B&B Wednesday Update 2/28/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/28/18


Written By Anthony

Wyatt knew that Bill would be upset. He just never realized how upset. Katie is scared that Bill is going to take her son. He said he wants to hurt him. Katie has been spending years trying to look for the good in Bill. It was never there. Katie hates him.

Justin thanks a waiter. He is shocked that Bill wants full custody. He would advice against it. Justin thinks that Katie would bring up what happened with Brooke and Steffy. (Sheila is listening in the background). Bill thinks that Katie will lose will and Wyatt will lose his place in his company and family. Bill needs them to pay.

Liam tells Hope that he is getting really psyched about this. Her message is going to strike a cord with someone. Hope can tell she has with him. Liam is glad to finally have something to focus on again. Liam is glad that she is back in his life.

Wyatt thinks she has every right to hate Bill right now. She just needs to remember that his opinion doesn’t matter. Katie thinks it does matter if he plans to take her son away from her. Wyatt thinks they have leverage on him. He is not going to take Will. Bill doesn’t matter to him. She does and their future. Someone, knocks on the door. Wyatt hopes she is ready for this. Katie goes to answer the door. It is Eric and Quinn. Quinn knows they wanted to see them. Eric asks what is going on. Wyatt says they have some news. Quinn has a feeling she should be sitting down for this. Wyatt needs her to not freak out like Bill did. Quinn tells her to come out with it. Wyatt asked Katie to marry him. Katie said yes.

Liam thanks Hope for meeting with him. He guesses they had a lunch meeting. He knows she was feeling uncertain about it. He knows she was acting weirdly to the ultrasound. Liam admits that it is not always easy and he knows that. Hope knows that easy is boring. They cannot hide from their history. It can hit her hard sometimes but she can handle it. Liam thinks that being here and working with her feels right. He knows that it is difficult at times, but having her back he can take difficult any day.

Sheila tells Julie that she has not seen her on the schedule for some time. Julie has been traveling. Sheila is glad she is back. Steffy sits down with Ridge. She is shocked he wanted to come here. Ridge asks why. Steffy points out the wait staff. Ridge thinks the more times they come here the better. The manager will eventually find out that she is spitting in their food.

Bill wishes that Justin heard what Wyatt said. Bill notices Steffy at the next table.

Steffy is going to keep an eye out on Liam but Hope has been supportive. Ridge starts to stare. Steffy notices Bill at another table. Steffy assumes he would prefer to deal with Sheila. Bill hates that man and so should Steffy after what he did.

Hope doesn’t mean to make things difficult. She doesn’t want to be a distraction for him. Liam remembers who he used to be deep down. His marriage is ending. Hope doesn’t think that it has to end if he doesn’t want it to. She hasn’t signed the papers. Liam thinks that is a formality. Hope wonders if he thinks that he could forgive her. Liam is not sure if he could forgive her. He thinks the ultrasound was a deep moment. He thinks it sucks that it is painful. He knows there is a connection with them forever now. He knows when he is with Hope he is at peace. He feels like he is himself. Liam doesn’t want that feeling to end.

Steffy suggests they leave. Ridge is not going to give them the satisfaction.

Justin can deal with the custody. He guesses that he can start dealing with the paperwork to eliminate Wyatt from the company. Bill doesn’t want Wyatt to have any legal claim to his life. Bill has Will still. He has plenty of time to groom the only son that is deserving. If he ever were to meet his maker, then Justin will take over. He is next in line. He is the only one who is loyal. He never should have brought Liam and Wyatt into his world.

Quinn tells Wyatt no. Eric tells them that they have their blessing. Quinn reminds him that she was married to his father. Eric wants her to give him her blessing. Quinn reluctantly agrees that Eric is right. She will give them her support. Quinn asks if he is really refusing. Wyatt is kicked out of the company and is taking Will away from Katie. Wyatt is mad at himself after all he did to Liam and Steffy. Eric wonders what he did to Liam and Steffy. Wyatt admits a few months back Steffy got into a fight with Liam. She was vulnerable and Bill comforted her in a way that… Quinn asks if he means that they. Wyatt admits that Bill and Steffy slept together.

Hope asks if she really makes him feel at peace. Liam thinks she does. Hope guesses that rids her of her guilt. Hope is the reason he even has Bill has his father. Liam thinks that having Bill as a father has made him appreciate his mother even more for protecting him. He cannot believe all the stuff that Bill did to keep them apart. Hope knows they cannot go back as much as they would like to try.

Eric cannot believe that this happened in her guest house. He cannot believe that he forced himself on Steffy. Eric thinks this is so wrong. Quinn tells Eric to sit down. He hates this man.

Justin will get the paperwork ready. It doesn’t mean he has to go through with it. Bill will make sure that they don’t go through with the wedding.

Ridge cannot believe that Bill keeps looking. Steffy wants him to ignore Bill. Ridge asks if Bill is almost done. Ridge tells Bill not to look at her at all. What Bill did was disgusting. No one wants anything to deal with him. Bill asks what he will do if he doesn’t leave.

Liam thinks his daughter will know he is there. Hope wants him to be there for Steffy too. Liam doesn’t have to stay committed to Steffy for that. Hope doesn’t want him to feel alone. He has someone who cares about him for life. Someone who will always love him. Wyatt will always love her too.

Quinn knows it is horrible but Steffy wouldn’t want him to be so worked up. Eric wants that man out of their lives. If he was younger he would do it himself. He would get rid of Bill.

Bill is sorry if he was bothering Steffy. Steffy begs him to stop this. Sheila tells them that one of them needs to leave now. Bill will pay the check and then they can leave. Bill tells Steffy he is sorry for Ridge making a scene. Ridge tells Bill to stay away from her. He will hurt Bill like he has never been before. Bill guesses it is promises, promises. Sheila asks if Ridge is ok. Ridge tells Sheila that if she wants to do something to help the Forrester’s, she can kill Bill Spencer before he does.

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