B&B Thursday Update 2/8/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/8/18


Written by Anthony

Brooke looks at Ridge from across the room. Thorne hopes he realizes how lucky he is. Ridge does. Brooke starts to walk down the aisle. She looks at Stephanie’s photo. Katie smiles in joy. Carter thanks everyone for being here to celebrate a truly remarkable couple. They have all been inspired by Brooke and Ridge. This love was able to pull an entire family together.

Liam sits alone in his apartment and someone knocks on the door. It’s Wyatt. He guesses that this answers his question. Wyatt guesses he didn’t go. Liam never said he would. Wyatt knew he was thinking about it. It was important for Steffy and his family to be there. Liam wishes that he had been there for them. Liam doesn’t think that everyone gets a happy ending. What happened with Steffy and Bill is to much. Wyatt understands but he doesn’t think that Liam should be alone right now.

Carter knows that if anyone objects to this marriage, they have all had plenty of time to lodge their complaints before now. He asks if anyone has anything to say. Carter cannot see anyone having a problem with this love today. A love that has stood the test of time. Katie has something to read that Brooke and Ridge chose. Love bares all things. It hopes all things and endures all things. The two of them have known and love each other for most of their lives. Their belief in one another gives them strength and hope for their own future. She loves Broke so much. She hugs Brooke. Brooke smiles and laughs.

Liam still loves Steffy. He doesn’t know what life looks like without Steffy in it. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Liam is the guy who forgives. Wyatt knows it is kind of his special power. Liam keeps trying and searching. Liam doesn’t want to give Steffy hope when he is not sure that there is any. Wyatt doesn’t think he is doing this to hurt her. He is still a good guy. He is just doing what he has to do for himself which is understandable. Wyatt doesn’t think this will be easy, but he doesn’t want to go through it alone. Liam knows that Ridge and Brooke thought this would be symbolic, but he would have just been a distraction.

Rick and Maya read a poem together for Brooke and Ridge. Hope thinks that it is beautiful. Maya is so happy for them. Carter thinks that faith and forgiveness can help over come things. Ridge and Brooke have proven that. Eric agrees with that. Eric wants to tell them how over joyed he is. For their entire family. Stephanie would be too. He wants to thank them for including here today. Eric has seen how the two of them strengthen each other over the years. They fill he cracks in their lives with cold. He knows that Stephanie and Beth are very happy and proud of them today. He congratulates them.

Liam really is happy for Ridge and Brooke. Liam knows that circumstances pulled them a part but they keep bringing themselves back to each other. Liam guesses that together people can over come anything. He doesn’t think anything should be difficult for the two of them.

Carter knows that the two of their love is beyond compare. He believes that Ridge and Brooke have earned their love. Their love has change Forrester for the better. Ridge and Brooke have shaped the fortune to everyone in this room. He thinks a love like theirs shows that anything is possible. Ridge and Brooke are an example and inspiration. Especially, to RJ that never doubted that this reunion would happen today. He is happy to bring his friends to holy matrimony. Hoping, that they will have their destiny. He asks the two of them to join hands. He asks if Ridge will take Brooke to be his wife and love and conquer her. Ridge will. He asks if Brooke will do the same things as his wife. Brooke will. Brooke thinks that Ridge has stolen her heart from the moment she first met her. It was in here. She remembers turning around and looking into his eyes. It was love at first sight. They have always been connected. Today, she wants to give him all their heart and protect it and love it for the rest of their lives. She will do the same for him. So, from this day forward, she vows to cherish him. She doesn’t want one day to go that he doesn’t know that she doesn’t truly love him. Ridge thinks the hardest part of writing these vows was keeping himself together. He thinks that with all the stuff they have been through and how much he loves her. Ridge feels that Brooke has rescued him. She is his light and she will guide him home to their destiny. He thanks her. He will cherish him for the rest of his life. Carter tells them that the rings symbolize their lives. Ridge knows what to do. Ridge tells his Logan that this ring is a symbol of his love and commitment to her. It is there to remind her of the faith that has brought them together. Brooke thinks this ring is a symbol of her love and commitment to him. It is a reminder of their faith and forgiveness that will keep them together. Carter thinks with the exchanging of rings they have pledged themselves to one another. They may kiss. Ridge and Brooke kiss and everyone stands up and cheers. Ridge whispers that as it is now, as it shall remain. The two kiss again.

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