B&B Tuesday Update 2/13/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/13/18


Written by Anthony

Hope tells Brooke over breakfast that she needs to turn down the brightness. It is getting hard to look at her. Brooke has had a smile on her face since she got married. Hope is so happy for her. Brooke wonders how Steffy was. Hope knows she was disappointed that Liam didn’t show up. Brooke feels that her and Ridge were as well. Hope doesn’t know how to feel herself. She felt like she had to be there for her at the wedding. She slept with Bill of all people. Brooke can tell that Hope still cares about Hope. Hope does but there is a baby on the way and they need to do what is right for the child.

Liam congratulates Ridge on the wedding. Ridge says they missed him. Liam understands they wanted him to be there but he couldn’t bring himself to be there. Ridge gets it. He has a lot of things to work on. Liam appreciates him understanding. Ridge reminds him that Steffy is hurting. His wife and kid need him. He needs to step up.

Steffy does yoga on the floor of her living room. She walks into the kitchen and takes her vitamins. She rubs her stomach.

Katie walks into her living room and starts to think about her and Wyatt’s relationship. Someone knocks on the door and she goes to answer it. It is Thorne. He wonders if she wakes up like this. Katie puts her robe on. Thorne wants to drive her to work. Katie is going to take a personal day. Thorne wonders if she feels ok. Katie admits her boyfriend broke up with her last night. Katie guesses it was fun while it lasted. Thorne wants her to let go and move on. She doesn’t know what is out there.

Ridge reminds Liam that this is his first kid. He will get to hear the heart beat and hear the child kick. Liam asks if he honestly doesn’t think that it doesn’t kill him to miss that. Liam cannot just forgive Steffy. Ridge thinks that Steffy is grieving what she did. He wants Liam to keep his heart open to forgiveness. The way he is acting is as if he cannot get over what happened.

Steffy calls Hope. Hope didn’t expect to hear from her. Steffy wonders if she can talk with her in person. She asks if she can come over. Hope says sure. Brooke wonders what is going on. Hope says that Steffy wants to see her. Hope is trying to take herself out of this but it is hard to get past what Steffy did. It is hard to see Liam in so much pain. Hope always loved Liam and always will. Brooke hugs Hope.

Thorne assumes that Katie let the man go. Katie thinks they let each other go. Thorne is not going to lie that he isn’t happy she broke up with him. He has been thinking about their kiss. He was thinking that they should kiss again. Katie wonders why he would want to do that with her. She thinks that there are other people he could be with. Katie thinks it has been five minutes. Thorne feels she is completely free.

Liam assumes that the wedding was nice. Ridge got to marry the woman of his dreams. Liam knows that there were times he thought that him and Brooke wouldn’t get there. Ridge thinks that they all make mistakes. When you are younger you find it harder to forgive. In a few more years he will get where he is coming from. Ridge thinks that true love is a cool thing when it finds you. You have to fight for it. Ridge is giving Liam his experience. He needs to put the hurt and pain away, so he can fight for his family. He has an innocent child that needs his help right now. He knows that Liam can make it against all odds. Ridge leaves.

Steffy shows up at Brooke’s house. Brooke will leave them alone. Hope wonders if she is ok. She knows that she is disappointed about Liam. Steffy knows why he couldn’t be here. Steffy just thinks this is all crazy. In the middle of all this Hope is back. She was involved with Liam and married to him. Hope is reminded every time she sees him. Hope remembers Steffy as well. Some good memories and some not so much. She doesn’t think they can pretend the past didn’t happen. Hope understands how hard it is to forgive someone they love. She does love Steffy, but she manipulated her and Liam and got what she wanted. Now she has broken Liam’s heart.

Katie knew this would happen sooner or later. They just laughed a lot and had a lot of fun. Katie wonders what Thorne is offering her. Thorne thinks she might need another no strings relationship. The Forrester’s and Logan’s have had some legendary romances. Katie wonders if he is just what she needs right now. Thorne is right here. Thorne realizes he has to be more proactive in life. When he sees someone he likes, he goes for it. Katie suggests he go to the office. Thorne wouldn’t be a good friend if he did that. He wants Katie to turn around and close her eyes. He starts to rub her back.

Brooke sits in her room and looks at pictures from her wedding. Ridge walks in. Brooke asks where he went. Ridge went to talk with Liam. He is going to call Steffy. Brooke explains that she is downstairs talking with Liam. Se wonders if Ridge didn’t see her. Brooke assumed they were talking about Liam.

Hope doesn’t understand why Steffy would sleep with Bill. She just needs to hear her side of the story. She didn’t end up in bed on accident. Steffy explains that it started with the Spectra’s. Liam challenged Bill and Bill was furious. Their relationship was falling apart and she chose to save it. Hope asks if she got nothing out of this. Steffy admits that Bill was willing to listen to her. Sally was annoying but then she became a threat. They kissed so she left and Bill showed up. Hope wonders why she didn’t tell him to leave. Steffy doesn’t know. Hope asks if she sees a future with Bill. Steffy doesn’t think so. Steffy just wants her husband back and she needs Hope’s help. She needs her to help her hold on to her marriage.

Katie thinks this feels amazing. Thorne has healing hands. Katie could so easily fall into his arms right now but he doesn’t want that. It would be a total rebound. Thorne could work with that. Thorne will get going under the condition that she will have lunch with him. Katie would like that at some point in the future Now he has to go to work.

Brooke is really tempted to go and listen in. Ridge thinks he has the most beautiful wife in the world. Brooke wonders if he is curious to what Hope and Steffy are talking about. Ridge doesn’t have that on his mind. He kisses her.

Liam texts Hope to come by.

Hope gets a text and Steffy sees it. Liam wants to see her. She has to be honest with her. He knows that Liam still loves her. Hope didn’t come home thinking that there would be a chance for her and Liam. Steffy knows that Hope is kind and true. There is no deception when Liam looks at her. She wonders if Hope plans to make a move. Steffy asks if she wants a life with Liam again. She needs to tell the truth.

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