B&B Monday Update 2/26/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/26/18


Written by Anthony

Sally reminds Bill that he left her broke all for that damn skyscraper. Bill is at his wits end with her. He wants her to leave. Sally picks up the gun and shoots at him. Bill is on the ground and stands up. He cannot believe that she shot at Skye. Justin runs in and screams that Sally drop the gun. He wonders if Bill is ok. Bill is fine. Bill yanks the gun at her. Bill thinks that she could walk in here with a bazooka and he wouldn’t flinch. She has no idea what it takes to come at him.

Wyatt wants Katie to say it again. Katie said yes. Wyatt wants to make her happy. Katie thinks that he already does. The two start to kiss one another. They smile at each other.

Brooke tells Thorne that Hope for the Future is a perfect fit for him. Thorne thinks that he sounds like Ridge. Brooke is just glad they are getting along. Thorne assumes that there must be something in the water. Hope and Steffy are even getting along. Brooke thinks it is incredible given all they have been through. She is really proud of Hope. Her and Steffy seem to be getting along and supporting each other.

Steffy tells Hope that this is a good idea. They just have to figure out what sets Hope for the Future apart from the other collections. Steffy tells Hope that she might get another chance with Liam thanks to Hope. Hope thinks that her baby deserves a healthy family. Hope assumes she can give the baby that. Steffy tells Hope yes and wonders why she keeps asking her that. She assumes that there must be a reason. Steffy wonders if everything is ok. Hope admits that spending time with Liam has brought back memories. They were married once and planning a future. She knows what Liam deserves and it is the best. Steffy is going to give Liam that. She wonders if Hope is starting to have feelings for Liam again.

Brooke looks at a sketch. She thinks it is wonderful. Thorne been inspired. Brooke wonders if there is someone who inspired him. Thorne explains that it is Katie. He hopes that she doesn’t have an issue about it, now that she is single from Wyatt. Thorne doesn’t think that Katie could be happy with Wyatt.

Katie assumes that there might not be other people who are happy about this. Wyatt thinks that they will tell people about this, just not right this minute. They need to celebrate on their own first. Katie is fine.

A man walks into Bill’s office after hearing a gun shot. Bill says that he is fine and there is no reason to call the police. Sally assumes he doesn’t want the police involved so she cannot tell them the whole story. Bill tells Sally she is welcome. She has no idea what Skye means to him. Sally was aiming at Bill. Bill tells Justin to take Skye and get her fixed up. Bill doesn’t think that Sally can back him in a corner. It will never turn out the way he wants it to.

Steffy feels that Hope is avoiding the question. Hope believes she never answered her question. Steffy did more than once. She either doesn’t like the answer or is expecting a different one. Hope doesn’t know. A part of her is still in shock. She doesn’t understand how Steffy could turn to Bill. Steffy thinks it was a mistake. She didn’t ask Hope to bring her family back together. She offered. Her daughter’s family is at stake.

Wyatt cannot believe he almost messed this up. Thorne deleting this text could have screwed that up. Katie is going to call him about it. She does so. Katie wonders if Thorne deleted her text. Thorne is guilty. He wanted to spare her. Katie has some news. Wyatt is here. Thorne assumes they are back together. Katie confirms permanently. Katie admits that he proposed. Katie accepted. She wanted to tell him herself. Thorne thanks her for that. Katie wanted to thank him for his friendship. Thorne guesses he should wish her good luck. Katie hangs up. Wyatt thinks that Thorne will be fine. He won’t though because it has been over a minute since he has been kissed. Katie thinks they need to tell Bill about this before he hears about it from someone else.

Sally is not afraid of Bill. He cannot treat people like garbage without being held accountable. Bill can put her in prison for shooting a gun at him. Bill could take away her freedom. He will use that power against her.

Steffy doesn’t think that Hope was here to see where that guilt led her. She wanted to move on and be a family. Then the paternity test proved it. She could breathe again. She could focus on their daughter and future. That was the last happy day. She was thinking about raising a child with Liam. She was so happy and free. Steffy knows that she can have that again. She begs Hope not to do anything to threaten that.

Brooke is shocked that Katie and Wyatt are engaged. She can only imagine what will happen when Bill finds out.

Wyatt walks into Bill’s office. Bill holds the gun out on him. Bill is sorry. He is a little bit jumpy. Wyatt wonders if he missed a gang war. Bill says that Sally Spectra shot at Skye. He isn’t going to give her any money. Wyatt guesses that he broke his promise. Bill thinks that she was Liam’s project not his. Bill doesn’t think that they are bad guys. They cannot be throwing out money to ever tiny Tim out there. Bill thinks that they have a lot in common. Wyatt wanted to tell him something. Bill needs to check on Skye. Wyatt needs to get someone first. Katie walks in. She says hi to him. Bill wonders what she is doing here. Wyatt says that there is something they need to tell him.

Steffy gets why she keeps questioning her. Steffy questions herself. Steffy wants to give her daughter a family with two loving parents. She had that for a brief period. Steffy knows how precious that is. Steffy thinks that Hope knows that too. She thinks the baby is beautiful. Steffy wants to show her the ultrasound picture. Steffy thinks she is so sweet. Hope looks at it. Steffy wants her family to be reunited before she arrives. Hope is not going to stand in her way. She is not wavering on anything. She wants her daughter to have the stability that the two of them didn’t always have. That takes a solid commitment. Steffy promises she will never have to question her devotion to her family.

Brooke cannot believe that Wyatt proposed. Thorne is shocked that Katie accepted. Brooke thinks that loyalty means everything to Bill. Once he finds out he will be deeply betrayed.

Wyatt and Katie try to explain themselves. Katie thinks that they make a good team. Bill thought they did as well. Bill has a lot to deal with today. He wonders if this can wait. Katie doesn’t think that this can wait. Wyatt admits he has been spending a lot of time together. They developed a relationship. Katie thinks it is time to go public. They wanted Bill to go first. Bill needs Wyatt here. Katie says that this is not a business relationship. Bill asks if they are kidding him. Katie says it is not a joke. Bill cannot believe the two of them… He asks if this is what he has been hiding from him. Bill thinks this is disgusting. Wyatt reminds him that they are adults. Bill doesn’t think this will happen. This ends right here and right now. Wyatt tells him it isn’t. He asked Katie to marry him. Katie said yes. Wyatt informs him that they are getting married. Bill didn’t understand that they were getting married. Bill thinks over his dead body.

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