B&B Tuesday Update 2/20/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/20/18


Written by Anthony

Ridge is so happy that Steffy is having a little girl. Ridge is so glad that he is having a granddaughter. Steffy thinks it means the world that Liam was there. She thinks they are going to make it.

Wyatt thinks that having a girl is something to celebrate. Wyatt asks Liam how it felt to see his baby on that screen. Liam thinks it was unreal. He cannot believe that he would have missed it if it were not for Hope.

In the design office, Hope informs Rick and Maya that Hope for the Future is back. Rick asks how she managed to convince Ridge. Hope just reminded him of how successful it was in the past. Hope needed a project and she cannot think of a better one than this. This is her baby. Rick is shocked that Ridge would do this. He just keeps looking for excuses to not go ahead with things. Hope informs them that Thorne is on the design team. Maya asks how she feels about working with Thorne. Hope is lucky to have him. Ridge agrees. Rick guesses they are seeing eye to eye. Hope agrees on a lot of things.

Steffy feels that Liam was mesmerized over the baby. He is a father of a little girl. It definitely had an impact on him, but not enough to forgive her. Not yet.

Wyatt wants to know how Hope factors into this. Liam admits that she is the one who convinced him to go. Liam shows the picture to Wyatt. Wyatt thinks she is beautiful but gets that from her uncle, so he is welcome. Liam thinks that this is incredible. This is his daughter right there. Wyatt thinks that this is a life moment. Liam was not prepared for this. Wyatt asks if this changed anything for Liam. Like, how he views his relationship with Steffy.

Maya saw one of the outfits from Hope from the Future on someone the other day. Hope thinks the brand is timeless. Maya forgot about one of the designs. Hope thinks that the world is trying to deal with what the world is becoming.

Ridge thinks the ultrasound is a game changer. Steffy thinks that it was. She thinks that Liam will be able to forgive her over time. He will come around. She will see.

Wyatt asks if seeing his daughter made things more real to him. Liam needs to get the image of Steffy and Bill out of his head. He cannot be pressured by this. Wyatt thinks that Liam deserves every ounce of anger right now that he has towards Bill. Wyatt is not leaving the company because of all this. Liam figures. He agrees on him about Bill. He is wrong way beyond words, but this is about the two of them. He needs to be there for dad to help him run the company. Liam doesn’t want to fight about this. He doesn’t even want to think about Bill right now. He asks how things are going for him and Katie. Wyatt broke things off with her. He saw Katie kissing Thorne. Liam thought they were about no strings. Wyatt guesses. Liam guesses that changed when he saw her kissing another man. Wyatt knows that having a niece will be cool. Uncle’s spoil and dad’s discipline. Dad’s having to be around though. Liam needs to get their dad out of his head first. Wyatt wants him to for the little girl.

Hope continues to look at the old fashion show. Steffy walks in and asks if she is busy. Hope is just working on some stuff. She thinks it is good to see her here. Steffy explains that she is having a little girl. Hope thinks that is wonderful. She is so happy for both of them. Steffy thanks her.

Pam is shocked that Hope for the Future is back. Rick tells her that Thorne is designing. It was Thorne’s idea. Pam is shocked that they are not at each other’s throats. Pam asks if they knew that Steffy was back. She seemed pretty good. Maya wonders if she worked things out with Liam. Pam isn’t so sure yet. Ridge walks over and tells them not to gossip about Steffy and Liam and their marriage.

Liam will make sure that his daughter is in his life. Wyatt just thinks he needs to get life back in his own life. Liam says that Hope mentioned him working with Hope. He would be focusing on the charity side of things. Wyatt doesn’t think it is a bad idea. Hope just keeps coming through for him and Steffy.

Hope thinks it is so exciting that Steffy is having a little girl. She wonders if it mattered to her that she would have a girl or boy. Steffy doesn’t think it did. Hope thinks that Liam would have seen her eventually anyway. She thinks that this is the way it should be. Steffy agrees. Hope thinks maybe next time she will not have to convince him. Steffy is not sure. It wasn’t enough to prepare their marriage. She talked with him about it, but he said not yet. Hope thinks that is a good thing. It means he needs more time. It means he is working through it. He will. Steffy thinks it is all because of Hope. She thanks her.

Pam is really sorry. Rick will keep the gossip to him and Brooke. Maya asks how Steffy is. Ridge thinks she is good. He is going to have a granddaughter. He hopes that the girl will melt Liam’s heart and bring the family back together.

Liam sits on his bed looking at the photo. He thinks about Hope reminding him that this is an important event for him. He starts thinking about seeing their little girl for the first time. Liam remembers telling Hope that she is a good friend to him. Hope promises that she would be there whenever he needed her.

Hope doesn’t need Steffy thanking her. Steffy thinks he only went to the ultrasound because of Hope. Hope knows that Liam loves her. Hope wants Steffy to be good for him. He will always be there for him and his family. He will never do what Bill did to him. Steffy might owe her marriage to Hope. She remembers Ridge telling her about Hope for the Future. Steffy supports her. Hope wasn’t sure. She wasn’t crazy about it in the past. Steffy wants to get behind it. Steffy knows it feels so early, but she really believes that Liam will find a way to forgive her. She promises that she will not let anyone down. Hope might have saved her family and it is beautifully ironic. Hope is happy for Steffy. She really is.

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