B&B Friday Update 2/16/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/16/18


Written by Anthony

Ridge is impressed with Hope and so is Steffy. Brooke knows that there is a family at stake and Hope knows that as well. Hope walks in. Ridge says that Steffy told him that she thought that she could convince Liam to take her back. Hope did her best. She just came from seeing him. She left after Steffy calling. She has her first ultrasound today. He needs to see his child.

Steffy says hello to Phillips. She thanks her for coming in. She wonders if they are waiting on the father. Steffy explains she called him before she left. Phillips assumes he is on his way. Steffy hopes so. She wants to be together when they see the baby for the first time.

Thorne looks at the phone and reads Wyatt’s message to Katie. Thorne assumes that Wyatt must be the mystery man in Katie’s life. Katie calls and thinks that he has her phone. Thorne explains it took him a minute to figure out what is going on but he gets it now. Thorne must have grabbed her phone earlier on accident. He can drop it by to her. Katie will see him soon then. Thorne deletes the message from Wyatt.

Ridge guesses that Liam was still at the hotel when she left. Hope urged him to go. Ridge calls Steffy. He is glad that she picked up. He wonders if she can talk about the appointment. Steffy asks how he knows. Ridge explains Hope was with him when she called. Steffy assumes that there is still time for Liam to show up. Ridge thinks that someone should come and sit with him. Steffy has to go. Ridge wants her to let him know how it goes. Brooke doesn’t think that Liam will miss seeing his child for the first time. Hope thinks this could bring them back together.

Liam walks into Steffy’s room. Steffy is so glad that he came. She has tears in his eyes.

Katie thanks Thorne. She is usually a lot more careful with her phone. Thorne assumes she has sensitive stuff on it. Katie explains that Will’s school has to get a hold of her sometimes. Thorne just found out about Wyatt and her. Katie says she is not seeing him anymore. Katie thinks it is complicated. He is her step-son. Katie’s marriage to Bill ended a long time ago. That is one of the reasons they ended it. It is better that this is just over. Thorne assumes she still thinks about him. Katie assumes he will get past it. Thorne can help her.

Ridge guesses he can go and be with Steffy. If her husband won’t go down there then her dad will. He gets a text. Brooke asks what it is. Ridge explains that Liam is there.

Liam is glad that she called him. Steffy is glad he came. Liam knows it is important. It is not urgent though he hopes. Steffy explains she had a cancelation. She thinks things will be fine. It means a lot to have Liam here. Phillips tells them that she just needs a moment to set up. She asks if they are ready to see their baby.

Thorne doesn’t think she needs to stop having fun just because Wyatt is out of the picture. Thorne thinks that something lead him back to LA. He got caught into Brooke and Ridge’s drama. Then he questioned if coming home was the right choice. Now he wonders if he came back home for her.

Ridge guesses things are looking up. It is positive. Hope doesn’t think that Liam can just get over how she feels. Ridge knows that she has a history with Liam. He thanks her for respecting Steffy’s relationship though. Hope thinks that if Liam can forgive her, then they should help keep them together. Hope thinks that as long as Steffy respects him and is loyal she will not get involved in this marriage.

Phillips explains they will have more ultrasounds and blood tests due to her past. Steffy thinks taking care of the baby is her first priority. Liam thinks it is his too. Phillips is not going to push. She will just move the wand around until she sees movement. Steffy started to feel fluttering. Phillips tells them there they are. Steffy and Liam see the baby. Steffy asks if their baby is healthy. Phillips says yes. She wonders if they want to know the sex. Steffy and Liam say yes. She wants them to say hello to their little baby girl. Steffy cries. Liam thinks that is their beautiful daughter.

Katie thinks that Thorne knows everything. She is intrigued and attracted to him. She is just not sure that she is ready. Thorne thought she liked taking risks. Thorne could help her forget about him if she lets him. The two kiss one another passionately.

Brooke thinks that Hope got Liam to go to the ultrasound. She knows that Hope spoke on Steffy’s behalf. She did something so incredible unselfish. She is Hope’s mother. Hope admits it is hard to be around Liam and see him hurting like that. The child is the priority though. If Steffy can stay faithful then she will not do anything. Hope thinks that Steffy does regret what she did. They have a chance to be a family. Hope knows how important that is. Brooke thinks she is a strong woman. She is so proud of Hope.

Steffy cannot believe that is their little girl. Steffy believes in divine intervention. It is the only thing to explain how happy she is right now. She felt so guilty that she did what she did. She is consumed with regret. She feels like she will never feel good again. Liam doesn’t want her to think that way. Steffy thinks their child needs her parents. She needs to know if they could be living together once the baby is born. Steffy thinks the child is healthy and beautiful. She should matter more than anything in life. Steffy is going to tell their daughter how kind and compassionate her father is. Their daughter is going to grow up knowing nothing can rip their family apart. She has to ask her again, for their little girl if he can find it in his heart to have forgiveness. She loves Liam. She needs him to forgive her.

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