B&B Wednesday Update 2/21/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/21/18


Written By Anthony

Bill is shocked that Liam is having a girl. He thought that Liam wanted a boy. Wyatt thinks that there are enough boys in the Spencer family that they could start a bowling team. Bill guesses that if Steffy gave him the news that is a good sign. Wyatt explains that they found out together. Bill asks if that means they are going to work things out. He assumes that he felt happy. Wyatt guesses he seemed happy when he told him.

Steffy tells Ridge that his granddaughter takes after him. Ridge hopes she grows out of it. He thinks that Steffy should have left the picture with Liam to make him think about it. Steffy assures him that Doctor Phillips left two copies. Ridge thinks it is a good plan. Steffy is not trying to con him. He is part of her and part of Steffy.

Liam tells the picture that he is glad that he got to meet her, he is also glad that Hope convinced him to go.

Hope walks into the design office. Rick, Maya, Thorne, Katie, and Pam are all there. Pam wonders if she is supposed to be taking notes. Hope says that this is the first meeting of the Hope for the Future relaunch. Katie asks if they have a designer. Rick explains that Ridge asked Thorne to be head designer. Thorne was appointed on his talent not his role in the wedding. Hope wants to cut to order. Rick will have a tuna melt. Hope would hate to have to fire Rick first.

Bill wants to know what Liam’s words are. Wyatt is not going to talk about Steffy with him. Bill deserves to be a part of his granddaughter’s life. Wyatt doesn’t think that Liam and Bill are going to reconcile anytime soon.

Liam walks back into his hotel room and takes a sip of coffee. He starts to think about him and Steffy seeing their baby for the first time.

Ridge asks if Steffy thinks that he could mess this up. Steffy thinks he might be laughing but this picture is all she has. She needs to stay positive and chase away all the fears. Ridge is glad that Liam is standing up. Steffy is shocked that she owes it all to Hope.

Bill wants to know how hard it would be to get a copy of the ultrasound picture. Wyatt is sure she will be an awesome little girl, but she looks like a gray ghost. Bill wants him a picture. Wyatt says that his mystery date is no longer in the picture. It was not as a dumb a choice to break up than it was to walk into Bill’s office. Bill could have helped them work things out. He has charm. Wyatt thinks he has an ego the size of Alaska. She knew all about him. He is done with her though. Bill wants to be happy then that Liam showed up for the ultrasound. Bill asks what the hell she has to do with anything. Wyatt explains that Hope is back, and Liam is hanging on her. Bill doesn’t think that can be good.

Liam thinks about Hope suggesting that Liam help out with Hope for the Future. Liam gets on his laptop.

Pam is not sure that she understands this. Maya agrees. Hope doesn’t need to tell any of them that they need to raise their standards. They are designing for a demographic whose values are strong but often overlooked. When you hear the way that people talk about millennials it is not very nice. Rick thought that dumping on the new generation is an age-old tradition. Hope wouldn’t know. Thorne asks if he is to old for this job. Hope says no but is glad that he asked. It is all about inclusion. They want a world where everyone’s talents are respected. Katie asks how people will know that they actually care. Hope wants to care for the designs, the fabrics, dyes, the people they put on the runway. They will put a chunk of their profit into charity. She has the perfect consultant for them as well. Their cliental will not just feel beautiful. They will feel a part of something. A better future.

Ridge thinks that Hope is a good person. Steffy guesses she is willing to help her marriage despite all the things she has done. Ridge feels that good people do good things for good reasons. They are their reasons not their own. Steffy really doesn’t think that Hope has anything to gain from this. Ridge just wants her to be mindful of the time she spends with Liam.

Katie is on the phone and would love to take a message. She will tell him. Thorne walks over. Katie asks how on earth she ended up taking phone calls. Pam just ran off. Thorne suggests that she has a secret boyfriend. Katie doesn’t think he is so secret. His name is Charlie. Thorne means one on the side. Katie doesn’t think that Pam’s love life is so secret. He really wouldn’t want to know about it. Thorne thinks that everyone has their secrets.

Wyatt wants to know what Bill has against Hope. Bill thinks she is not safe for his brother. Wyatt thinks that after his last four or five big disasters, he cannot judge anyone for anything. She is trying to help Liam and Steffy put their marriage back together. Bill doesn’t buy it. Steffy needs to watch her back.

Steffy feels that Hope has done nothing but help. Ridge is impressed with her. He has to like her. He is married to her mother. He just wants Steffy to be careful.

Hope gets a phone call. She congratulates Liam that it is a girl. Liam says it is a beautiful girl and he wants to buy her everything. Liam asks what she is doing right now. He has been thinking about the offer she made him. He thought working with Hope for the Future would help him. Hope explains that Ridge approved the relaunch. Liam has a few ideas for her. He asks if he can see her. Liam just doesn’t want to go to the Forrester building. Hope is on her way.

Wyatt wants him to call him crazy, but he doubts that Steffy and Liam will want anything from him. Bill is suggesting that Wyatt look out for his brother. Wyatt doesn’t think that Hope is acting like a threat, but he is acting like she is. Wyatt thinks that Bill is hoping she is one, so that he can have Steffy. Bill says that Steffy is carrying his sons child and he still wants that for both of them. He will not let Hope do anything to cause further damage to his son’s marriage.

Steffy doesn’t have many defenders at the moment and if she did, Liam wouldn’t listen to them. He will listen to Hope whether she trusts her or not. She has to lean on her right now. Ridge asks what happens if Hope gets triggered when she lost Liam. Maybe just maybe, there is a chance she could get him back.

Hope shows up at Liam’s hotel room. He thinks he looks better than he has been. Liam asks what the deal is. He doesn’t think it is physically possible to get here that quickly. Hope thinks that it is. He just drives like a little old lady. Liam thanks her for coming. Hope had to make a triumphant exit while she still could. She has a lot of rabbits to pull out of hats to make this happen. Liam knows she wants to expand on outreach. He explains that each of these tabs show different charities that he has worked with. Hope notices the ultrasound picture and she starts to get teary eyed. Liam asks what is wrong. Hope says nothing. She thinks she is beautiful just like he said. It just took her by surprise. Hope thinks that this is exactly what she needs, but they can talk about it when she has more time. Hope goes out in the hallway and starts sobbing.

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