B&B Monday Update 1/7/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/7/19


Written by Anthony

Hope tells Liam that he can see Beth when she closes her eyes. Liam admits he can see her sweet little face and nose and ten fingers. Hope wonders when the memories will fade. She will wonder one day if she had a birthmark on her right or left leg. Liam says left. Brooke’s voice is heard in the lobby. Liam opens the door. Brooke runs in with Ridge and Bill. Brooke asks how long she was in labor. Hope doesn’t know. Brooke wants to see her new granddaughter. Bill wants to see the newest Spencer. Brooke asks if everything is alright. Hope needs to talk with Brooke alone. Reese tells Hope if she needs anything… He walks out. Brooke asks what happened. Hope admits that Beth is gone. Brooke starts to cry. She hugs Hope who starts crying again herself.

Bill asks what happened. Ridge assumes that his daughter is in another room. Liam says that Hope did everything she could. Bill hugs Liam. Liam sobs.

Brooke is so sorry. Hope screams out her baby. Brooke wants her to let it all out. Hope starts sobbing loudly.

Liam never understood why something like this would happen to Hope. He wonders if they have ever met someone who should be a mother. Ridge thinks that she will be one day. Liam asks why not Beth. Liam feels that there should be meaning to this. Bill thinks that all this means is that it got him and Hope closer. He needs to stay by her side. Reese walks over. He has the paperwork. Reese tells him to mark the spots where he decides. Liam asks why. He wants to know what happened. He thought that everything was fine. She was happy. The baby was kicking. Liam demands to know what happened to his little girl in there.

Hope forgets what the doctor called it. She doesn’t know. She couldn’t process it. All she could hear was silence. Newborns are supposed to cry, gurgle. Even that was missing. It was just quiet. Brooke should have been there for her. Hope doesn’t wish that on anyone. Hope says that Liam was the one who told her. She passed out. Brooke asks if she is ok physically. Hope guesses she will be. She is just trying so hard. She was pushing and Beth was ready to come into this world. Hope sobs. She had one job to do. She failed. Brooke begs her not to say that. Hope could have done something. Hope could have done anything to prevent this. Brooke is not a doctor but she has heard about what Beth had. There is nothing she can do about it whether she was awake or not. Hope waited months to see her and love her. She is going to blame herself. Brooke is telling her not to. Hope starts sobbing again.

Reese suggests that they do this later. Bill would also like to know why his son’s daughter died tonight. Reese says that the placenta detached from the wound. It is very unusual. Liam wants to know why it happened. Liam needs to know in case they try again. Reese thinks it is very slim to happen again. Hope’s OGBYN will review these options for them if and when the time comes. Reese is a father himself. He cannot imagine the pain he is in. Reese is sorry. He terribly sorry. The phone rings and Reese goes to answer it.

Hope asks if Brooke remembers early in the pregnancy when she was cramping. Hope thinks that part of her almost wishes… It would have been painful but it would have been easier. Hope thinks the mistake was in naming her before she was born. Brooke thinks a lot of babies are named before they are born and even before they are pregnant. It was no mistake. She did nothing wrong. Hope thinks she did. A few hours earlier she could feel Beth. She needed to deliver her child safely. She wants to know what is wrong with her. Brooke doesn’t think that Liam would feel that she is at fault. Hope never should have had the babymoon. Hope thinks that millions of children are born every day but her body failed her. Hope think that her child was really beautiful. She got to hold her. She tried to give her all her love. She will never know though. Brooke promises that she will. Brooke thinks she will know. Brooke knows it feels like she will never get passed this but she will. She has so many people in her life. They all care about her so much. Liam, Ridge, and Bill walk in. They promise they are all in this together. Ridge agrees. Bill says they are here for her. Hope wants to go home. Liam thinks they will go home and she will rest in her own bed. Liam thinks it is possible to recover from this. Moving forward is not going to be easy but they will do it. Liam thinks that is how they will get through it. They have been imagining this life with Beth for months now. They have built up a whole world with Beth. It turns out that Beth is not coming home but they are. Life moves on. Hope thinks that one life isn’t. Liam knows. He thinks that they could do like a… He just wants to talk with her. He wants to say something. He asks if they can do that. Hope doesn’t think she can do that. Liam can do that for both of them. He asks if they can hold hands. Liam says that he is her dad and Hope is her mom. She is not physically there with them but she is still here in a way. They can learn to live with what she gave them. She is so loved by everyone in this room. She needs to know that. Hope knows she is there. She knows she is there watching. She just wants to say that she is so sorry that she couldn’t stay there with them. Hope doesn’t think that a day will go by without her thinking of her. Hope still feels her here with her in her arms. Hope feels that because she will always be a part of her. Hope knows that she is with them. Hope can still tell her every day that she loves her. She loves her. Mommy loves Beth. Liam holds Hope.

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