loves her. Zoe suggests she go and stay with him a few days. Reese is fine.

Ridge didn’t know how much he needed to hold Kelly. Taylor is keeping Brooke and Hope in her prayers. Ridge tells Kelly that nothing will ever happen to her or Steffy. Ridge wants them to go to a doctor. Taylor thinks this is so sad for Hope. Taylor feels this loss will affect them all for a long time.

Brooke gives Hope tea. Hope asks Liam where he is going with the baby stuff. Liam is just getting them out of the way. Hope doesn’t want them thrown away. Brooke is going to the house. She wants Hope to get rest. Hope knows that Liam will take good care of her. Brooke wonders if she should call Rick, RJ, Jack, and Bridget. Hope asks if she could. Brooke wonders if she should call Wyatt. Hope doesn’t think today. Brooke is going to make dinner. Hope loves Brooke. Brooke loves her. She will be back. Liam wonders if Hope hurts. He could give her the pain pills. Hope doesn’t want a pill. She can still feel her. Liam suggests she might not have been ready. Hope suggests she might have been to good for the world. Liam kisses Hope. The two cry.

Reese looks at his phone. The guy looking for the money shows up. He asks how he got passed the gate. Reese demands that he stay away from his daughter. The guy doesn’t think he makes the rules for him. It is the other way around. Reese will get the money to him. If he leaves Zoe out of this. Otherwise he gets nothing. He has been given instructions on things he will not like.

Steffy tells Kelly they need to be strong for Liam. He will be so broken hearted.

Brooke didn’t realize that Ridge was back. Ridge went to see Steffy. Taylor said she is praying for Hope and Beth. Brooke wonders how it went. Ridge says they were shocked. They want to come talk with her and Hope. Ridge said not tonight. He is so sorry. Brooke just cannot stand the thought that Hope will blame herself for this. This wasn’t her fault. Ridge doesn’t think it was anyone’s fault. In a while they could try again. Brooke nods. Brooke thinks that they just plan so much around a child. Even before she is born. Brooke thinks you plan their first birthday party and the school they will go to and pick out clothes. You just try to figure out their life. It is just empty. Ridge asks what he can do. Brooke thinks he can hold her. Ridge does.

Liam thinks that everything happens for a reason but he doesn’t believe that here. Hope asks why then. Liam doesn’t know. He suggests that maybe she just couldn’t stay. Then next time… Hope thinks that she really cannot hear that right now. Liam thinks that Beth is their first born. They will always remember her. Hope is just so grateful to have him. Liam is as well. Liam loves her. Hope loves him. Liam kisses Hope.

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