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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/14/18


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Steffy hopes that Hope is not going to take advantage of this situation. Hope explains that he just wants to see her. That’s all there is to it. Hope admits that part of her will always care about Liam. There is a child involved. If this was a one time incident with Bill, something she will regret the rest of her life. Steffy thinks it is something she will regret the rest of her life. Hope doesn’t think her child deserves to suffer for it.

Brooke asks Ridge what the look on his face is for. Se knows he is up to something. Ridge does have a look. He gives her a jewelry box. Brooke asks if this was Stephanie’s. Eric gave it to her on their twenties wedding anniversary. Brooke thanks Ridge. She as something for him too. She will be right back.

Maya asks if Pam does know how old Lizzie is. Rick explains that Pam thinks you are never to old to learn. That means that there will be flour everywhere and Lizzie will be banned from the kitchen for life. Rick feels this moment will mean alone time for them. Maya guesses they better make the most of it. Maya asks how long Pam is taking Lizzie. Rick heard talk about lemon bars and brownies. Maya asks if Pam took Lizzie so they could go out for Valentine’s day. Maya thinks that they have to make reservations. Rick just wants her to sit back and relax and be his Valentine.

Ridge wonders if Brooke is ready. Brooke says not yet. He needs to keep his eyes closed. Brooke walks out in a red lingerie get up. She tells him to open his eyes. He says wow. Brooke says Happy Valentine’s day.

Hope asks what Bill’s take on this is. Steffy guesses he knows they shouldn’t have done it but he doesn’t think of it as a mistake. Steffy wants her husband back and doesn’t want her to take advantage of the situation. She asks if she plans to take Liam away from her. Hope wanted a life with Liam for so long, but she wouldn’t be able to live with herself if she took advantage of this. A few months from now she will have a baby and she hopes that she has Liam too. Steffy thanks her. Hope just wants her to not let Liam down and leave Bill alone. Hope guesses she can support her. She will be honest, if it weren’t for the baby she doesn’t think she could. Hope assumes that Liam is waiting for her. Steffy has something. She could give Liam a Valentine from his wife. Hope says sure. Steffy tells Hope she is glad she is home.

Maya didn’t realize when Rick said make reservations she didn’t think he meant the steam room. Rick asks if she is disappointed. Maya is not at all. Rick guesses they could always get dressed up and go out to dinner. Maya thinks anything fancier than a towel and she is not interested. Rick thinks even towels can be to fancy. He takes his off.

Brooke is running downstairs really quick to check on the girls. Ridge is sure they are fine. Brooke doesn’t think they are. Ridge thinks they are adults and can get through this. He on the other hand is a bit of a little boy. He needs all her attention. Brooke guesses that it is good she is here then. Ridge agrees that it is good that she is here.

Liam wonders how the wedding was. Hope thinks it was wonderful. Liam knows that Ridge never gives up. He never stops talking about it. He is just confused. Liam lost his wife, father, job, and home. All that he is supposed to have is gone. Hope wonders if he has thought of talking to someone professionally. Liam knows he has to work through this. He would rather not talk to a stranger if there is someone available. He would rather talk to a friend whose advice he would take. He wonders if she gets what he is saying.

Rick and Maya kiss one another in the shower. Maya takes her towel off as well.

Ridge wonders if Brooke knows how happy she makes him. Brooke has an idea. Ridge thinks she has a great smile and an amazing person. He is glad that she is his. The two walk over to the bed and they start to kiss one another.

Steffy walks into her living room and looks at a picture of her latest wedding to Liam.

Hope is happy that Liam still feels she can trust her. There is no one she would rather turn to in a crisis herself. She tried forgetting Liam and it didn’t work. She didn’t try to replace him but that is sort of what she did. It turns out that there is no other him. It is nice that they can still call each other friends. Hope thinks they should write a book and call it “how to remain friends with an ex”. Hope was happy that he and Steffy got together. She thought they were happy and now she sees everything that is happening. Hope thinks he can always turn to her. The two hold each other’s hands.

Maya thinks that alone time with her man is perfect. Rick takes out a jewelry box. She opens it and a locket is in there with a picture of their family. He kisses her.

Ridge puts the headband on his head. Brooke thinks he can pull off a lot of looks but that is not one of them. She thinks her smile is thanks to Ridge. She loves wearing his ring and being back with the person who is the greatest love of her life. Ridge will keep her smiling all the years of his life. Brooke believes him.

Hope knows that Steffy’s feelings for him are clear and she is pining for him. She is pregnant with his child. Steffy asked what Hope’s intentions were with him. Part of her would like to pick up with him, but that is impossible now. Steffy swore it was a terrible mistake that would never happen again. Hope guesses if she thought that Steffy would do that again she might go after Liam but she believes Steffy. If she can ever trust Steffy again, then it might be worth the try. Hope gives Liam the Valentine from Steffy. She knew she was coming over to see her. Liam cannot believe that Hope is playing matchmaker for Steffy. Hope just wants what is best for Liam whatever that may be. Liam wishes Hope a happy Valentine’s day. They looks through the messages. Liam’s says “Be Mine.”

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