B&B Tuesday Update 2/27/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/27/18


Written by Anthony

Wyatt knows this is a shock. Bill doesn’t want to hear it. He is not going to get married. Bill tells Katie to take the stupid ring off her finger. Katie is not going to do that. She wants to be clear. They are not asking his permission. They are not asking. Bill thinks it is sick that she is sleeping with their sons half-brother. Wyatt doesn’t think that this is up to Bill.

Ridge tells Steffy that he and Brooke are settling in together. RJ likes having him there. They are having dinner this weekend. They hope that she will come over. Steffy wakes up from a day dream. Ridge asks if everything is ok with the baby. Steffy is just thinking about Hope. She wonders if she does have feelings for Liam.

Liam calls Hope. He asks if she is busy. Hope is just working. Liam wants her to cut out for a bit and see him for a while. He wants to see her again.

Ridge was afraid that this would happen. Steffy doesn’t think she would cross the line. It is just one more thing for her to worry about though. Steffy hopes that she can move on. She wants Hope to respect her marriage.

Liam will not keep her long. He wants her to meet him. Hope doesn’t know. Liam wants her to meet him for lunch. Hope guesses that she will see him soon.

Bill said no. It is twisted. Wyatt asks about what he did to Liam and Steffy. That is twisted. Bill hopes that Liam and Steffy can work through it. He is the heir-apparent to the company. Katie wants Bill to stop and think about what he is doing. He is going to lose another son. Bill cannot believe that they are lying to everyone about this. Katie doesn’t think it is anyone’s business. Bill tells the two of them that this ends right here and now. He hopes that it is understood.

Steffy showed Hope the ultrasound. She seemed affected by it. She thinks apart of her wishes that it was their baby. Ridge warned her about this. Ridge wants Steffy to keep an eye on her.

Hope shows up for lunch. Liam is glad that she made it and thanks him for coming. Hope thinks that he got all dressed up and ordered her favorite drink. Steffy was curious as why he wanted her to show up. Hope asks if he is going to make her guess. Liam asks what is the most exciting thing going on for her. Hope did just finish unpacking. Liam doesn’t mean that. Hope guesses he means her line. Liam knows that it isn’t new but it is. Liam wants to help her with that. Liam wasn’t listening what Hope thought about it. He wants to be a sound board for her. She obviously doesn’t need it, but he is here. If there is anything he can do to help then he would be so happy to get involved.

Katie doesn’t think that this is a casual thing. They love each other. Katie demands respect from Bill. The things that she put up with during their marriage. He cheated on her twice. He doesn’t get to dictate who she falls in love with. Katie doesn’t think they can fight their feelings. Bill thinks this is payback for Brooke. Wyatt tells Bill to watch what he says. He is going to lose his other son. Bill tells him that if he doesn’t end this right now than he is no longer his son.

Ridge doesn’t want to be to hard on Hope. She has been there for her. Steffy assumes she needs to keep an eye out. Ridge doesn’t think that Hope will have time to focus on anything but the line.

Hope wonders if Liam thinks he will ever go back to working for Bill. She guesses no time soon. Liam knows he has Wyatt and doesn’t miss him terribly much. Hope thinks that he does though. Hope can talk about her line all day. Liam has a lot of free time on his hands. Hope wants the same premise as before. She is feeling super motivated with all that has been going on. She wants to encourage woman to speak out. She thinks that so much needs to be addressed. Liam thinks that she is in a unique position. Liam thinks that people know she wants to make a change in people’s lives.

Katie doesn’t want Bill to turn his back on Wyatt. He has been loyal to him. Wyatt is shocked he will cut him out because he finally found someone. It never worked out with him before with anyone. This is good for him. He cares about Katie so much. Almost, as much as he cares about his skyscraper. Wyatt thinks his life would be better if he could just be happy. He asks why he cannot just try and hear this. Bill doesn’t need time to hear anything. This either ends or he is out. He knows what this is. It is payback. Go after Bill. Katie doesn’t think this has anything to do with him. Wyatt cannot do this. Bill tells Wyatt that he and Liam will be cut out. Every penny. The houses and jobs gone. They will have nothing. He wants Wyatt to choose very wisely. His entire future depends on it.

Liam thinks that this has been productive. He realizes they probably should have been writing this down. Hope thinks she has it all up in her mind. If only she had a filing cabinet though. Everything is all spread out right now. Liam wants her to focus on what she cares about the most. Hope thinks that Liam is full of energy right now. Hope was starting to worry about Liam. Liam guesses he was turning into a vampire. Liam thinks that Hope has been patient and thoughtful with him. He thanks her.

Steffy doesn’t want him to worry about her. Ridge thinks this is all because of Bill. Ridge has never hated anyone more than he hates him. The world would be a better place without him in it.

Wyatt has always been loyal to Bill. He just wanted them to be a family. Bill wonders if Quinn knows about this. Wyatt says that they have known about them being involved. Brooke gave them her blessing. Bill wants to be prepared for a battle that will include custody. A judge will look at her sick relationship and not think it is a good environment. Katie cannot believe it. Katie is not an alcoholic. Her doctor confirmed it. She was drinking to cope with how Bill treated her. Bill was going to go for custody back then, but considering her behavior now she is going for custody. Katie doubts that Bill is going to go for his best interest. She thinks he is sick. Wyatt wants him to look at all the people he hurt. Wyatt guesses he is disowned. He is done. He wants a father he can be proud of. He wishes that Sally hadn’t missed. He wishes that Sally shot him. Bill rips the sword neckless off his neck. Bill thinks that he will come crawling back when he is done with Katie. He promises that he will take everything away from the two of them. Wyatt promises if he goes after Will it will be the last thing he does.

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