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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/15/18


Written by Anthony

Liam doesn’t think he realized how much he really needed Hope to stop by. He needed to see her smiling face. It was good that she stopped by. He never thought that his wife and father would do this to him. Hope knows that Steffy only wants what is right for the baby. They need to put what is right for the baby first, especially Liam. He is going to have a son or daughter.

Steffy thanks Ridge for coming over but assumes that he should be with his wife. Ridge thinks that Brooke understands because she is a mother first. Ridge feels guilty that he is so happy when his daughter isn’t.

On the Sky Lounge, Rick has to give Thorne credit for going to the wedding. He knows how he feels about Brooke. It was pretty big of him. He knows it is not easy to challenge destiny though.

Katie asks Maya if she knew she wasn’t feeling well. Maya did and wanted to give her these files so she could work from home. Katie thanks Maya. That was thoughtful of her. She wonders if it is a stomach virus or the flu. Katie admits it is a personal day with her love life. Maya is shocked. Most women would be thrilled to have Thorne interested in them.

Rick tries to guess who Thorne’s new lady is. He assumes it is Genevieve. Thorne asks if that is the thin model. Rick thinks she is smoking. Thorne informs him that it is not her. She is not a model. She is very beautiful though. It is just there is another guy in the picture or at least there was.

Maya thinks that Thorne is so cute and she is a free woman, unless the rumors of the mystery man were true. Maya suggests that the personal day means that this is all over. Maya thinks that they are family. She doesn’t have to hide this from her. She saw Thorne kiss her.

Steffy thinks that Ridge and Brooke have what she wants Liam one day. Steffy doesn’t think that Liam is being cruel and neither has Hope. She always has thought of Hope as competition. One more thing she was wrong about.

Hope was never sure if Steffy deserved Liam but after talking with her today… Liam thinks it is insane that given their history, Hope is still advocating for her. Hope smiles.

Rick wonders if the new lady in his life is from LA. Thorne thinks that she is born and raised. He is seeing her very differently these days. Katie cannot believe that Maya say Thorne kissing her. Maya promises that she has not told anyone. Katie thinks that it isn’t what she thinks. Maya asks if she was secretly seeing someone and now has Thorne seeing her. She realizes the breakup with mister mysterious was hard, but she has Thorne after her now. She knows what she would do. Katie laughs.

Ridge knows that Liam and Hope were married. It makes sense that she would be worried. Steffy was all wrong about Hope. She was wrong to think she would take advantage of the situation. Steffy didn’t know how Hope was going to act and Hope ended up saying she would support her marriage.

Hope is trying to do the right thing. Liam thinks she always does. Hope admits she might feel differently if it were a different situation but this baby needs the love of both its parents. Steffy said that she would love him unconditionally the rest of his life. She wonders if he can give the child the love that it deserves.

Ridge guesses that Hope supports Steffy then. Steffy guesses she wants to do the right thing. Ridge assumes for everyone including herself. Steffy guesses that Hope loves Liam and always will. She couldn’t live with herself though if she took Liam away from her in this situation. Steffy made it clear to Hope that she would be a good wife to Liam. She will not do anything bad to him. Steffy thinks it has been hard for Liam to forgive her. Ridge asks if Steffy thinks that this could do it. Steffy feels if Hope can support her then it would make sense. She thinks that it could be the bridge that brings Liam and her back together and she can be a family again with Liam.

Liam thinks this is what he is struggling with. He wonders how he learns to forgive Steffy. Hope asks what he thinks is holding him back. Hope knows it feels like the worst betrayal imaginable. Liam hates seeing it but every time he sees his wife he sees his father. Hope is sorry, but he needs to think about his child. He needs to see past the scars of betrayal. Hope wants him to know that whatever he decides, she will be there for him.

Maya realizes she has to get going. Katie thanks her for bringing by the folders. Maya just wanted to give her props for landing Thorne. Katie claims she has not landed anyone. Maya thinks she deserves to have fun. Katie thinks that it has come to an abrupt end. Maya imagines she would have a lot of fun with someone as handsome as Thorne.

Rick’s phone goes off. Rick explains that has to be Thorne’s. Thorne realizes that it is Katie’s phone and Wyatt has texted her saying he wants to rethink the breakup.

Steffy gets a phone call and it is from Doctor Phillips. She asks how the mother to be is. Steffy is being very careful. She has a last-minute cancelation. She could have her first ultrasound today. Steffy thought that would be in a few weeks. She wonders if she should be concerned. Phillips thinks that they just need to be overly cautious with her previous fertility issues. She asks if Steffy is available. Steffy cannot wait to see her baby for the first time. Steffy thanks her. Steffy rubs her stomach.

Liam is glad that Hope is back in LA. Hope is as well. Hope thinks they need to get him out of this room. Liam is not going back to Spencer. Hope actually wanted to start up Hope for the Future again. She wonders if Forrester starts it up again if he would want to help. He could help him with the charity aspect of the line. It gives him reason to get out of the room. Liam will think about it. Liam gets a call and it is Steffy. Hope tells him to answer. Steffy just wanted to let him know that she is going to the doctors office. She is going to her first ultrasound. Liam asks if they can see the baby. Steffy hopes he can come and see the baby with her. Liam thanks her for letting him know. Hope asks if Steffy is having her first ultrasound. Liam guesses she is heading there now. Hope thinks it would mean a lot if he went. Liam asks if she really thinks she should. Liam thinks she is a good friend and thanks her for being there. Hope is there whenever he needs her. Liam has a feeling that he will be needing her a lot more.

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