B&B Friday Update 2/9/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/9/18


Written by Anthony

Thorne introduces Ridge and Brooke as a married couple. Brooke thanks them for all being here. Ridge guesses they are officially husband and wife. Brooke wants to party.

Liam doesn’t want to think about Steffy. Wyatt wonders if he wants to put on the game. Liam asks why he never talks about his dating life. Wyatt doesn’t never talk about it. Liam knows that Wyatt is seeing someone. He asks why he is being cryptic about it. Wyatt admits that there is someone special in his life. Liam asks if it is someone he knows. Wyatt admits it is Katie. Liam asks what Katie. Wyatt means Katie Logan.

Katie tells Thorne that they really came through. Thorne thinks that they are finally married.

Julius tells Maya and Rick that the vows almost made him cry. Vivienne saw him crying. Rick guesses he is happy for his mom.

Ivy wonders why Liam is not here. Charlie noticed that Steffy is all alone. He wonders if there was trouble in paradise. Pam asks if Hope has spoke to Liam. Hope has not today.

Katie thanks Othello for coming. Othello wouldn’t miss the chance to be here when Ridge and Brooke get remarried.

Eric tells Carter that he did a wonderful job with the ceremony. Coco thinks that everything is so wonderful. Quinn imagines that RJ must be so happy for his parents. Eric is glad that Coco is here. RJ tells Brooke and Ridge that they finally made it happen. He is so proud of them. Ridge is proud of them as well. They finally are a family again.

Wyatt is sorry that he didn’t tell him about this, but it is complicated. Liam understands that with Katie being way out of his league. Wyatt admits that Katie even tried to end it. He isn’t going to give up Katie for Bill though. Liam asks what is going on. Something, must have happened. Wyatt said something to Katie he wished he could take back. Wyatt said he wanted no strings.

Katie and Thorne dance. Othello notes that Rick is not at the club much anymore. Rick has to take care of Lizzie now.

Carter tells Maya that she is looking beautiful as always. It be nice to be a groom one day. Maya thinks his day will come. Maya and Rick go to dance.

Brooke looks at everyone laughing and dancing and having fun. Hope thinks they are all celebrating their big day. Ridge asks how Steffy is. Steffy is sad that Liam didn’t make it. Ridge is sorry. Steffy is too. Hope admits to Brooke that she feels awful for Steffy. She asked her to sit in the seat that she left for Liam. Brooke thinks that she is showing compassion and maturity. Hope doesn’t want to see that family fall apart.

Eric asks them all to gather around. They all have so much to be grateful for today. He wishes them a lifetime of happiness. He asks them to raise a glass to Ridge and Brooke. Ridge and Brooke start to kiss.

Liam wonders why Wyatt would say that. He is obviously into her. Wyatt guesses he is stupid. Katie is incredible. She is smart and talented. Liam knows that Katie likes her. Liam asks if she knows how he feels about her in the depths. Wyatt doesn’t think he even knew what he felt until recently. Liam thinks that means they can date other people. Wyatt is going to do everything he can to make sure that Katie is happy. Wyatt is going to go to her house to surprise her after the wedding. Wyatt leaves.

Brooke and Ridge have their first dance. Brooke then dances with RJ. Brooke throws the bouquet and Donna catches it. Brooke and Ridge slice the cake and feed it to one another. Thorne wants to say a few words. He wants to make a toast to his lucky brother. He thanks Ridge for entrusting him with this job. He hopes he made him proud. He thinks that Brooke means a lot to this family. She meant a lot to their mother and she would be smiling today. He wishes them the very best. Ridge thanks Thorne and hugs him.

Wyatt takes out flowers and candles and sets them up at Katie’s house.

Katie is standing outside, and Thorne walks over. He asks if she is thinking about her man. Katie thinks what she has works for them. She enjoys it but she keeps having to tell herself it is no strings and no commitment. Thorne asks if she doesn’t think that this man knows what he has. Maya watches from a far. Thorne kisses Katie. Maya smiles for the two of them.

Wyatt opens the window and decides to look through Katie’s telescope. He sees Katie and Thorne kissing.

RJ thanks Brooke and Ridge so much. He is happy they have their true happiness. Maya thinks that Brooke has been the most loving grandmother to their child. Ivy wants them their love to be as endless as their wedding ring. Quinn designed… Ivy thinks that they both designed. Quinn thinks that seeing them wear them fills them up with joy. Vivienne congratulates them both. Julius looks forward to watching their grandchild grow up together. Donna knows it is a wedding and they should say something embarrassing. Katie agrees. Katie is the youngest Logan and knows a lot of stories. Hope tells Ridge he has been a father to her, her entire life. She thanks him for reuniting their family. Steffy thinks today is a reminder for forgiveness and change. Brooke remembers the first day she walked into this house. She changed forever. She became a part of this wonderful family led by Eric and Stephanie Douglas Forrester. She just thought that after all the two of them have been through it be a good idea for her to be there above the fire place watching them get married today. Ridge is the luckiest man in the world. He is aware of it. This incredible woman has put her faith in him more than he deserves. Their future starts today. He will do whatever he can to keep that smile on her face. He loves Brooke and always has. He kisses her.

Brooke watches as everyone enjoys themselves. She hears Stephanie say hello. Brooke turns around. She tells Brooke that she did good. Brooke doesn’t know if that is Stephanie or not. Stephanie says of course it is. Her sweet little slut from the valley. Brooke cries. She knows it is her. Stephanie knows she missed her. Brooke misses her every day. Especially, today. Stephanie is proud of her. She needs to keep herself on the straight and narrow if that is possible. She needs to be a good wife to her son. Brooke promises she will. Stephanie wants no more tears. She doesn’t want Brooke to let Eric take her off this mantle again. Ridge walks over and thinks that it is almost like she is here with them. Brooke thinks that she is here.

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