B&B Monday Update 2/19/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/19/18


Written by Anthony

Liam cannot believe that it is a little girl. Steffy asks if he is happy their baby is a girl. Liam was hoping she would be. Liam thinks it is kind of amazing to see her. Steffy agrees. They made her together. Steffy doesn’t want him to ever forget that. She is what matters. Their daughter. She might not deserve his forgiveness, but she does. He needs to do this for their little girl.

Hope walks into the CEO office. She knows he wanted to see her Ridge did. He wanted to thank her. He knows that it must be hard to support Steffy, but he thanks her for doing so. Hope still doesn’t understand why she did what she did and doesn’t support it, but they are married with a child. Ridge knows he showed up for the ultrasound. Hope knows, and it seems like a good sign.

Thorne kisses Katie and wants her to forget about Wyatt and think about moving on. The two kiss one another passionately on her couch. Katie cannot do this.

Ridge appreciates his willingness to support Steffy even if she doesn’t agree with how it happened. Hope is willing to leave everything in the past. Ridge thinks she is wise beyond her years. Which brings him to the second thing he wants to talk about. He asks her if she wants to bring back Hope for the Future. Hope thanks him so much. This is such big news. She thanks him.

Steffy doesn’t want to ruin this moment for him. She wishes that things were different. She hates what she did, and she hates what she did to him. Liam cannot let Steffy think that way. They have to find a way for this to not affect their life. Steffy doesn’t think that it has to be this way. They need to be a family for their little girl.

Katie swore she wasn’t going to do this today. Thorne guesses they can slow things down a bit. Katie is glad they are on the same page. After, Wyatt ended their relationship or whatever that was. Thorne gets a text from Ridge to come see him at the office. Katie suggests he should go then. Thorne doesn’t want her to think about Wyatt while he is gone. He is more than willing to help her forget about him. Katie will make a mental note of that.

Phillips tells Steffy to keep taking her vitamins. Phillips is glad that Liam is so involved in the pregnancy. They need to be doing things together. Phillips can tell that he has been a wonderful partner so far. Phillips leaves. Steffy is so happy that their baby is doing so well. She didn’t put the doctor up to that by saying that she needed him. It is true though. They both need him.

Hope asks if Ridge can tell she is excited. Ridge can. There is one thing though. He cannot help her creatively right now. He is to busy. Hope totally understands. She can put together a design team. Ridge thought about that already. Thorne walks in. He knows that he came back to LA because he wanted to be part of a design team. He thinks he has natural talent. Ridge knows that Hope wants her line back. Unfortunately, he is to busy with his line. He is suggesting that Thorne work with Hope. He asks what Thorne thinks.

Liam looks at his child. Steffy is grateful that he came. It means a lot that he made it. Liam thinks it is one of those days that you don’t forget. To see their daughter for the first time and he almost missed it. Liam promises that he will always be there for their daughter. Steffy thinks that they made her. Liam is devoted to the babies well-being. Steffy can already tell how much she means to him. Liam thinks that it all became so real today, her growing stronger. He knows that this hasn’t been easy for them. He is also not the one carrying the baby. So, there is all this extra stress to stay healthy. Liam is really proud of her for doing everything she can to take care of their child. Steffy is really trying, knowing the pain she caused. She has to ask him though, if there is any chance they could be a family again like they always wanted to be.

Ridge asks Thorne what he says. Thorne says it is a definite yes. Hope cannot wait to work with him. Thorne thinks that this will be fun. Ridge thinks that they will make a great team. Ridge wants them to get started. Hope will call him later with initial concepts and they can go from there. Thorne knows she is excited and he is as well. Thorne doesn’t think the timing could be better. Thorne wanted to make an impact at the family company. He admits that he has a little bit of a chip on his shoulder. Now he wonders if Ridge is not so bad after all. Ridge is glad that Thorne finally realized how good a guy he is. He admits he could have handled things better as well. Ridge is sorry. He doesn’t want to fight with him. He appreciates him standing up to him. Ridge hands Thorne a gift. Thorne remembers it being Eric and Stephanie’s martini shaker. It is a reminder to not take life so seriously. Thorne assumes that Stephanie would appreciate this. Ridge left a card calling him big brother. Thorne suggests just calling him brother. Thorne is glad to be here.

Liam suggests that they get going. Steffy guesses. She just doesn’t want to leave. She thanks him for being here today. It means the world to her. Steffy suggests that he take a picture with him. Then they will both have one. Steffy believes in them. They can over come this and be happy. They can have the best start in life. She wants him to know that she is thinking about him. Steffy wants him to think about their daughter. Liam tells her that is all he thinks about. Liam wants to forgive her. He wishes he could. He wishes the night never happened. Steffy wishes that more than anything. Liam believes in second chances. He is doing his best. Liam thinks that this hurts so much and he cannot get over it yet. Steffy understands but he said not yet. That means that there is still a chance even if he doesn’t want to admit to it. She chooses to have faith for their baby and their future. Steffy loves him and always will.

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