B&B Wednesday Update 1/2/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/2/19


Written By Anthony

Liam asks if Hope is there on the phone. Hope begs Liam to hurry. This is to soon for her to have contractions. Hope just wanted to have a romantic babymoon with him here on Catalina. Liam will find a way to get there. He will no a little wind stop him. Liam tells her to tell them the situation and she needs to see a doctor right now. He promises things will be fine. He loves her. Hope says they love him too.

Wyatt asks if Bill has been outside. The winds are really intense. Wyatt thinks it is weird to see Bill without his sword. Bill doesn’t need a sword. He is a lover not a fighter now. Bill thinks this is harder than he thought. Bill is going to be a worthy father to him, Will, and Liam. Especially, with a second granddaughter on the way.

Liam begs for help to get to Catalina. He asks if he can take a boat. Kieran asks if there is anything the can do. Matt suggests a snack. Liam needs to find a way to get to the island.

The manager asks Hope how she is feeling. Hope thinks the contractions are getting worse. Hope wonders if they can make it to the clinic. The manager thinks carefully. She hopes the winds will calm down enough and they will be able to get her there soon.

Bill is on the phone with Will and asks who he is. He remembers who he is. He asks what is going on. He asks if he is serious. He thinks that is amazing. He loves him too. Bill tells Wyatt that he got straight A’s on his report card. Wyatt wasn’t much of a student. He had to many distractions. Liam was probably a total geek. Bill could see that. He thinks he is jealous. Wyatt is no jealous. He is proud of what his brother stands for. He thinks that he will be a good role model for his children.

Liam asks if here are really no boats going out tonight. He cannot find anyone willing to risk going out there. Matt thinks this must be the reason they call this the devil winds.

Hope and the manager beg for help at the clinic. Reese walks out saying he is with another patient. The manager explains that Hope is in labor. The manage asks if Hope will be ok. She wishes Hope good luck. Reese asks if she has been timing her contractions. Hope hasn’t but her water broke. She explains they planned this trip for themselves and she is hoping that he can get there in time. Hope walks over to a wheelchair. He promises to take very goo care of he baby. Reese is sure that she didn’t plan on things going like this. Hope asks where the other doctors and nurses are. Reese says he is the only doctor here right now. His nurse lives on the other side of the island. Hope doesn’t think she can be the only staff. Reese is a highly accredited OBGYN. Reese will go and check his other patient. Hope’s phone is down. She tells the baby not to worry. Everything will be fine.

Liam asks if he can speak with the pilot again. The worker is sorry. Liam asks if she could accept this because he can’t. Matt thinks that Liam is going to swim. He probably wouldn’t make it past the harbor but he would try. Liam makes a call.

Bill gets a call from Liam. He is at the long beach terminal. He needs his help getting to Catalina. Hope and him were supposed to have a babymoon. She is in labor. He is assuming she is at the clinic. Liam asks if there is any way the Spencer Helicopter can come and get him. Bill promises to get him there for the birth of his daughter.

Hope keeps track of her contractions.

Reese tells a patient that it wasn’t her fault. He asks her to be careful. He goes back into Hope’s room. Hope thinks that Liam is going to miss the birth of his little girl. Hope cannot believe this is happening. Reese doesn’t think she knew this would happen. He doesn’t want her to blame herself. Reese goes to get her ice chips. Reese tells her to squeeze his hand.

Bill tells someone on the phone to get Liam to Catalina. He calls Liam again. Bill says the pilot will be in the air in a few minutes. Bill says that Nathan will get him there safely. Liam thanks him. He is really coming through for him. Bill cannot wait to meet his new granddaughter.

Hope tries to breath. She asks if the rest of the staff really cannot make it. Reese has delivered a few babies in his time. The lights go out. The backup generator should pick up any minute. Reese asks her to stay calm. Stress is bad for the baby. Reese goes into the hallway and makes a call. He needs someone down here. The power is out and he has a patient in labor.

Hope tells Liam she has been trying to reach him. The power went out. Liam is going to be there soon. He is not on the helicopter but Bill is sending the Spencer one. Hope is scared. This shouldn’t be happening. Hope starts moaning. She needs him. Beth and her need him.

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