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Written by Anthony

Brooke tells Katie that she seems a bit distracted. She knows she just walked in on her, but if there is something she should be doing she can leave. Katie wishes that she was doing something else, but that is over now. Wyatt broke things off. Things were going well but then it went wrong. Brooke can tell that she misses him.

Quinn shows up at Wyatt’s office. She brought him some sandwiches. Wyatt thanks her but he is not hungry. Quinn thinks he sounds angry and wonders if Bill did something awful to him. She knows that probably happens on a daily basis. He can always come back to Forrester if he wants. Wyatt tells her it is not Bill. Quinn assumes Katie then, she wonders if there is trouble in paradise. Wyatt wishes she could contain her happiness. He broke up with Katie.

Pam explains to Steffy that she has a conference call with Ridge and international in an hour. Steffy thinks that is great. Pam wonders how she is feeling or if she can get her anything. She knows that Stephanie would be bursting with excitement right now if she were alive. She loved her so much. So, does Pam. She is really thrilled for her and Liam. The baby might be able to ease the two of them. She cannot think of anything that would keep them apart right now.

Bill yells at Justin as to why they have not broken ground on Skye yet. He would like the building to go up in his lifetime. Justin wants him to relax. He can call in a few favors. Sally is on the outside of the door and overhears, as Bill says that he is having a granddaughter. Justin thinks that this is bitter sweet news for him. Bill asks if he can help Sally. Sally cannot help but overhear that Liam and Steffy are having a daughter. Bill wonders why she is here. They don’t have an appointment. Sally thinks that is the thing. He keeps canceling all the appointments she sets up. They need to talk.

Pam can tell that Steffy doesn’t want to talk about this, which is ok. She just wants Steffy to know that she wants to do whatever it is to help out. Steffy thanks Pam. Pam has always had soft spot for her sister’s name sake. There isn’t anything that she wouldn’t do for her. Ridge walks in and Pam leaves. Ridge guesses that she is still wondering what happened with her and Liam. Steffy guesses. She just wants to know why Liam and her are still separated. Ridge thinks it is because of Bill.

Justin reminds Sally that Bill is a very busy man. Bill tells Justin that he has this handled. Justin leaves. Sally has see Liam. She knows that something serious happened between him and Steffy. He moved out and is really upset with Bill. Sally thought they could talk about how to rebuild Spectra like he promised.

Quinn thought that him and Katie were good. Wyatt thought so too. Quinn asks why she ended things then. Wyatt explains that she didn’t. He did. Quinn wonders why he is so upset then. Wyatt saw her kissing Thorne at Brooke and Ridge’s wedding. Quinn knows he wasn’t even there. Wyatt saw it through the telescope.

Brooke tells Katie that the telescope is looking down on the Forrester balcony. She asks if she has been spying on Eric and Quinn. Katie has not been spying on anyone. Brooke is just trying to make her laugh. She doesn’t know why she is being so defensive. Katie is sorry. She is just surprised that Wyatt broke it off so suddenly after her wedding.

Ridge is trying to focus on his granddaughter. It’s just hard to get what Bill did to her out of his head. Steffy allowed what happened. Ridge thought she was in pain. If Bill wants something then he goes out and gets it. Steffy thinks that this was not calculated. Ridge feels that Bill used her like he does everything else.

Sally explains that she has found three locations all in the same price range. She just needs him to sign of on one of them. She shows him the three folders. Bill doesn’t want her to bother. He has already decided to go with option number four. Bill says none of the above.

Wyatt thinks it is ironic. He is the one who insisted on a non-exclusive relationship and Katie is the one who took his word to heart. Quinn asks how Bill will react when he finds out about them. Wyatt knows it will not be pretty. Quinn suggests that Katie came to her senses and realizes that there is no future for this relationship. That might be why, she put her attention towards Thorne. Wyatt is not going to end it this way.

Katie gets a phone call from Wyatt. She says hi. Wyatt needs to see her. He wants to talk, he asks where she is. Katie says at home. Wyatt is on his way to see her. Quinn tells him to wait. Wyatt thanks her for lunch. Quinn want him to finish his sandwich at least.

Brooke thinks she should leave. Katie wonders why he would want to talk if he ended things. Brooke suggests that he realized that he made a mistake.

Steffy wants Bill to let this go. Ridge thinks that Bill took advantage of her. Steffy tells him again that she willingly did this.

Sally reminds him that he promised to help her out. Bill feels that promise was connected to Liam. He is not working here anymore. Sally thinks he just created a giant loophole. This was restoration for him blowing up her building. Bill thinks it was his building. Bill doesn’t want to see her again.

Katie opens the door and says hi to Wyatt. She thought they weren’t doing this anymore. Wyatt should have came clean to her on the night of the wedding. He left out some key information as to why he did what he did. Wyatt came by here to surprise her. He went over and peaked outside and he looked into her telescope and he saw her and Thorne kissing. Katie is so sorry. He should have said something. Wyatt was confused. He was the one pushing the no strings thing, but he didn’t know how to justify being jealous of her and another guy. Wyatt realized how much he cared about her. Seeing, her with Thorne wasn’t part of his arrangement. Now there is the hard part, which is being without her. Wyatt is crazy about her. That is why he sent her a text saying he regretted things. Katie tells him that she never got a text.

Ridge tells Steffy that he is sorry. He is happy for her. She can have the family that she always wanted. She will be a parent soon and will have a little girl. He vowed to keep her safe from harm. He will not let that happen ever again. Ridge will protect her and do whatever he has to do.

Bill knows that Liam has a soft spot for people. He won’t be giving anymore handouts. Sally asks how Liam ever came from him. Sally wonders about all the things he did to her, then when she didn’t disappear he blew up the building. She is sure that he has done worse. Being rich and powerful doesn’t give him the right to be a jerk. All the money and power doesn’t disguise the fact that he is a coward. His days are numbered. When he least expects it, someone will put an end to his reign of terror. Sally has never hated anyone as much as she has hated him.

Wyatt shows Katie that she read it. Katie didn’t though. Katie wonders about Thorne. They have the same phone and he accidentally took hers. He must have deleted the text. Wyatt thinks that is kind of crazy. Katie knows that he had no right to do that. Wyatt doesn’t want to talk about him anymore. Katie doesn’t think anything has changed. She doesn’t want to hold him back. Wyatt doesn’t either. He wants to have a relationship with her. Wyatt loves a challenge. He has never been more serious about anything in his life. He has realized that he wants Katie. He sparkle and glow. The warm fuzzy feeling she creates inside him. Katie asks if she really makes him feel that way. Wyatt was an idiot to think that he could let her go. Wyatt fell completely and madly in love with her. Katie asks if he did. Katie loves him too. The two kiss one another passionately.

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