B&B Friday Update 2/23/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/23/18


Written by Anthony

Katie tells Wyatt that he said it. Wyatt thinks that she did too. It is to late to take it back. Wyatt wonders if she does. Katie doesn’t. The two kiss one another. Wyatt thinks he should have said I love you much sooner. He doesn’t want to hide his feelings from her. Katie guesses they have to tell Bill.

Justin is shocked that Bill is not going to help Sally bring her business back. Bill was going through a lot when he promised that. Sally was Liam’s pet project, not his. He doesn’t work here anymore. He has no obligation to carry through with his charity cases. She came at him like a raging mad woman.

Sally is at a shooting range taking shots. Shirley wonders what has her all riled. Sally says that Bill is being a jerk. Saul wonders if Bill is dragging his feet. Sally explains that Bill no longer is going to honor his commitment to relocate Spencer. Sally hates the man and starts to take shots again. Saul doesn’t think that Spencer can do this. He made a promise. Shirley doesn’t think that he can get away this. She thinks that Sally is picturing Bill’s face on that target. She wants her to go ahead and pop him. Shirley wouldn’t miss the guy. Saul thinks they would miss Sally because she would be behind bars. Sally thinks that Bill is under the impression that he is so tough. Sally thinks that someone needs to put that man in his place once and for all.

Bill is not helping Sally bring back her fashion house. Justin wonders if there have been any improvements in his relationship with Liam. Bill asks how he is supposed to do that when he wants nothing to do with him. Justin guesses he still has Wyatt. Bill knows he is loyal.

Wyatt wonders if they would be here in this moment if it were not for him seeing Thorne and Katie together. He was worried about an open commitment and never thought he would see her in Thorne’s arms. Katie asks if he really thought that he was going to lose her. Wyatt thinks it was the wakeup call he needed. He will never lose her again.

Saul asks who taught her to shoot like that. Shirley is the one. She needed to be able to protect herself and her loved ones. Shirley thinks that Bill definitely deserves to be punished. Saul thinks that she should have told him that she was an expert marksman. Sally thinks that he is going to take her seriously. She feels the world would be so much better without Bill Spencer in it. Their lives would be much better.

Bill knows that Wyatt has stepped up since Liam left. Bill trusts Wyatt. This entire situation has brought them closer. Bill hates being estranged Liam. He knows he only has himself to blame. He thinks that Liam needs to find forgiveness. Justin wonders what happens if Bill has lost him. Bill hopes that he doesn’t. Bill has Will and Wyatt though. Wyatt is willing and loyal. Bill thought Liam would be the son who would lead Spencer into the future. Maybe it was meant to be Wyatt.

Katie cannot believe that Thorne deleted her text. She hopes that everyone understands their relationship. Wyatt is not worried about them. They make each other happy. They have to focus on what works for them. Katie agrees. Wyatt has to go pick up a small surprise for her. She will love this one. Katie is going to wait for him upstairs. She will have a little surprise of her own.

Bill takes out a box and finds a golden gun. Justin walks in. Bill thinks she is beautiful. It was worth a small fortune. Justin asks where he got it. Bill says it was a gift. Bill thinks the gun is a work of art. Sally walks in. Bill wonders what she is doing here. Sally decided to give him one last chance. Bill told her that it isn’t happening. Liam doesn’t work here anymore. If she is looking for a hand out she can find some other sucker to con. Justin will escort her. Sally tells Bill he is messing with the wrong woman.

Katie lights candles. She starts to think about Wyatt and Katie first getting together. She thinks about all their sexual escapades together. Someone knocks on the door and she asks who it is. Wyatt says it is the plumber. Katie thought it would be the pizza boy. She wonders if he saw him on the way up here. Wyatt told him to get lost. Katie thinks that is to bad. She is hungry. Wyatt is as well. The two of them kiss one another. Katie tells him not to stop. Wyatt says that he doesn’t want to but there is something important he needs to tell her. He asks her to sit down. Wyatt knows they have had a history of being unlucky in love. That luck has changed when they found each other. Sometimes, you have to go for it though. What, they have together feels right to him. Wyatt thinks they almost lost it once. Wyatt wants to change all that. Wyatt had to go get something earlier. Something, to prove how much their future means to him. Wyatt found something a while back in hopes to give to a woman someday. Wyatt takes out a ring. Katie thinks that he has brought so much into her life. He makes her really happy. She loves him too. Wyatt asks if that is a yes and she will marry him. Katie says yes. Katie would love to be his wife.

Justin can call security. Bill thinks that would be pathetic. Sally wonders how he can be different than Liam. She knows he couldn’t care less about her. Sally came out to LA to relaunch her aunt’s business. Bill thinks that you have to have talent to succeed. She doesn’t have what it takes. Sally thinks that she does. He blew up her building. Bill is at his wits end with her. He doesn’t want to see her again. Sally takes the gun off the table and shoots him.

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